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Recent Songs Album & Tours 1979-1980 - Jim Devlin's new book

Posted: Sat Sep 30, 2023 10:30 am
by jarkko
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Leonard’s RECENT SONGS album and the 1979 and 1980 tours in Europe and Australia which followed its release, including all known dates, venues and setlists, with additional information about individual songs, some ‘extra’ song lyrics, concert reviews, opinions and “quotes” from Leonard and others (e.g. band-members Paul Ostermayer and Sharon Robinson).

71 pages, A5 blue comb binding, many colour/black&white photos
Limited edition of 100 copies

This is the 4th and last of the 4 booklets in this series; copies of the three previous booklets [Various Positions / I’m Your Man / The Future] still available – same price as below.

UK … £10 (1st class)
Europe … €15 euros (air mail)
USA … $20 US (air mail)
Canada … $25 Canadian (air mail)
Australia … $25 Australian (air mail)
Price includes the padded envelope and postage

Order directly from Jim Devlin. Payment via Paypal only; his account is at:
As previously noted, unfortunately, due to the Brexit ‘situation’, there may be some extra postal fees to pay (€2 has been mentioned) in some European countries to have the envelope ‘released’ from the Customs … Jim apologises for the nuisance this may cause.