Las Vegas Meetups for Dec 10/11

July 25 - December 11, 2010. Meetups before and after the concerts
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Re: Las Vegas Meetups for Dec 10/11

Post by dick »

Sorry to hear that Abby.

I didn't intend to hi jack this thread, however. Too many folks likely are following for announcements from Grannypoe and other attendees on meeting thoughts and plans. Would prefer any well wishes for me come to my email addy --

Just a few days till lift off!
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Re: Las Vegas Meetups for Dec 10/11

Post by schmedler »

hey everybody! don't forget me!!! paul and i will be there friday, saturday, sunday =) we are staying at the golden nugget down on the old strip and are catching the saturday nite show. cannot wait to see all of you!

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Re: Las Vegas Meetups for Dec 10/11

Post by Maarten »

Hi all,
I've been getting lots and lots of pm's and emails about where to pick up nametags etc... My initial plan was to attend every "official" meetup so we could all meet there, but since there are so many forum members planning to meet, Grannypoe has had the VERY difficult task to find good accomodation for everyone to be together. Looks like we will be split into smaller groups for the different meetups. I'll try to find you all, but this will be impossible I'm afraid...
If you want to get in touch with me, text (or call) me at +32 473 93 60 59.

I'll be at the Bellagio around 6pm on Thursday, I guess and later on we'll probably meet at the Seahorse Bar in Caesars (close to the venue).
If you can't find me before, look for me at the concert, I'll be in FORCH 4 row EE both nights!

See you all soon!

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Re: Las Vegas Meetups for Dec 10/11

Post by margaret »

Thanks Maarten
and thanks also to Wybe for making a new Meetings section. It's now easier to see all the Las Vegas threads together :)

See you soon,
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Re: Las Vegas Meetups for Dec 10/11

Post by SCDreamer »

Well, we're getting closer and closer! Just a few more days now ... not sure if I missed a link or something else regarding meet-ups. We asked for name tags, and certainly want to be sure to take care of paying for them, but are not sure where and when? We arrive Thursday late afternoon, and are staying at MGM Grand.

Leslie & Wayne
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Re: Las Vegas Meetups for Dec 10/11

Post by alb123 »

Oh, the concert is a week away and I'm so excited! On Wednesday I will be flying out from Massachusetts. Fortunately, my brother lives in Las Vegas so I have a place to stay for free. Coincidentally, his birthday is December 11th...but sadly he is not a fan of Leonard Cohen's work. I told my brother, "You'll have more birthday's. This is Leonard's last show. We can have cake in the afternoon, I'm heading to Ceasar's Palace nice and early.." :D
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Re: Las Vegas Meetups for Dec 10/11

Post by mutti »

Thanks Granny poe for all your research etc...see you soon!
Leslie/Mutti ;-)
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Re: Las Vegas Meetups for Dec 10/11

Post by winnipeg.ian »

I'll be there (+1) for 6, 7, 8 if it's not too late?
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Re: Las Vegas Meetups for Dec 10/11

Post by shooting_star_88 »

Hi All :)

I'll be there on the 9th and will go to a few meetups:)

Do we need to let people know or may we just show up?:)

What do you need, etc? I am off to work and will read/reply, etc tonight:)

Thank you All :)
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Re: Las Vegas Meetups for Dec 10/11

Post by MaryB »


Just show up - the more the merrier with all of us like-minded individuals!

Best regards,
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Re: Las Vegas Meetups for Dec 10/11

Post by wbuss »

am i too late for a meet sign up/list of activities?
i will be at the Friday show (coming from LA) by the skin of my teeth.
i am still looking for 2 Saturday show tickets, if anyone has suggestions, let me know.
i would still love to meet up & wax philosophically.

wendy buss
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Re: Las Vegas Meetups for Dec 10/11

Post by rtychonick »

It was nice meeting some of the group at the Seahorse Thursday night. I'll head over there again before Friday's show.

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Re: Las Vegas Meetups for Dec 10/11

Post by rickmond »

hi! so i'll be taking a last minute trip from los angeles to LV tomorrow for the show. would love to partake in some of the meetup festivities, although i'm guessing it's too late to sign up for anything. i'll just make a note of this thread and perhaps pop by some of the stuff you guys have going on. looking forward to meeting some of you folks, i went all the way to croatia earlier this year for the zagreb show and had a chance to meet a few folks there and it was a great time. enjoy las vegas and hopefully see some of you guys tomorrow!
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Re: Las Vegas Meetups for Dec 10/11

Post by Actually »

Have a great time everybody! :D
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Re: Las Vegas Meetups for Dec 10/11

Post by crystal »

I am so sad I cannot be there. Have a wonderful time everybody, it will be very moving, sad and joyful. I'd be grateful for every little detail.
Enjoy, Christel
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