New live album: Can't Forget

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Re: New live album: Can't Forget

Post by DBCohen » Wed Jun 10, 2015 9:52 am


LC and women… We could compose and encyclopedia on the subject, couldn’t we? There are so many different angles. For the time being, thanks for your thoughts.
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Re: New live album: Can't Forget

Post by stephencharlton » Fri Jun 19, 2015 5:20 pm

HugoD wrote:Received the album about a week ago and have listend to it about 40 times :lol: . Have to say it is absolutly superb. Night comes one and Joanne of Arc are exceptionally outstanding to me. An other gemstone added to his beautifull collection of albums.
Well said !
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Re: New live album: Can't Forget

Post by jerry » Mon Jun 22, 2015 1:14 am

Why couldn't Live In Dublin sound as good as Can't Forget does? I finally picked up Dublin a few days ago. After so many negative reviews regarding the sound I held off buying it for several months.The negative reviews were correct. Dublin sounds lifeless. No intamcy.Can't Forget is the polar opposite.
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Re: New live album: Can't Forget

Post by John Smith » Wed Jun 24, 2015 4:07 pm

Slovenia, article in magazine POGLEDI. Pogledi are biweekly magazine for the Arts, Culture and Society.
Article about "Can’t Forget – A Souvenir of the Grand Tour" by Matej Krajnc ... -odlocitve

Google translate

The commander Cohen and his decision

The last time I stood on that stage, I was 60 years old - a bold dreamy boy ..." in 2008 on stage in London joked then almost štiriinsedemdesetletni Leonard Cohen. The thing was quite serious, reason for the joke was not much, but still - Cohen was then, when he had decided that his appearance does not do any real joy, the web of bad luck robbed peaceful pensioner days diligent and dedicated set to work. The march for filling the financing gap has actually started his most prolific period, that is soon after filling the financial hole becomes a real pleasure - to create new songs and appearances. Cohen has openly said that the last two tours, in 1988 and 1993, after the release of album I'm Your Man and The Future, although they were well received (and the tour), is not exactly pleased that much to drink, and on the stage I felt miserable. On the other end of this is easily withdrawn for a long time, and in the meantime only occasionally returning, either with some interesting studio album, Balcony been produced and match with his favorite cheap keyboards (Ten New Songs, Dear Heather in 2001 and 2004) either with archival concert releases or compilations (More Best Of, Field Commander Cohen). In 2006, he surprised us with a new book of poetry, on entering it was not much talked about.

Closing concert discography round

The tour, which he began in 2008, initially with a seal in a black hole, announced the revival of creativity old bard. Do not also be easily created and often with a sort of bitter self-ironically he said that writing in particular torment to which it is subjected to a slightly masochistic, because he always calls back and demands of their own. While Kajetan Kovic the pesnjenju uncle had written "and although the pain, I build because relish," Cohen delight was silent. However, there was also the endless "call to arms" to whom "the boy with the golden voice" has never really able to resist, even in isolation zenbudističnega monastery not. And, as evidenced by the history of poetry put to music, the songs are not really alive until they popelješ on the road; it is not necessary to make this route like, it is important that at the end of this, however, is aspirated. Of course we are not talking about these nomads, such as Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Springsteen or Dylan, who call the road never rebelled, but rather about the "Pannonian solitaries", such as our protagonist today, and for example, Tom Waits, who equally loves not tours, but nevertheless always wake up and come up with something good.
The long turnejskim then include discography equivalent: every great name (popular) music sooner or later he decided to apply theatrical experience to write to a carrier sound and keep eyes and ears of generations. They defend the riders and groom, to paraphrase Levstik; even garač such as Springsteen, the concert album long otepal, saying that is not yet ready to bend yet mature, but then after the publication of the first opened in 1986 and today concert highlights the way Bruce Springsteen abound, both at Albums such as DVDs. Even Dylan's concert their path one way or another faithfully bring to the store shelves. Leonard Cohen Concert intentions were, at least initially very rare; if you have already occurred, they had to be something special, as evidenced by the latest, Can not Forget, released in early May this year, the last in a series discography abundance to us after many years of drought obletava in the last half of the decade. It is a kind of Cohen decided concert discography circle; His first such edition appeared in 1973 with the simple title Live Songs, its content was not something we could say the classic live album.

Live Songs 1973

Leonard Cohen in 1969 issued a now iconic album Songs from a Room, and finally found that to be on the road, if not otherwise, at least to maintain the goodwill of the parent label Columbia, where the sale of its two incumbent studio discs and an aversion to speaking not We were very satisfied. Instructed, therefore, producer Bob Johnston, who was then in charge, inter alia, the disc Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash, to find a band that condition was that Johnston joins the band itself. For the main target was chosen Europe, where Cohen's plates sell well; they began in 1970 and returned there until 1972, after the release of the album Songs of Love and Hate. Right at the beginning it was clear that Cohen will not be so easily waived his poetry improvisational roots, which has been accustomed since the early literary appearances in Canada. Speeches are therefore in addition to the selected poems by panels bring much surprises in the form of improvised literary-musical and also some modifications songs of other artists by Cohen appreciated. The band, which was called The Army, in addition to Johnston with keyboards among others participated guitarist and GOSLAČ Charlie Daniels and singer Jennifer Warnes, who has long been closely associated with Cohen's team in the eighties was issued Derivative successful album of his songs. In 1973, the publisher Columbia drew up an unusual album of ten songs; the tour in 1970 were included only two, all others were captured in 1972. With the exception of the final the recital Queen Victoria, namely songs from the poetry collection Flowers for Hitler (1964), all songs recorded on the European appearances, only half of them Cohen previously recorded in the studio disc, and all of these are from the album Songs from a Room; the first and third album therefore not represented, but in the Live Songs five songs on the studio album is from the minute introduction by Cohen improvise in London, to slightly longer musical improvisation with the Paris concert. Poem Passing Through was by then already well performed song repertoire with folk music performers, Please Do not Pass Me By (A Disgrace) was new - trinajstminutna poetic mantra turns into a kind of musical-poetic hoedown, as is evident from implementation song Tonight Will Be Fine, where would Cohen actually enjoyed on stage, but in reality things are a bit forced, especially in the latter song, which was included with the Isle of Wight festival, where Cohen appeared in the middle of the night after It is already tired of the crowd It rejected Kris Kristofferson. Cohen were spared; His sincere melancholy them back to reality, precisely because it seems to be that bit more lively performance do not work so well. Live Songs was therefore a rather unusual album that did not meet commercial expectations, but for Cohen, who insisted the decision to choose the album more variable repertoire, it was important that for some time free. His next most prominently tour took place only at the end of the decade, when he traveled around the world at the release of the album Recent Songs (1979). On the tapes they are then wrote much material, but it was brought to light only in 2001, when there seemed to be what Cohen soon released what studio. They were wrong: the same year, after eight years as a studio sushi, released the album Ten New Songs, but the concert tour record with 1,979 adherents delighted and collectors; Finally it was no longer necessary to collect pirated editions concert of the tour, which was quite rumored, as well as on television they appear. Otherwise, Cohen is not officially released anything long concert twenty years; Tour of 1979, as mentioned, published as a document only in 2001 albums between 1974 and 1988, thus not continuously documented. The next edition of the concert took place until 1994, at which they were recorded tour in 1988 and 1993, the outcome of the aforementioned boards I'm Your Man and The Future. The album is called Live Cohen - Leonard Cohen Concert and did not include any new or unpublished songs, including improvisations not.

Cohen Live (1994)

It is a classical concert disc with a program that has brought cross-section is already known and proven Cohen's achievements. Speeches, as on previous trips, but were not held in particularly euphoric atmosphere, but Cohen is on stage nevertheless gave everything from ourselves; backing singer Julie Christensen and Perla Batalla are much contributed to fresh performances, experts still argue that both Cohen tour has assembled its best lineup, although now considered to be the best is actually the one who traveled with him for the last six years, between 2008 and 2014. Well, both, among others, participated guitarist Bob Metzger, who with his jazz guitar tone occupying great instrumental passages, the undersigned, however, despite the excellence of these bands in the first place still puts a little less technically flawless but therefore also less sterile The Army. Live Cohen's first live album, on which Cohen sang with his "new" deeper, robatejšim voice. A gentle lyricism previous, cleaner voice with the first disc and the tour is now moved into a larger expression, the interpretive singer as extensively improved and newly created depth took advantage of such an instrument, in the manner used by the best singers of jazz and blues. Said studio panel from 1988 and 1993 were a considerable surprise for the audience and critics: in them is Cohen openly puts her contemporary, modern productions, where several synthetic basis, but he managed to keep within this poetic core of each song, which was subsequently yet upgraded to hropeče-gromečo vocal performance. Greater astonishment otherwise should not be, because they are the first beginnings of both already appeared in 1984 on the album Various Positions, but it is Cohen's record label refused; originally released in Canada and Europe.

Field Commander Cohen - Tour of 1979 (2001)

Cohen is on tour from 1979 to talk about as his favorite, but has in recent years repeatedly opinion visibly changed in favor of simultaneous performance. Recent Songs album was supporting these tour 1979 on archival board are recorded performances from London and Brighton. This is a slightly less conventional program such as that found on the disc Live Cohen, as it includes some songs that experts are not often counted among Cohen's classics, such as the title of 1974, and later with the album Recent Songs commercial did not enjoy much success, although it is a perfect plate with some classic creations, which will be shown later time; such are surely The Guests and The Window. From concert record priveje some noble cohenovskega humor when the title song playfully incorporate an excerpt from oldies trio The Andrews Sisters Rum and Coca-Cola (1945). With the inclusion of the song Memories he was also recalled its previous disc, Death of the Ladies' Man (1977), which he recorded with producer Phil notorious Spectorjem and is not too disliked, at least publicly not. Passenger accompanying band was jazz origin, participated are some musicians that are closely associated with the image of Leonard Cohen concert violinist Raffi Hakopian, udist John Bilezikjian and singer Jennifer Warnes and Sharon Robinson; the latter with Cohen participated in subsequent panels as a co-author and as part of the accompanying band all even today. The next concert Leonard Cohen album was released in 2009 and with it the door opened concert releases. This year's Columbia label in addition to the first record of the tour, which Cohen 2010 also led Slovenia (again came three years later), issued another archival record of the concert, namely the already mentioned appearance on the Isle of Wight festival. The following year, 2010 was published album Songs from the Road, "synopsis" of the first part of the tour (ie the one before the outcome of a new studio album, Old Ideas, 2010), in December 2014 a comprehensive Live and Dublin, which documented the tour after the release of Old Ideas and just prior to the release of the last studio album Hot Problems (2014); This is otherwise released September 2014 at Cohen's eightieth birthday, before the issue of Dublin. Tour you can witness in videoobliki; Columbia's London and Dublin also issued on DVD, in a visual format was released as a concert at the Isle of Wight.

London, Songs from the Road and Dublin (2009-14)

The London concert Panel Cohen is caught at the beginning of the journey after a long drought when it has declared that he has enough appearances. "Affair" with the discharged šparovčkom in which the great surprise of the public is not resting powerful večdesetmilijonska sum, but presumably less than one tenth, ie enough to comfortably retire, Cohen is otherwise shaken, but the case took as a challenge; it is not other option than to go on the road and earn money lost. But Cohen, who enters the stage the London Arena O2, is a musician who would come after nabirko, but reborn, mature artist who successfully turning neck Depression, which has faced most of his life, the creator, who drove through the gates both alcohol such as tobacco, and in particular enthusiast who is interested in where all can still take his poems. The selected repertoire imposed by Dance Me to the End of Love, Cohen cover all the chapters of his career, including the most recent, ie those studio album, issued since 1993, served well with a few recitals and songs that are on studio tiles otherwise you will not meet, such Whither Thou Goest Guy Singer and a handful of new songs copyright. Throughout, especially in the second part of the tour after the release of the album Old Ideas, what you hear on Live in Dublin, increasingly include processing, songs such as Save the Last Dance for Me from the repertoire of vocal band The Drifters (1960) and some constants countryjevske It reminds but also its poetic roots. All this is recorded in the three concert albums to fasten another chapter in its creation; after the release of Old Ideas on stage singing more and more new songs all the time and also it includes more recent, still unreleased. In interviews, he is happy and talkative; constantly announcing new albums. On the album Songs from the Road, published in 2010 by London and Dublin and alongside Old Ideas, Cohen included some songs that are otherwise available on the studio albums, but can on previous concert recordings will not often meet. It also predicts the meantime its last discography section, Can not Forget, published in May 2015 and conceptually quite surprised.

Can not Forget - A Souvenir of the Grand Tour (2015)

When we think about Cohen's latest album, again, we find that with him completing a circle that began with Live Songs. Tuhtamo also that Cohen, whether it still seems so strange, his planned concert plates issued with a kind of visionary insight into their own work, though, this may happen unconsciously - suggest they are to each other, even better: They were cyclically. If he wanted to issue Can not Forget, had issued Songs from the Road, this bržčas but would not be if you could not Live Songs. Panel Can not Forget is also actually the largest hybrid between Cohen's concert editions: in it we meet a handful of less prominent songs from his concert repertoire (with the exception of Joan of Arc), in addition to most of the songs recorded on the tone exercises, but the album also includes some modifications of other songs and three new songs, of which two thread-bluesovsko samoironičnega cope with the growing number on the identity card (Never Gave Nobody Trouble Got A Little Secret); continuation of the reflections from two recent studio albums thus (Going Home, 2010; Slow, 2014). Ideas on the issue of poems tonne exercises did not get our protagonist, but this concept into a more fresh ideas to merge three elements: the old, the new and adapted. Even before the outcome šušljanja Cohen's issue contributed to the fact that the last album the media did not remain ignored, although this does not happen in any case: Cohen is riding high on the media waves have said well received studio album Latest Problems and concert recording from Dublin . With the completion of a long tour confident and successful studio album was so let go a little bit longer, thereby risked remarks about hiperproduktivnosti what happened, of course, but it is not too affected, but it is predicted that been working on a new studio album. Some of the more traditional followers of Cohen's music album Can not Forget a little podregal, saying: it is a kind of a strange mixture, which is come forth in favor of the Treasury. However, under the microscope album proves to be a real gem, which is perfectly criticized merely brevity - not after Running, but the number of songs; this kind of issue function better if you rest on them more than ten titles, because somewhere towards the end of the concept until it crystallizes and get the feeling as if from these coffers could come somewhat higher shares in favor of conceptual purity, in particular the salaries of arrangements for we know that they have been on tour quite a few. The title track, recorded in Denmark, falls, between weaker Cohen's copyright songs, a concert version will hardly be noticed, so it is welcome, especially since the respective band works better than on the album I'm Your Man. Joan of Arc Loss because we have been on other issues, so while we refreshed version splits La Manic, a rare record of The Night Comes On and Light As The Breeze from studio 1984 and 1993 and, it seems, the main song on the album, with a repertoire of execution Choices the late George Jones, with whom Cohen alongside two authors zabavljic, but in fact sarcastic songs about aging, creates a powerful trilogy of the passage and coping with aging. "Even at birth, I can decide," Cohen sings in Choices, "but I have fallen into temptation, like I drank and never refused drinks, spontaneously I said all those people that means more to me, and if I could come back back, would you run ... but now I live and die with the consequences of their own decisions. "

It seems that this type of recognition is no longer anything to add ...
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Re: New live album: Can't Forget

Post by James T » Fri Jun 26, 2015 11:44 pm

Excuse me if I missed it, but what has happened to the vinyl release of this?
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Re: New live album: Can't Forget

Post by Gentle Reader » Sun Jun 28, 2015 5:56 am

The release of the vinyl was indefinitely postponed.
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Re: New live album: Can't Forget

Post by James T » Sun Jun 28, 2015 4:40 pm

No good, I shan't be buying the CD!
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jeremy paxman references `can't forget`.

Post by sebmelmoth2003 » Fri Aug 14, 2015 11:25 am

from the financial times - life and arts section, page 2 - 13/14 june, 2015.

The new Leonard Cohen album, recorded on his recent world tour, is called Can’t Forget. He’s boasting. Most octogenarians would have called it Can’t Remember. But age, and the pedantry which comes with it, can have compensations. The Idler magazine asked the other day if I would join its panel to choose a winner of this year’s award for bad grammar. They say that only old farts care about grammar. It’s enuff that people get what you want to say, innit?

Well, no, it isn’t. Of course, grammar rules change: distaste for the split infinitive is now a dead letter. But once there are no rules we shall be unable to understand each other. So, I am seeking examples of bad grammar. Do send in anything that has got your goat.

Jeremy Paxman is an FT contributing editor
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Re: New live album: Can't Forget

Post by Sandra Tenanten » Fri Aug 14, 2015 5:36 pm

James T wrote:No good, I shan't be buying the CD!
Hear, hear! Stick to your guns James T.
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Re: New live album: Can't Forget

Post by Citizen_Kane » Thu Sep 03, 2015 1:15 pm

Gentle Reader wrote:The release of the vinyl was indefinitely postponed.
Regarding the vinyl release Amazon now states: "This title will be released on December 4, 2015". ... 00TXZM6BO/
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Re: New live album: Can't Forget

Post by Gentle Reader » Thu Sep 03, 2015 8:29 pm

Thanks for the update...good news!
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Re: New live album: Can't Forget

Post by James T » Sat Sep 19, 2015 3:02 pm

Great news!
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Re: New live album: Can't Forget

Post by James T » Sat Dec 26, 2015 8:27 pm

So this didn't happen once again. Having pre-ordered twice, I'm kinda annoyed about it. Is there any word from the label or management on this?

Sure, this wouldn't be the biggest selling LC vinyl release, but there is sure market for it pressed in the right quantities.

Wouldn't surprise me if there ended up being a Record Store Day release, the great major label money grab celebrated in fine fashion by many.
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Re: New live album: Can't Forget

Post by James T » Sun May 08, 2016 3:24 am

Very frustrating that this seems to have disappeared off the radar entirely now.
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Re: New live album: Can't Forget

Post by James T » Mon Jul 17, 2017 7:11 pm

Wondering if this will ever see the light of day, would be a great item to have!
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