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Re: London, July 17 [merged threads]

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As a 20-something, I don't actually recall Leonard ever playing live - my experience of his music was purely via recorded media, or other people's covers. All that time living in Montreal and studying and McGill, and still no sign of Leonard. I had long ago put him on my list of People I Will Probably Never See Live list. So very glad that entry can now be crossed out.
The venue left much to be desired, but this is not the occasion to look a gift horse in the mouth, so I shall not bitch about the O2. The show, on the other hand, was certainly among the best I've ever seen. I was (undoubtedly one of many) named after Suzanne, so it was magical to finally hear it live. It boggles my mind how Leonard can muster up twice the enthusiasm of most performers 1/3 his age. And, the energy is so very infectious when it's obvious to the audience that the band is having such a joyous time playing the music, and is doing it for all the right reasons, too. I had a very similar impression of Elvis Costello when I saw him recently - a compete energizer bunny up there on stage. I don't know why, but kids my age don't seem to be able to project that joy nearly as well - are we just a jaded and perpetually bored generation?
Anyhow, I have nothing but awe for the man. Am now seriously contemplating flying over to my first home, Poland, for either the Warsaw or Wroclaw shows...
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Re: London July 17

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damellon wrote:
mickey_one wrote:I saw Che with William.
Michael - tell all. I'm desperate to hear. :)

William was a lot older than he told me. possibly 107 or even 105! He also weighed about 5ft 7inches in kilos.

Che surprised me by being a man. Then she reverted to being a woman, and that also surprised me.

They both seemed to be having a fine time, enjoying each others' company and soaking up the rain. Neither went inside the concert hall, William declaring "I'm not going in the concert hall, God Bless".

Che confided that she is thinking of becoming.

Leonard Cohen sang some songs, but outside Che and William merged as if they were 2 separate persons.

I am glad to have been

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ripping off cohen's fans?

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another letter - in last night's evening standard :

ripping off cohen's fans

your laudatory review of leonard cohen's concert at the o2 last week - ... d=23517674 - was nothing less than i would have expected. sadly the lowest prices for tickets when they went on sale in the spring were more than i could afford and they quickly sold out.

now i learn there is to be a return concert on 13 november : i go to the website to discover that the £75 tickets (subject to a 9.75 "booking fee" and a £2 "transaction fee") are no longer available. then a quick visit to ebay reveals that the speculators are already asking four to six times this amount for a pair of tickets. again, it appears that a number of cohen's admirers will be denied the experience of seeing this concert due to the greed of those who are only interested in the tickets to resell them at an obscene profit.

i recall when cohen last appeared in london at the royal albert hall. it was just a case of going to the box office and purchasing tickets at the face value. clearly things are very different in 2008.

john peters, bromley
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Re: London, July 17 [merged threads]

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New member here, thank you all who welcomed me at Greenwich, I had only dicovered the Forum a few days before so had not had time to sort myself out.....too excited to do much but think about special thanks to Harry who put me on to the Forum site, also to Padma for getting group together and Jarkko (I hope to meet and thank you next time :) ). I could go on thanking people here but having lousy memory for names bound to leave someone out so instead will mention Jonathan who kindly took me under his wing and guided me to right place at the O2 even though we were put on different tables for for Leonard......WOW!!!!!!!!!

I am one of the lucky few who has seen him twice before....yes, I have loved him for a long, long time :D , never been disappointed.

Annie, I am the lady from Cornwall with the weird name :) I also have an inate ability to get lost...which I did on returning to hotel, wandering strange streets alone in a place I did not know I should have been frightened but I was on 'cloud nine' reliving the concert.
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Re: London, July 17 [merged threads]

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Myrna -
Wasn't the concert wonderful? Remember Leonard skipping off and onstage at the end? Remember feeling the audience roaring with joy to see him? Remember the glorious music - amazingly vital - even the oldest songs felt as though they hadn't each been sung a thousand times before ... Remember the fabulous musicians, all looked as though they were loving every minute of being part of such a great event?
And remember us all at Greenwich? What an absolutely amazing time ...
"You let me sing, you lifted me up, you gave my soul a beam to travel on. ... You gave the injury a tongue to heal itself."
Leonard Cohen in Book of Mercy (1984) Ch. 19.
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Re: London, July 17 [merged threads]

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Hi Annie,

Remember it well...all except names. Loved every minute of day.....and, I have also been lucky enough to get ticket for Bournemouth in Nov..... excited now, God knows how I'll be nearer to event. My poor work colleagues, suffered me once enthusing 24/7 about Leonard but twice!!!!

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Re: London, July 17 [merged threads]

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Hi Paula ~

It's taken me ages to find this again. Shoulda commented at the time when I first saw it [which was still awhile after you wrote it]. Now, I've no idea if you'll even see this post.
We started off towards the O2 to go by River Boat. The Thames looked bleak and filthy. I was really pleased to see Russell and his wife Rachel. I met Russell on Hydra a few years ago and it was lovely to see him again.
I'm trying not to be, but I'm just terribly horribly awfully just plain jealous. That had to be wonderful... and I'm sure that Rachel was just as charming.

Oh, let me go sulk for awhile...

... and maybe giggle a little.

"Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken."
~ Oscar Wilde
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Re: CONCERT REPORT: London, O2 Arena (July 17) [merged threads]

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mariella frostup contemplates her funeral :

I’m not religious but I would have a church service – just for a bit of insurance! I’d have Three Little Birds by Bob Marley because it evokes the simple beauty of life, then everyone would sing Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen.,, ... tions.html
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