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Re: Music You're Listening To

Post by Kush »

Thanks for the link to Marlene Dietrich's Lili Marleen, Tony. I have heard it before but always nice to hear it again. The Rendezvous with Marlene album is a tribute to Marlene Dietrich I suppose and to all the songs recorded by her. It's nice to hear these old song with a contemporary jazz combo.
I was surprised to see Blowing in the Wind in that album and subsequently saw that indeed Marlene Dietrich has recorded a version of it.

I first heard this version of Just a Gigolo by Bing Crosby on an album about forty years ago !
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Re: Music You're Listening To

Post by Denihenri »

Red City Radio, RVIVR, Off With Their Heads… all three bands have released new albums this year and have maintained or surpassed the expectations they set with their previous releases. Also, I'm anxious for the Tony Sly tribute album to be released in a couple days, and Iron Chic's new album set for next week.
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