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Live in Dublin order of songs- do you like it?

Posted: Mon Jan 12, 2015 9:15 pm
by AlexandraLaughing
This is one for those of you who have been to lots of live performances in recent years and know the relative orders LC tends to use. (I know LID was partly the tour to sell Old Ideas, so had a lot of songs from that album.)

I find the first set of LID really tightly constructed, the second less so. For me, Set 1 is one half 'here I am, take it or leave it' (Dance me to the End of Love, The Future, Bird on the Wire, Everybody Knows, building to the line 'Take one last look at this sacred heart before it blows',) then Who by Fire as a kind of interlude and hinge to the next section. The second half is what I think of as the 'therapy section', from 'The Gypsy Wife' through 'The Darkness' to 'Amen', then 'Come Healing', with finally 'Lover, Lover, Lover' as the highlight of that whole half and the standout song of the album, utterly intense and completely gripping, mind-blowing, indeed, with 'Anthem' as a kind of coda. I often just play this section of 6 songs on its own.

The second half is more fun, less intense, but doesn't seem to have the same narrative quality. Or am I missing something?

Also, it's nice that Sharon Robinson gets to do a solo, but I love Alexandra Leaving so much as a duet, it seems a shame that doesn't happen. And has he ever done By Rivers Dark on tour?

Can anyone comment on the songs LC has been choosing for the 2008-2013 tours, the order of them, which ones he normally does together and which ones he switches around? And is 'Lover, Lover, Lover' always the high-point of the concert, or does it just depend on how it goes on the night?

Re: Live in Dublin order of songs- do you like it?

Posted: Fri Jan 16, 2015 2:57 pm
by songwriter
I think the "high point" of the gig is entirely subjective. For me it changes with every gig. I also find the 2nd half of the show to be much more powerful than the first. Funny how everyone has differing views!

I agree with you that it is a shame alexandra leaving is a pure solo for sharon (much as I love it). I feel the same about if it be your will. I love the webb sisters version but wish with my whole heart we could hear leonard sing that beautiful song one last time...

Re: Live in Dublin order of songs- do you like it?

Posted: Sat Jan 17, 2015 12:40 am
by AlexandraLaughing
Thanks! Well, I am still listening to my 'therapy run' from Gypsy Wife to Anthem several times a day, but I expect I will probably get tired of it eventually and turn to the stuff on the second CD (which, let's face it, is also fantastic).

'One heck of a guy' has what he considers the best video of every song that was sung on that tour, which was fun to watch. Some real gems at different points in the tour (like The Night Comes On). Another fabulous LC line:

'Here's to the few
Who forgive what you do
And the fewer who don't even care'