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20 years since Lincoln - the first event

Posted: Tue Jul 17, 2018 5:57 pm
by LizzieMadder
This morning I found all the paperwork from the first Leonard Cohen Event held in Lincoln, England in 1998. It was just a day event, costing £10. I found copies of the event brochure and some rather shabby posters I didn't know I had. But the special find was the 'Visitors' Book', signed by everyone who attended. If I have room in my rucksack, I might bring it with me to Budapest.

I spent the day being exhausted (I hadn't slept all week) to drinking too much red wine to being so excited meeting so many lovely Cohen fans.

Out of this small chrysalis grew the beautiful butterfly called the Montreal Event in 2000.

Re: 20 years since Lincoln - the first event

Posted: Thu Jul 19, 2018 6:41 am
by dar
I remember when you organized that first event Lizzie. I still have the brochure you sent me.
You started the ball rolling all those years ago. Wish I could join all the Cohenites at this next gathering but just can't afford much these days.

Have an amazing time and "represent" for us old-timers who can't make it.



(And Daisy looks so cool and her mom!)

Re: 20 years since Lincoln - the first event

Posted: Thu Jul 26, 2018 4:40 am
by Joe Way
Dear Dar,
We will miss you and raise a glass in your honor!

Dear Lizzie,

Looking forward to seeing you and Peter. Sorry we missed your first event, but happy we have made many since then.


Joe & Anne