New live album: Can't Forget

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Re: New live album: Can't Forget

Post by Vicomte »

Alan, for us it is Julie's by a country mile ;-)
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Re: New live album: Can't Forget

Post by Kush »

I have heard parts of this album on youtube. It sounds super awesome. Never Gave nobody trouble sounds like he has been playing with Buddy Guy for years and years - very authentic ! Hope he releases an album of blues - original songs and maybe 2-3 covers of Buddy Guy, Son Seals, Junior Wells, BB King something along those lines. He got the voice and rhythm for it.
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Re: New live album: Can't Forget

Post by icecreamtruck »

This is such a FUN record. The performances are exceptional. Songs From The Road was good but I've never fallen for it. I Can't Forget has the warmth of spirit and the performances and the mix that I had hoped to find on Songs from the Road. His vocals might be way better in 12 and 13 than they were for the 2008-10 tours. Or it's just a great mix. I wish Dublin had this mix.

Listening to Dublin I can hear that same vocal change but the mix there allows the vocals to languish. The new record, I Can't Forget gives great detail and depth to Leonard's voice. I love this album.
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Re: New live album: Can't Forget

Post by JudasPriest »

The mix is definitely better than Dublin but I still think Songs From The Road is the best of the recent live albums.
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Re: New live album: Can't Forget

Post by phillip »

I have got my CD its great another awesome live album I love it :D
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Re: New live album: Can't Forget

Post by cohenadmirer »

The Booklet is 'hidden' in the inner sleeve and has a great picture of Leonard said to have been taken on his 80th Birthday . The picture contains mixed messages about smoking (and ' no smoking' )

The album sounds great , and the performances are superb whether or not they originated in soundchecks but - like Popular Problems- it is rather short .

Some of us , where possible, have hung around the periphery of sound checks , and a privileged few have been allowed in .Clearly Leonard's soundchecks are superb events in themselves , often featuring songs we hardly ever get to hear in the actual concerts .Should he tour again how about selling tickets to the 'sound checks' too , if only via the forum !? Particularly superb version of Joan of Arc...

I LOVE this album .
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Re: New live album: Can't Forget

Post by B4real »

I love the variety and casual atmosphere of this album. There is a track for various moods! The sound is great. If I was forced to pick a favourite it would be Joan Of Arc, closely followed by Night Comes On.

Now if they would just bring out Can't Forget disc 2 :)
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Re: New live album: Can't Forget

Post by stephencharlton »

Only an olde cohenite will appreciate my comment:
Got in from a rare Monday night curry, sat outside with headphones on a balmy may evening.
Joan of arc from the new can't forget album, what a lovely experience, absolutely sublime. Love it !
Thank you Leonard. Brilliant
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Re: New live album: Can't Forget

Post by jerry »

I love the fact that this sounds like a studio album and not your typical live album sound.
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Re: New live album: Can't Forget

Post by jdhayes »

Got mine today and love it. It's a pity Live in Dublin wasn't mixed like it.
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Re: New live album: Can't Forget

Post by merton »

jdhayes wrote:Got mine today and love it. It's a pity Live in Dublin wasn't mixed like it
And I would add Live in London. Both sound saccharine in comparison to Can't Forget and Songs from the Road.
Now to hear and see Leonard one more time in concert(or maybe twice)

All the best,
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Re: New live album: Can't Forget

Post by vickiwoodyard »

Yes, I hope he tours again in 2016. The audiences are certainly there if he chooses to do so. Heck, we would be ecstatic.
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Re: New live album: Can't Forget

Post by merton »


Yes, a great collection and a great sound. Field Commander Cohen - listening once more but with heightened attentiveness.
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What a voice , what a violin :)

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Can't Forget

Post by Clementine »

I'm just listening to the whole of 'Can't Forget' for the first time. OMG - I'm in love - even if it took my kids an hour to work out how to download it for me with my limited 'media' skills!

'Live in Dublin' was great, but having been in the first row for the very last show of the Grand Tour at Vector Arena, Auckland on 21 December 2013 (sorry - I know I've spoken of this dozens of times but it was a true highlight in my humble life!) this new album is so different, cool and delightful!

Field Commander Cohen, Choices, and of course the beloved Joan of Arc. I once visited the northern French town that was purported to be her base and I can still see and feel the sight and smell of it all so clearly.

Thank you Leonard, this is yet another triumph!!!

xx Louise
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