1970s Concerts Copyright Collection

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1970s Concerts Copyright Collection

Post by charliepoet »

I heard about this third copyright collection comprised of live performances from the 1970s and was wondering if anyone was able to grab them when they appeared online for a short time? You can send me a private message. Thank you. And yes I am not talking about the first two copyright collections. I am speaking of a third one.
duane v
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Re: 1970s Concerts Copyright Collection

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Does anyone have a copy of this -- and the other 2 copyright collections -- that you can share?
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Re: 1970s Concerts Copyright Collection

Post by Appleboy »

Hello there

I’ve just discovered and joined this forum this evening - I hail from New Zealand . I have been looking for weeks now online to find the incredible tracks I have heard are circulating from 1967 and 1970/71 outtakes - part of a copyright collection.

I am familiar with such releases by Bob Dylan but was stunned to read about a thrilling set of outtakes by LC.

Please if anyone can help me hear these. I am not very computer savvy - I don’t know how torrents work but maybe there’s a download ink?

Kindest regards
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