LC - event 2-4/8 - 2024 Cph. Programme

Our next big gathering will be in Denmark in August 2024. All information here!
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LC - event 2-4/8 - 2024 Cph. Programme

Post by Mariannen »

Hey you cohenites.

The programme for the event in Copenhagen is... more and more 100 % sure.

Thursday, 1/8 - Bartof st. Venue. Close to Frederiksberg metro station.
16:00 - 18:00 "Early bird" registration
After that ..
Dinner (evt. all together)
.. No official programme

Friday, 2/8 - Bartof st. Venue.
14:00 - 17:00 Registration
Opening speaks
Dinner ( evt. all together)
18:30 - 19:30 "Mazel Klezmerband" (+ Cohen songs)
Open mic ?
21:00 - 22:00 Channe Nussbaum (Cohen songs and more)
22:30 - ? Free jam

Saturday, 3/8 - Bartof st. Venue
9:30 - 10:30 Cisternerne (for people who like a trip in the underground)
11:00 - 12:00 Bus sightseeing or walk Frederiksberg / Copenhagen
14:00 - 16:30 "Music in the darkness" - arr. Film and talks in Falkoner Bio
Performance by Klaus Lynggaard and Henrik Quietsch
18:00 - 20:00 Martin Kubetz (pianist sings Cohen)
20:30 - 21:30 Dan Devos (singing Cohen - playing guitar)
22:00 - ? Free jam

Sunday, 4/8 - Hotel Cecil (before named Jazzhouse) Venue .. (In the center of Cph. walking street)
10:00 - 11:00 Canal-tour in Copenhagen
14:00 - 15:00 Tobias Trier - Talk about Cohen and singing
16:00 - 17:30 Gary Snider and band (singing / playing Cohen)
Open Mic ?
20:30 - 22:00 "Sisters of Mercy" Band (Singing / playing Cohen)
22:15 .... Goodbye - speaks
22:30 - ? Free jam
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LC - event 2-4/8 - 2024 Cph. Programme

Post by Mariannen »

Hey again Cohenites.

Here is a little more about the artists at the Cph.- event.

Friday 2/8 - 2024

Mazel Klezmerband:
Mazel ( which originally means "Happiness and Luck", Klezmerband was founded in 1998. They will play traditional klezmermusic, rousing Jewish party music acconpagnement for dances, with a melancolic touch and inspirations of Leonard Cohen.

Channe Nussbaum.
10 Years ago, she was singing together with Anders Dohn, in a Tribute concert for Leonard Cohen's 80 years birthday.. It was a great tribute concert, and it is very sad, that Anders Dohn (2017) passed away, but he is now singing with Leonard (I suppose)
Channe Nussbaum has her own trio band and will sing / play Leonard Cohen songs in her own way. She also sing yiddishe lieder and other songs.

Saturday 3/8 - 2024

"Music in Darkness". . Klaus Lynggaard and Henrik Queitsch will tell about Leonard Cohen, his life and background and show "film- clip" .. and talk about the album "You want it darker".
After a short break, they will play the full album, in complete darkness in the cinema.

Martin Kubetz. ... Pianist, singer, composer.
He started with classical piano. In the about 15 years he caught the "Cohen virus".
With his warm baritone and virtuose piano playing, he delivers a compelling performance that truly brings Cohen's spirit to life. He completes his show with atmospheric recitations and anecdotes that invite the audience to dive deeper into the world of Leonard Cohen.

Dan Devos has been playing Leonard Cohen songs for decades, but since his first visit to Hydra in 2019, his Cohen repetoire has grown fast, his band is named "Cohen nights". When playing without his band, he wishes to give you the "Hydra - feeling".

Sunday 4/8 - 2024

"Tower of Song" - A musical lecture by Tobias Trier (singer, musician and composer) about Leonard Cohen in a songwriters workshop. Be prepared for a musical, uplifting and entertaining experience.

Gary Snider and the Leonard Cohen Affair.
Gary Snider's background is in many ways similar to Leonard Cohen: Born in Canada into a Jewish family with a succesful clothing business, a loving and musical mother, a father who died when Gary was a child, and a deep yearning for a creative and free life outside of Canada. Gary has been professional musician for almost 40 years and has found a "mission" presending Leonard's music and giving insight into the man and his art.

"Sisters of Mercy"
21 years ago, 3 of the band members met in the Leonard Cohen Tribute band "Bird on the Wire".
This meeting led to countless concerts in Copenhagen - andimmeasureable love and dedication to Leonard Cohens lyrics and music.
the quartet "Sisters of Mercy" consist of 2 female vocals accompanied by piano and contrabas.
"We search to the core of Cohen nerve -- between the sensual and spiritual, between beauty and pain".
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Re: LC - event 2-4/8 - 2024 Cph. Programme

Post by Janetld »

Thank you, Marianne, this all sounds wonderful. Looking forward to it and thank you so much for all your work to put this together, see you in Copenhagen! Janet
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Re: LC - event 2-4/8 - 2024 Cph. Programme

Post by Joe Way »

Marianne, thank you-it sounds wonderful!

Joe & Anne
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Re: LC - event 2-4/8 - 2024 Cph. Programme

Post by HugoD »

Looking forward visiting Copenhagen (first time) and meeting with all the Cohenites. Program looks great 👍 and be assured that we very much appreciate all the efforts making this event possible.
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Re: LC - event 2-4/8 - 2024 Cph. Programme

Post by Kiwi56 »

Thank you Marianne, it sounds wonderful !
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Re: LC - event 2-4/8 - 2024 Cph. Programme

Post by Wybe »

Thanks for the program update Marianne.
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