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Re: Along the way... Discovering Leonard's albums

Posted: Fri May 18, 2018 2:38 pm
by Hartmut
Good luck with all of your endeavours, Vickie!

Re: Along the way... Discovering Leonard's albums

Posted: Sat May 19, 2018 12:16 am
by B4real
Hey you guys, I've been having computer problems and don't you know it, when it rains it pours - so to speak - but I'm here now :)

Hartmut, I'm glad you liked the diploma, thank you! I had lots of fun designing it!

4, Don't worry about your score, it doesn't matter - you are pure of heart and that is ALL that matters! So it's a given to add your name plus you were the one who suggested I design the first diploma and that verse which Vickie loves so much that I included in this diploma was also your suggestion back then - so there's your answer 8)

Vickie, There are live versions of Diamonds In The Mine with more angst (definitely word-wise) that you can poke a stick at! I'll wait til you get settled to talk about them. Hope everything goes smoothly with the transition of moving!

Re: Along the way... Discovering Leonard's albums

Posted: Fri Jun 01, 2018 3:05 am
by AlanM
This is not really a reply, but I thought it might catch your eye here.

Karin and I hope you have a wonderful Cohen-filled day.
Best wishes for the years to come.


Re: Along the way... Discovering Leonard's albums

Posted: Fri Jun 01, 2018 5:46 am
by anny


Re: Along the way... Discovering Leonard's albums

Posted: Fri Jun 01, 2018 6:22 am
by B4real
Thank you so much, Alan and Karin :D My reply might also catch your eye ;-)
animated-thank-you-image-0078.gif (69.46 KiB) Viewed 2984 times

I'm at this moment listening to the very last Australian concert in Adelaide 2013 we all went to - such wonderful memories! ....and below is a great visual just to make sure I do have a wonderful Cohen-filled day 8)

Happy-Birthday-LC-salute.gif (252.42 KiB) Viewed 2975 times

Also many thanks to you, Anny :D I feel like I'm going round in circles today ;-)

Thanx.gif (4.86 KiB) Viewed 2984 times

I simply can't believe that I've lived long enough to be this young :razz:

Re: Along the way... Discovering Leonard's albums

Posted: Thu Jun 07, 2018 2:17 pm
by its4inthemorning

A belated happy birthday from NA!

Now that you've just reheard the final Australian concert, you might be in a mood to go through your memories of the event and recount them to us here. Given your thoughtful and perceptive nature, I for one would find it to be very interesting reading.

I am counting the days until I get to see you in your famous tee shirt on Hydra next year!



Re: Along the way... Discovering Leonard's albums

Posted: Sat Jun 09, 2018 7:13 am
by B4real
Hi Curt,

Thanks for your kind words and the birthday wishes! Actually, I was supposed to be born on my parents wedding anniversary 08 June so you are unknowingly right on time!

While listening to that Adelaide concert, I remembered hearing Murray who was sitting next to me enthusiastically clapping and I must admit so was I. Also I fess up to some additional rather audible vocal contributions from myself as well on the recording! But hey, that’s what brings back those unique moments in time which makes each concert different and so special!! You asked about my memories of the concert; they are the same now as then so here’s a link to my first words and keep reading- ... 15#p342103

But to get the whole special flavour of this concert, you should start here at the beginning - ... 79&t=34764
As well as others, Alan’s words, photos and videos are wonderful as is Dean’s as usual excellent report. It was so nice to physically catch up with Dean again at this concert plus Alan and Karin's matchless hospitality in Adelaide was a bonus!

And if I ever do get to Hydra you can be sure I will have my special LC gift of that T-Shirt with me!

And now I must do some preparation for a Fine Art Competition of which I am to be the solo judge. It is an annual event in a nearby city that has been going on for 144 years so it’s an honour and a privilege to be asked to judge it. I have an eclectic taste in art which is of benefit to being a judge so hopefully everyone is happy with my choices.

Re: Along the way... Discovering Leonard's albums

Posted: Sat Jun 09, 2018 5:56 pm
by Hartmut
It's a bit late now, but, well: Happy birthday, Bev!

Re: Along the way... Discovering Leonard's albums

Posted: Sun Jun 10, 2018 1:03 am
by B4real
Thank you, Hartmut :D It's never too late to give or receive good wishes!

Re: Along the way... Discovering Leonard's albums

Posted: Sun Jun 10, 2018 1:13 am
by AlanM
Thank you for your kind words, Bev.
I often re-read the concert reports, mainly the ones I attended, to relive those wonderful experiences, not just the great times at the venues, but also the anticipation of the event and the "coming down" afterwards.
Catching up with friends who have the same interest in LC was an added bonus.

I have got to share this quote from UK comedian Gary Delaney with you:
What catches my eye is short people with umbrellas!


Re: Along the way... Discovering Leonard's albums

Posted: Sun Jun 10, 2018 2:06 am
by B4real
AlanM wrote:
Sun Jun 10, 2018 1:13 am
I have got to share this quote from UK comedian Gary Delaney with you:
What catches my eye is short people with umbrellas!
Alan, I have a good visual of that quote in my head, especially in a strong wind and/or crowded situation near tall people :) And the problem could be solved by the short people using a see-through cone shaped umbrella ....
or they could simply wear a Famous Blue Raincoat ;-)

Re: Along the way... Discovering Leonard's albums

Posted: Thu Jun 14, 2018 9:42 pm
by its4inthemorning
Hi Bev,

Thanks for the Adelaide links, I found time to look at everything there. It sure must have been an exciting time, not just the concert of course, but the experience of interacting with old and new Cohen fans. Sad that all of those days are past, but I always remind myself how lucky Joann and I were to have rediscovered Leonard and participated at all. Sort of like Bogart in Casablanca, except modified to "we'll always have Paris...and Barcelona and Lucca." Those trips were so special, I can still recall even the smallest of details years later.

Interesting assignment, the art show judgeship! I would be curious to see a few photos of the winning entries either here or by PM.


Re: Along the way... Discovering Leonard's albums

Posted: Sat Jun 16, 2018 3:07 am
by B4real
Hi Curt,
Yes, we are fortunate to have attended the concerts we did and it’s simply a bonus to be able to recall them in detail. It’s thanks to this forum as a wonderful memory bank to be able relive them again as time goes on. For those not at any concert you can get a sense of what it was like – an unsurpassed experience :D

The judging of the art competition went well – no dissenting voices thankfully! I never took any photos of the entries but the stewards did take some of me with the major sponsor of the overall Best in Show and its winning entry. So thanks for the prompt, I will see if they can give me some copies.

Re: Along the way... Discovering Leonard's albums

Posted: Tue Jun 19, 2018 7:32 am
by vlcoats
A very, very belated Happy Birthday to B4!!

It has been a rough ride, but we have made it to Oregon, and things are starting to smooth out! I am sorry I have been away for so long. I can't believe that I thought I would have plenty of time to catch up with you as soon as we got here! I should have known better. There is just as much work to be done after moving in as before moving out! But here we are!!

We have real internet here!! I am very excited to check out Leonard related YouTube. I have already found a Leonard station on Pandora... but it plays Cash, Dylan, Young, Simon, and Morrison as much as Leonard... which is all good... but not good enough ;-)

The most fun thing for me so far about moving from the wilds of Idaho to the Portland area? We took our older MINI Cooper in to be serviced at a real MINI shop today and they gave me a newer loaner with new fangled metro features....and I was able to connect to my Bluetooth on my phone and listen to all my Leonard songs on my phone directly into the cars awesome stereo system without having to hardwire it or put CDs in or anything lol! I told Dave that's it... we need to get a new Leonard-friendly MINI!

Other good news is that although we are within 30 minutes of Portland, we are in a very rural area. We have a chicken coop in our backyard, and our landlord is entertaining the idea of allowing us to have our donkeys here on the property! :shock: :D

What is going on with you all? Any new thoughts on our old discussions??


Re: Along the way... Discovering Leonard's albums

Posted: Wed Jun 20, 2018 8:31 am
by B4real
Hey Vickie, welcome back!
And as I said to Hartmut, there’s no time limit to give and receive good wishes, so thanks for that! Good to see things are settling down somewhat with your move. Btw – When I lived in Sydney many years ago I bought a brand new bright lolly pink Mini Deluxe which I loved. Quite fashionable at the time and it seems it still is now but maybe not that psychedelic pink colour!

You were talking previously about different versions of Diamonds In The Mine. I have recently listened to some live versions and I really have to agree with you and say that the official studio song does indeed seem to contain the most amount of verbal emotional cut retching fervour that I have come across so far. Mind you, I know there are lots more live versions to listen to yet!

And consequently, you have set me to thinking about how verses of this song have evolved over the years from 1966 to 2016. That’s a 50 year metamorphosis! We know that a lot of LC’s songs and verses can and do change plus also take many years to see the light of day but this particular instance must surely hold the record! I remember from years ago that Leonard said the reason he first wrote this song was because he hadn’t received a letter from a female in a close relationship with him for a long while thus prompting his frustrated line, “there are no letters in the mail box!” He was pretty angry about his then current domestic situation as you can tell from the words in this song and the overall anguished tone of it. Some chronological song info follows.

1966: There was a recorded demo song called Nancy (different from Seems So Long Ago, Nancy on Songs From A Room 1968) and part of its chorus was used in DITM.

1971: Release date of Songs Of Love And Hate album with DITM on it. Some say that the whole (not part) of above mentioned chorus of Nancy was used for this version.

1975: There was another new and different Jamaican musical style version of DITM recorded but not released.

1985: LC said: “This is an old song about the little there is. Even where there was a lot, there was a little. But now that there is a little, there's even less”. (That made me :)) During this year at some concerts Leonard introduced two new verses to this song that eventually found their way 31 years later onto his very last album You Want It Darker 2016.

2016: It’s so interesting that a song begun with such loud frustrated hopeless angst would integrate two of its additional verses in a song of quiet resigned hopeful peace called Treaty. That name, in itself, could be viewed as an attempted conciliation of the polarity between Peace and War or even, Love And Hate ;-)

Here are some alternate lines (some with alternative angst) over the years from this song –

They framed him on a murder charge to kill an unborn child...
There’s no easy way to tell you who is poor and who is rich...
They gave me some money for my sad and famous song
They said the crowd is waiting, hurry up or they’ll be gone
But I could not change my style and I guess I never will
So I sing this for the poisoned snakes on Devastation Hill.

The man in white – that’s part of you
The river’s swollen up with dirty/filthy, rusty cans...
The maypole trees are burning in your promised land...
Your lover comes to me with a sad excuse
Says you’re rather anxious and love is just no use
But I’ve seen the man in question, it was just the other night...
Some clever Jewish/Marxist/welfare doctor went and sterilized the bitch
And the only man of energy, yes, your social revolution’s pride...
Now here she comes, Miss Liberty, your revolution’s pride
Showing everybody/showed us all how to kill an unborn child...
And there are no, there are no chocolates in your pretty little boxes anymore...

The lady in blue says she has no friends,
The man in white – that’s us/all of you...
Well I’ve seen the man in action, it was just the other day
He was eating up a lady where the lions and Christians play...
With the corpses of a million babies now blowing in the wind...
Well some women call it freedom, they’re asking for revenge
Some are rather restless, they’re looking round for friends...
Your crystal river’s swollen with a million rusty cans...
I told it all to Terry, Terry told it to the crew
But it’s all gone back to money and who’s got more than who
The president calls the tune, the lawyer beats the drum
And the money lenders prophesise what usually is to come.

You say you’re anxious yeah, you’d like to blame it all on him...
Here she comes Miss Liberty your/our revolution’s pride
Showing/teaching everyone/everybody how to kill an unborn child...
(Showed/trained a million/a hundred women how to kill an unborn child)
I think/thought I told you /all about/it/this, back in the days of Vietnam
When the/your/some poets/their saviours march/work for Uncle Ho /Hochmin
And your sons/children/kids for Uncle Sam
(And the bad guys/your jocks/jerks/goons/thugs/their servants for Uncle Sam)
Whose/which side are you on today/you're gonna choose/take now
(Whose/which song you're gonna sing)
(But now you’re not quite so certain about everything)
With the mega stench of (a million/babies’) corpses that is blowin' in the wind
(With the mega-corpses stinking of a million in the wind)
And there are no letters in your mail-box
There are no grapes upon your very/father’s/ancient/the tender vines
There are no chocolates (wrapped) in your fancy little/red/velvet/ boxes (not) anymore

I see you changed the water into wine
That was a very pretty trick to do
I sit at your table every night
Baby, I just can't get drunk with you.

I haven’t said a word since you’ve been gone
That any liar couldn’t say as well
I can’t believe the static coming on
You were my ground, you were my aerial.

I seen you’ve changed the water into wine
I seen you change it back to water too
I sit at your table every night
I try but I just don’t get high with you.

I haven’t said a word since you’ve been gone
That any liar couldn’t say as well
I just can’t believe the static coming on
You were my ground - my safe and sound
You were my aerial.

.... and as LC ends this song many times, “That’s all I’ve got to say” .... and I say, for now that is :)