Troubles between the family and the management

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Re: Troubles between the family and the management

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From Leonard Cohen, Untold Stories: That's How the Light Gets In (2022):
The relationship between Cohen and Kory was friendly, but never particularly close.

ROBERT FAGGEN: Kory running around with the fedora annoyed the sh*t out of [Cohen]. He said about Kory, "My success has gone to his head." And he did say to him, "If you steal from me, so help me I'll haunt you."

JOEY CARENZA: Leonard would say that to Robert's face. He had this thing—all managers over time think they're the reason for success. But that's the thing about Leonard—he can see that [flaw] in a person, but that doesn't sour or end the relationship. He understands that it's just a component of how humans work.
In case anyone doesn't recognize the names, Robert Faggen is a professor of literature, writer, and Cohen friend from 1995 on. He was co-editor of The Flame, Cohen's posthumously-published final book of poetry. Joey Carenza was the road manager for Cohen's comeback World Tour(s) from 2008-2013.
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