Try Hi Res versions of Leonard's Albums

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Try Hi Res versions of Leonard's Albums

Post by Robocop » Wed Sep 07, 2016 2:34 am

If you really enjoy his music and in particular his cd's you should consider downloading the Hi Res versions that are available at this site:

I am no way connected with this site but "Old Ideas", "Popular Problems", "Can't Forget: A Souvenir of a Grand tour" and "You Want It Darker" are four I have downloaded.

24/44.1 is a step up from 16/44.1(CD) and 24/96 is even better(Popular Problems). In particular the HiRes Old Ideas is quite a step up from the CD sound.

In terms of live albums I would always go for the DVD or Blueray's as you get the picture and better sound.

Both Live in Dublin and A Souvenir of a Grand Tour are available as sound only downloads at 24/44.

If you have never heard of HiRes check it out online. You will need a D to A converter that plays back up to 24/192.

You can of course download and play these files back through USB on a Blueray player(Oppo or Cambridge to name two very good ones).

Cohen's music in hires may also be available from other download sites both European and US.

Once you hear them you will not go back to CD's. They really are :D BETTER.

I'm happy to answer questions or query's on this topic, I encourage you to at least listen to some or try them.

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