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Re: Manchester Tickets

Post by Alan_1 » Wed Jun 18, 2008 12:13 am

Just tried for wednesday and was offered a Stall seat E6, yet when I ordered at the beginning I got Stall seat S3.
What an absolute disgrace! :shock:
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Re: Manchester Tickets

Post by dharma » Wed Jun 18, 2008 12:30 am

i'm sorted for tickets for wednesday's concert, but out of curiosity i went through the ordering system and it seemed tickets were available for the WHOLE of Row E, which seems unlikely, so beware of this offer peeps!

that said, tickets ARE available! :D
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Re: Manchester Tickets

Post by Jasonah » Wed Jun 18, 2008 7:48 pm

Don't be put off by the naysayer. Seetickets are fine. Row A was available yesterday.
So... die-hard, 8.59AM on the day of release stalkers at the back....semi-curious music fans looking for something to do on Friday, please make your way to row A.
I'm guessing Mr Cohen is sick of seeing desperate, lovelorn faces mouthing away to all the words at the front and wants a bit of a challenge.
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Re: Manchester Tickets

Post by John J » Wed Jun 18, 2008 11:31 pm

See Tickets are part of the Ticketmaster rip off licensed tout franchise
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Re: Manchester Tickets

Post by reets » Tue Jun 24, 2008 2:49 am

we bought our tickets the week before for 17th June from ticket master we paid ticket value, we were in the circle and had a great view, people were buying for the front rows on the night, it was said that good seat tickets were kept to make more money on auction sites..which is scandlous, as some tickets were bought at the ticket office, does this mean the opera house were part of trying to make more money???
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Re: Manchester Tickets

Post by margaret » Tue Jun 24, 2008 12:43 pm

It is much more likely that it was Ticketmaster controlling sales and trying to profit from auctions more rather than the Opera House itself.

Lets hope that the system for tickets will be fairer if the tour continues.
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Re: Autumn Tickets: Auction Rip-Off. Live Music RIP.

Post by AndrewGMooney » Sat Jul 19, 2008 1:33 am

In my defence, I' d just like to say -
I've had a fantastic time sitting with 'The Common People' in Manchester, E'bro and London, but: Enough Is Truly Enough.
The fact that the best seats for the Autumn 08 UK shows are 'immediately available' on 'auction' at Ticketmaster, but NOT for general purchase, means that Leonard, the promoters, and the venues have crossed a line in the sand for me. Having 'killed The Golden Goose Of Recorded Music' it now seems that The Suits and 'Artists' are hell-bent on doing the same with the 'Live Experience'

It was bad enough watching people being harassed by inept work-experience 'security' in the grounds of Edinburgh Castle because they couldn't organsise getting ticketholders to their seats in time for the scheduled show-time.....piss-up-wedding, etc.

Edinburgh has legit claims to be one of The Great Cities Of The World. It's audiences are legendary. If only it had been 3 nights at The Playhouse...why did Manchester hit the jackpot?

Moving on swiftly...It was bad enough listening to endless exhortations to purchase 'Official Merchandise' in the Vacuous Corporate Cavern that is the 'O2 Madame Toussaud's Rock and Roll Hall of Shame' - having been relieved of my bottle of water for 'security reasons' - so I could re-purchase it inside the 'secure zone' for £2 a pop.....
Then some Unfortunate next to me gorged on some revolting offal burger during the first 2 songs....the smell was indescribable, can this product be certified as traceable to River Cottage...
Just like me: Leonard is an Urbane, Sexy, Sophist-icated man. He wouldn't dream of being subjected to such 'Indignities' to enjoy 'ART'. Why on earth does he condone such behaviour towards his Audience (let's just forget the 'Fan', as in derivative of 'Fanatic', the person who has to announce at every intimate moment: "I Love You Leonard!'. Maybe that could be an 'Official Intro' where everyone can 'get it out of their system'? I understand that 'no-one can quite believe he's here'. But,I wonder how long 'The Audience' will put up with this nonsense?)

There's a 'bittersweet symphony' about having attended these shows. There's the feeling that you were 'there' and experienced some nebulous kind of emotional catharsis and finally connected with cultural artefacts (songs) which have shaped your very being. Don't forget the songs that saved your life ...

There's a sense that L.C and his band also experience this in tandem.But: There's an undeniable 'disconnect'. A 'coitus interuptus' feeling that, metaphorically, 'body fluids were not exchanged' due to the ridiculous 'Security' at the O2 who harassed hapless punters who dared to rush the stage to express... Something Approaching Devotion....

It's like those exhibitions at Tate Modern. We all want to see 'Those Paintings'.
We all know how wonderful they are. We've all experienced the absolute ecstasy of The Paint. The Texture. The Canvas. But: Is it 'scalable'? Can you take 'The L.C Revue' from the orgasmic confines of the Manchester Opera House to the O2?
I saw that scamp 'Prince' there last summer 'in the round' and he seemed eminently suitably to the histrionic vaulting ambitions of the venue @ £31.21!!!!
But L.C?
Personally, I think the answer is No. I looked around me, up at the vertiginous 'Gods' of the O2 and thought: It must be like seeing Barca at Neu Camp.....Is it worth it?.
Or would a HD link to your local cinema be better value and give you brownie points for your carbon footprint? Cue Radiohead link...

The shows I saw at Manchester Opera House were Ecstatic. The show at Edinburgh Castle was Flawed Beauty. The O2 show was iatrogenic.
The Big Chill? Who knows,when the sun sets over the yard ale,between The Severn and The Wye, there is a Sacred Eye.

I really think Sharon Robinson has been a tour de force on this tour. Last nigth, it was so poignant to see L.C step back into the shadows as she climaxed 'Boogie Street'. I'm sure there's a concentrated debate on the merits of previous historic tours, but I felt privileged to see such a great singer/writer publicly endorsed as 'my collaborator'....
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Re: Manchester Tickets

Post by daveeliver » Sat Jul 19, 2008 9:23 am

I couldn't agree more
I really think Sharon Robinson has been a tour de force on this tour. Last nigth, it was so poignant to see L.C step back into the shadows as she climaxed 'Boogie Street'. I'm sure there's a concentrated debate on the merits of previous historic tours, but I felt privileged to see such a great singer/writer publicly endorsed as 'my collaborator'....
and like you feel the participation of Sharon has been an integral part of the performances.
When I'm your Man was released I felt as if somebody was intruding into Leonard's space but I soon realised how they complemented each other.The tour has highlighted this and hopefully made many people aware of her special gifts.
Look after yourself and (each)others. All the best Dave ♫♫♫
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Re: Manchester Tickets

Post by subtle » Tue Jul 22, 2008 3:37 am

To Mr Andrew G Mooney

I loved your post - I was privileged to see Mr Cohen in Dublin & Manchester and feel lucky that I got good seats at cost price but really Ticketmaster and their rip-off subsidiaries are the bad guys now along with the mega corp that is live nation.

Perhaps Mr Cohen regards them as some necessary evil perhaps he is not aware of the ticket distribution scam that seems to be emerging in the "Fall Tour" distribution. Who knows?
Perhaps Everybody knows that the good guys lost, Everybody knows the fight was fixed, The poor stay poor, the rich get rich ... That’s how it goes...

Even genius is cracked ...
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