Budapest Travel Tips #4 - Money

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Budapest Travel Tips #4 - Money

Post by majmunka » Thu Jul 19, 2018 11:12 pm

Budapest Travel Tips #4 Money

The Hungarian currency is Forint (HUF). While some places (not so many) accept Euros,
the rate is bad.

In most places (like supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, ticket machines) you can
pay with credit cards but small shops, small restaurants, streetfood tracks might not
accept cards so you need some Forints.

Like everywhere in the world, airport exchange kiosks have the worst rate ever.
You can pay for your travel passes or taxi (ask the driver first to make sure)
by card. So even if you want to get some Forints there, change no more than just a bit.

There are many exchange offices/windows in the city center.
You can find a lot of them around Deak square, Kalvin square or other main tourist hubs.
The rates are usually posted outside. Pro tip: no need for maths, if the buying and
selling rate is close (the difference is no more than 2-5 Forints), the rate is OK.
There's a small transaction tax.

I shouldn't even mention this but never change money on the street.
Avoid Western Union and the blue EUR/HUF ATMs because of their abysmal rates.
Banks and hotels also have bad rates.

It's also obvious but don't do street gamblings (they will cheat, always :) ), and
better not to buy any souvenirs from illegal street vendors.
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