Anjani interview at "Puremusic"

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Anjani interview at "Puremusic"

Postby jarkko » Wed Apr 11, 2007 7:53 am
Click on Anjani's photo to read a long interview with her (plus photos shot by Lorca)
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Postby lizzytysh » Wed Apr 11, 2007 12:54 pm

Thank you for giving this interview, Anjani; and, thank you for posting it, Jarkko.

No time to write much, but it was peaceful and relaxing to just read through these exchanges, with Anjani so open and unpretentious. She opened doors in an equally soft way. It felt like being shown meanderingly through a house with a number of those windows and doors that Leonard speaks of, and the guide stops, according to your will, to look out or through the windows; and opens each door, with a single, gentle movement, not always wide open, but enough for you to look inside in and see the lovely view of the room and its window, which you know looks out onto more. Rooms you were curious about and ones you feel satisfied in seeing. The interview has the comfortable feeling of two people just talking, rather than the stilt of an interview. The interviewer here seems to be, understandably, enamoured of Anjani with the way he sometimes repeats what she says, and other times paraphrases his interpretation of it. He gives a feeling of warmth and sincere interest. It's lovely hearing Anjani share about her own life and the sweetness of the ways she got to where she is today.

Great alignment of Lorca's particular photos of Anjani with the text.

Feeling no choice but to be a bit trite, it is very much like talking with the girl next door. I remember those PBS-station guitar lessons and who'd have thought that a young girl in Hawaii would be plunking away learning those standard, guitar-lesson tunes and eventually end up at the Berklee College of Music and later in the band, arms, and tunes of Leonard Cohen... and making his breakfast. Life and its many, delightful turns. So much fun to read, this interview... the name of its website that of Anjani's contribution to the world of sound; it could be the title of the interview, as well. Pure music.

I'm wondering whether this cd, perhaps, maybe appeals more to those who are older in age, those for whom there really is a lot of noise out there [the nature of the world in general] and for whom a certain kind of critical mass has been reached and who, perhaps, value the very quietness of this album. I don't know... I'm just speculating. I know when I'm getting a massage or am in a guided meditation, I like for what I'm hearing to have continuity and peacefulness. This album is like one of them... a guided meditation through Leonard's and Anjani's words, the visions and images they create, and the relaxation they bring... a more visceral kind of massage. No sudden jarring or spikes are needed. Those are certainly needed for a more overt kind of excitement. Yet, in the subtleties there is a whole different kind of excitement. One that builds softly and slowly and can be even more powerfully spiriting in its all-encompassing impact. That's how this album is for me. It goes down deep.

Anjani interviews very well, and it's good seeing people take the time to explore what she has to say about her music. It seems that some people are intimidating to interview, but I've not read any interviews or comments about Anjani where it's seemed that she's anything other than refreshingly natural and disarming.


~ Lizzy

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