Along the way... Discovering Leonard's albums

General discussion about Leonard Cohen's songs and albums
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Re: Along the way... Discovering Leonard's albums

Postby vlcoats » Wed Jun 20, 2018 6:10 pm


Thank you for the research on DITM! I knew there were many versions, although as mentioned not with the purity of the studio version, but I didn't realize how many. I have heard the Jamaican version on one of the recording our good friend Alan sent me, and although I like reggae, it seems to carefree for this song. It is amazing that the thread of this song transformed and was woven into Treaty. I really need to listen to Treaty some more.

I am getting boxes unpacked still and putting pictures up on walls. Here is a photo of my favorite. ... w&id=19444
I have shared this collage on my Instagram with the caption "The light at the end of my tunnel..." because it is just that.

I am looking forward to getting back to my poetry reading and more listening time... and now YouTube! However, one of my character traits (good or bad) is being 'goal-oriented', which means I can't relax until I have things in their place and have begun construction on a small paddock for the donkeys. My nephew Shane, whom you have all met earlier in this thread is coming this weekend for 2 weeks, so there will be trips to the zoo and the beach to make time for too. One thing I insist on though, is that he read for an hour a day, and I always sit and read along with him... so I can look forward to that!

I have another somewhat Leonard-related goal this summer as well. I want to explore Zen. I can't say I am being led to that solely by Leonard, since it is something I have had in the back of my mind from time to time, as in "I wonder where that goes?", but I am not sure if I would have every been led to act on it without him. I know Jean has a good working knowledge of Zen and can answer some of my questions as I go. Have any of the others of you explored it? What I have learned so far is that it is not a religion.

Time to get back to work! So happy to hear from you! I almost feel normal again!
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Re: Along the way... Discovering Leonard's albums

Postby vlcoats » Wed Jul 11, 2018 9:56 pm

"You kick off your sandals,
you shake out your hair,
it's torn where your dancing
it's torn everywhere.

It's torn on the right
and it's torn on the left
and it's torn in the centre,
which few can accept....."

This isn't a song, but it was speaking to me loud and clear two weeks ago when we found out that our landlord decided against letting us have the donkeys here after all. Some of you know this already as I have been sobbing on your shoulders through the mails. It left me feeling "torn in the centre". However, there was a silver lining as they (falsely) say there always is, and that is they agreed to let us out of our lease because of it. So after scouring the countryside in a hasty shopping trip, we found a home to buy here that DOES allow donkeys! We are still reeling from sticker shock after having been spoiled by Idaho housing price, and reeling from the prospect of yet another move, but if it passes all inspections, we will be moving into our new home Aug 10th, and bringing the donkeys home from Idaho soon after.

"...come gather the pieces,
all scattered and lost
the lie in what's holy,
the light in what's not"

(from the "come gather" lithograph)

I trust the rest of you have had a restful summer so far.

I have spoken to 4 lately and he again said how much he likes Steer Your Way. And it got me wondering if others get a Leonard song stuck in their minds from time to time and it becomes more important than the rest for awhile? And you can't help pick it apart and think about every line and wonder what he meant by that. I guess that's why Leonard sang, "You'll be hearing from me baby, long after I'm gone..." Right now, the song on my mind is Bird on the Wire. I am wondering, why did he say that he has tried to be free like that bird on the wire? Is he saying that he, the bird on the wire, and the drunk singing at midnight are all trying to be free? Or is he saying that he is trying be like the bird on the wire and the drunk singing at midnight because they already ARE free? I could see why he would consider a drunk as trying to be free by drinking until he is singing at midnight, but isn't a bird free regardless of where it is standing? Supposedly he wrote that song in Hydra right after electrical wires first came to the island, and he saw birds out his window on one. Maybe seeing them stopping there instead of just flying by made them seem less free to him? Anyway, see what I mean? Leonard just gets stuck in your head and makes you wonder about things. Lots of things.

Speaking of Hydra..... I can't believe I am saying this, but Dave and I are going next June!!!! Dave has never been to Europe so don't ask me how I talked him into Hydra for his one and possibly only trip over there! I told Alan and 4 that either Dave likes to indulge me even more than I thought he did, or he likes Leonard more than I thought he did. Maybe he figured out how attracted I am by his combination of the two! ;-) Anyway, by some miracle, we are going to Hydra. To those of you who have the good fortune to travel often and extensively, it may not seem that amazing, but to me, it borders on the unbelievable. We are going to try to squeeze in one other stop, just because with the cost of our new mortgage, I have doubts if we will ever be back (although I do hope to make another trip to Montreal). Anyway... I hope to see some of you there?

Meanwhile, in between unpacking from the last move and packing for the next move, I am finding time to finish Parasites of Heaven, and I know we are ALL looking forward to the release of The Flame.

I have another question before I go, didn't the book "I'm Your Man" by Simmons have an updated edition telling more of Leonard's story beyond the end of the original biography? If so, was it published here or only in England? Has anyone read the additional chapter or whatever she added?

Thank you again everyone! What a change Leonard has made in my life... with your help!


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