Las Vegas Meetups for Dec 10/11

July 25 - December 11, 2010. Meetups before and after the concerts
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Las Vegas Meetups for Dec 10/11

Post by grannypoe »

I've done a "close-to-final" update tonight on names and events; most members have shown a desire to meet at the Bellagio buffet on Thursday night at 7:00--Maarten will be there with nametags before then--there are bars at the Bellagio (the Caramel, for example) to join others for a drink(s) later or at Caesar's (the Seahorse seems to be the quietest); Does 10:00 seem a good time?

For Friday and/or Saturday, I would suggest people meet between 5-5:30 at the Bellagio buffet in order to pick up your nametag from Maarten (if you haven't met him yet),and eat there or at Caesar's buffet, Cheesecake Factory, Max Brenner's (latter 2 in Forum Shops) or wherever your tummy and wallet lead you. After the show drinks can be at the Seahorse. I'll update if I receive any suggestions, which I gratefully solicit :D

PS: If you need to get in touch with me once you're in Vegas, pm me and I'll give you my cell #

2 = Thursday December 9: late night drinks
3 = Friday December 10: dinner
4 = Friday December 10: 1st concert
5 = Friday December 10: after show drinks
6 = Saturday December 11: dinner
7 = Saturday December 11: 2nd concert
8 = Saturday December 11: after show drinks[/color]

these are the names i've gotten so far--I will be updating days and times of interests etc soon. If I have made an error, forgive me and then let me know. Suggested places of possible meet ups also in the works.
Info update (includes Maarten's list and his numbering--see above)
grannypoe wrote:I have been searching for a variety of possible meeting venues for eating and drinking--so far I have the following number of people who have specifically stated they want to meet on these dates: 12/9 60 dinner 65 drinks
12/10 66 dinner 88 drinks
12/11 82 dinner 112 drinks

Date corrections!!! Last year--the night before the concert-- we (35 of us) met in a private room at the Caesar's buffet Lago and paid $50 each up front (included Maarten's small pittance for his excellent nametags); the night of the concert people ate in smaller groups on their own. I am so looking forward to seeing everyone but I don't think it will happen in one night. I still am working on a bar that can handle 65-112 weeping LC fans at midnight. Anyway, I have the following possibilities for dinners.

Thursday night--meeting Maarten at a time and place of his choosing to get Nametags (around 7-7:30??) and then individually pay for our dinner at the Lago buffet at Casesar's and/or the buffet at the Bellagio across the street--we wouldn't have a separate room to ourselves but would "table hop," recognizing fellow forum members by nametags or happy-sad faces :D :(

Friday night--dinner at one of the following in the Forum Shops at Caesar's: Max Brenner--private room from 40-50; group rates 13-40 dollars plus tax gratuity or or smaller groups
Cheesecake Factory --no reservations; 1st come, 1st served
(these 2 restaurants are close to each other so large groups can meet and split up depending on lines)

or Spago's--smaller groups

or Buffet Lago and/or Bellagio

I would assume an eating time of 5 or 5:30 so that we would have time to freshen up before the show and/or get in early to purchase some goodies

Saturday night could be the same restaurants but go to one you didn't go to before or if you have specific suggestions let me know.

There are a myriad of superior restaurants on the nearby Strip and within Caesar's--you may want to arrange smaller groups after the first night or two and go to one of them.

Anyway, let me know what you would like to do and I will tabulate the numbers for particular places and times.

Pat aka grannypoe

Please let me know if dates/numbers are not correct or are missing so that I have correct numbers for planning events. Thanks
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Re: Las Vegas Meetups for Dec 10/11

Post by carlowmike »

Meet-up thread,
a great idea, thanks grannypoe
, ;-)
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Re: Las Vegas Meetups for Dec 10/11

Post by mutti »

Hi Patricia/granny poe
It will be great to see you again and everyone else from last year in Las Vegas !!!
Thank you for starting this thread.
I will be arriving on Thursday the 9th.
If there is a bar at Caesar's Palace that has a no smoking section that would be awesome.
I did hear the 'poker' room has non smoking! :lol: :lol: :lol:
Thanks again
Mutti/Leslie 8) ;-) 8)
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Re: Las Vegas Meetups for Dec 10/11

Post by anneporter »

Hi, All
grannypoe wrote:Thursday December 9: dinner? late night drinks?
Friday December 10: dinner? after show drinks?
Saturday December 11: dinner? after show drinks?
I vote for all of the above!
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Re: Las Vegas Meetups for Dec 10/11

Post by bridger15 »

Hi Patricia/grannypoe

Just want to say thank you for starting this thread and taking on the arrangements. We all appreciate it.

Count me in for both dinner and late drinks on December 9, anywhere.
A lot of us are arriving that day so it would be grand to all get together.

However, an organized dinner before either of the two shows, if outside of Caesars, sounds a bit rushed for me personally.

So, I definitely vote for after concert drinks on Dec 10 and Dec 11.

Thanks again,
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Re: Las Vegas Meetups for Dec 10/11

Post by j6ppc »

We'll be staying @ Caesars arriving Saturday afternoon, likely up for pre & post festivities.


Misty Marie
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Re: Las Vegas Meetups for Dec 10/11

Post by Misty Marie »

Hubby and I will be in town for the Friday concert only, but we're staying at Caesars and are interested in any Friday meet-ups (before or after). We'll keep checking here as the board updates.
Thanks, Misty
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Re: Las Vegas Meetups for Dec 10/11

Post by joyezekiel »

Mark and I will be arriving on Friday morning and leaving on Sunday afternoon. We're up for anything pre and post concerts on the Friday and the Saturday....... I have a feeling we'll be up all night......
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Re: Las Vegas Meetups for Dec 10/11

Post by IrishMar »

Hi Patricia, thank you for starting this meetup thread.

Albert and I will arrive on Thursday afternoon and would love to be included for whatever happens on Thursday night and
after concert drinks on Friday and Saturday night.

I am looking forward to meeting you again.

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Re: Las Vegas Meetups for Dec 10/11

Post by LisaLCFan »

Hi Patricia (thanks for starting this!). I'll be arriving in LV on Thursday afternoon, so something on the Thursday evening would be great (dinner and/or drinks, whatever happens)! And, of course, after concert drinks on both Friday and Saturday!

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Re: Las Vegas Meetups for Dec 10/11

Post by Mollydog »

A big thank you from me too, Patricia, for starting this thread. I will be arriving on Thursday afternoon so would love to attend all the events!

I intend to shadow Marie(aka the Leonard magnet) at all times! :lol:

Looking forward to meeting you again,

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Re: Las Vegas Meetups for Dec 10/11

Post by ladydi »

Hi Patricia! You brave woman!! I will be there for everything ;-) Arriving on the 8th (Thursday) for 4 nights and both concerts! I'm also open to whatever happens. One thing to consider is that Jarkko mentioned "hundreds" of Forum members being in LV for either one or both of the concerts; however, I'm sure not everyone will be up for all meetups. This may end up being a little more casual than last year when we had a much smaller group for dinner. Maybe individual groups getting together for dinner and/or drinks. But one special evening would be wonderful. We may overwhelm the Seahorse Lounge post concerts 8) We will probably be on top of each other for days :lol: and perhaps glad of a little privacy at times, but I, for one, appreciate all that you are taking on, and suggesting. Thank you SO much!

Also looking forward to seeing you again! :D

All the best,
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Re: Las Vegas Meetups for Dec 10/11

Post by ladydi »

Mollydog wrote: I intend to shadow Marie(aka the Leonard magnet) at all times!
:lol: :lol: You and me both Mary!! I will be like velcro to her side! :D
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Re: Las Vegas Meetups for Dec 10/11

Post by friscogrl »

Hi Patricia, I am also arriving on Thursday afternoon the 9th and would be up for something all three nights!
Thanks for doing this and I'll see you and everyone else in December,
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Re: Las Vegas accomodation

Post by andrea »

For those who think of going to the Imperial Palace Hotel :

Hi ,

just an information I read in the Tripadvisor a comment to avoid the Capri Rooms in above named hotel and to book a DELUXE which seems a good standard type room. ... RATES_CONT

I havent' been there so I don't know but could be an interesting info anyway

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