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Leeds stage times

Posted: Wed Sep 04, 2013 11:02 pm
by mattyjl9
Greetings all,

I'm a long time lurker, but have had to register to ask this question hah!

I've a ticket for Leeds with a friend on Saturday, but our coach back to Liverpool leaves Leeds at 23:00.. does anyone have any idea what time the show will be finishing?

If I have to lave early, so be it, but I'd hate to miss anything!


Re: Leeds stage times

Posted: Wed Sep 04, 2013 11:42 pm
by Janetld
Greetings Matt, Manchester didn't finish until 23.10 last Saturday. It will really be a shame if you have to miss anything. The encores started at 22.20 in Manchester.

I had to leave ten minutes early in London as I was staying with a friend and it was awful missing the last ten minutes. I found it on You Tube so I know what I missed but still would prefer to have been there.

Hope you enjoy whether you see the end or not, sure you will, I am really looking forward to it.

Re: Leeds stage times

Posted: Thu Sep 05, 2013 12:39 am
by Mabeanie1
"Official" show times for all the UK shows have been 7:30 pm start, 11:00 pm curfew. In reality, the shows have started 10-15 minutes late (as have almost all the other shows so far this year) at 7:40 or 7:45 pm. Some venues allow them to push the curfew time back to 11:10 or 11:15 pm where there has been a late start. I don't know if that would apply to Leeds as well.

The reality is that you will miss some of the encores if you need to catch a bus at 23:00 but with luck you may just make it to Closing Time.

Enjoy the show!


Re: Leeds stage times

Posted: Thu Sep 05, 2013 12:47 am
by mattyjl9
Thanks for the replies guys,

Ah that is a shame, the coach station is 15 minutes away too.. I'm lucky to have seen Leonard twice, but it will be my friends' first time, which is a shame, but hey, it's better than no gig at all!

...unless we bite the bullet and stay over.. Hmm.. :roll:

Re: Leeds stage times

Posted: Thu Sep 05, 2013 12:53 am
by Janetld
Think I would definitely be tempted to stay over, I don't think you will want to miss the last few minutes, or to be checking the time even.