The Human Need for Time and Space

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The Human Need for Time and Space

Post by Greg Ross » Tue Jul 27, 2010 1:49 am

There is an aspect to long tours of duty, whether it’s a business trip, a soldier posted away, a band on the road, a theatre troupe, or even simply travelling as a tourist; it is that particular point at which excitement fades and a certain loneliness and homesickness pervades.

It strikes at different times for each of us, but strike it does. I discovered a couple of years back (on an extended business trip) and again travelling last year, that several weeks on the road becomes a lonely path and vowed never again to attempt an extended period away, without the company of a partner, or family / friends.

What brought this train of thought on, was reading through various posts from those travelling with Leonard’s 2010 tour, (mainly on Facebook). I thought we must wish them well - safe travelling and wherever possible, the comfort and company of loved ones. I know from experience, a group bonds as they travel and that same bond becomes a union of strength and succour, but there is still the need for communication and the physical closeness of loved ones and the stability of private life.

As we all demand attention from the band – “Sign this please,” “Pose for this photo please,” we must remember they have already given so much on stage, (as much as they also need and love to perform) and sacrificed irreplaceable time away from loved ones to bring us these glorious, beautiful concerts.

Performing is a double-edged sword – one needs the affirmation, support, reaction and applause of the audience, not to mention kind words of praise, but there is also an equal need for silence, solitude and quiet, away from the madding crowd. It can be as simple and complex as finding yourself smiling and chatting to fans, while desperately knowing you need to talk with a child / a grandchild. To mix the metaphors, time waits for no one, it is itself a traveller.
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Re: The Human Need for Time and Space

Post by sandraa » Tue Jul 27, 2010 2:01 am

Beautiful thought provoking article, Fauxmantic's flickr photos have certainly reminded me of the loneliness and sheer grind of these trips, especially the ones showing him with his feet in a whole variety of hotel sinks. I've visited Sligo on several occasions recently and i dearly hope that those on the tour will get to see some of the beautiful countryside in peace. In reality it's difficult to even imagine that Leonard Cohen will be able to visit Yeat's grave.
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