The Krakow Event - before and after
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Re: Pictureshow

Post by Wybe »

by Laura » Sat Aug 21, 2010 9:08 pm

Thank you too, Wybe.
It gives me such a strange feeling to see all those photos, all those faces, melting into each other. We came to Krakow with our smiles and music and noise and hearts and hopes; and so soon it all just melted into... memories. And maybe a little bit it melted us too, and turned us into different persons than we were when we came in. I wonder if there is still a trace of our steps on the stones of Krakow.

On a more practical side, I found the stop/restart button, but is there any button for going back?! There is one photo I'd love to watch more closely (I didn't catch that moment), and without going through all the others to reach it!

No button for going back, like in real live.
But if you want a picture let me know and I will send it to you.
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Re: Pictureshow

Post by lizzytysh »

Hi Wijbe ~

I've just watched your beautiful video for the second time... somehow, I never commented or thanked you the first time around. I must have had to get to bed or get to work. One or the other, since I do little else these days, now that I'm back home. Beautifully done! I'm so HAPPY to see Mr. Vince Benedict TWICE in it 8) 8) !!!

You always create such lovely mementos for us all. Thank you, again :D !

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Re: Pictureshow

Post by Anne »

I finally watched this. As I expected, it is wonderfully beautiful. It brings back trousands of fantastic memories. Thank you so so much!
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Re: Pictureshow

Post by johnphall »

bridger15 wrote:Your picture show is OUTSTANDING. :D
Thank you so much for putting it all together so brilliantly and sharing it with us.

I love your scrapbook. Thanks a bunch for sharing.

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Re: Pictureshow

Post by Paula »

I love you Wybe thank you so much for posting this xx
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