New album: Sleepy Golden Storm by Rags & Feathers

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New album: Sleepy Golden Storm by Rags & Feathers

Postby jarkko » Fri May 24, 2019 9:12 am


New album by rags & feathers (Norway): Sleepy Golden Storm

Press release:
Debut album from rags & feathers. Release date 25th of May 2019 (only physical copies)

The album "Sleepy Golden Storm" is the result of four years of labor. What started as a wish to collaborate with Leonard Cohen, ended with an album interpreting twelve of
Leonard Cohen's songs. All twelve songs were dissected and carefully put back together in a loving and caring way.

Each song carries the mark of rags & feathers unique musical expression. The musicians are moving in a dynamic musical landscape where new folk-inspired instrumentals are bound together with the twins seventies-inspired harmonies. Clear, bright vocals which are complimented by Oddbjørn's rusty and warm vocals. This is music where you can hear a needle drop. Rags & feathers are not afraid to bring it all down and the songs are balancing carefully from the near and fragile to the warm and steady. The album is arranged and produced in a way that considers room all the time. This is the nerve of the album. The space between each guitar stroke, the pause between words. A lot of the music comes from what you don't hear. The result is a captivating, soulful and different album. Rags & feathers wish that the music resonates with the listener. That the music goes straight to the heart and stays there.


The folk-band rags & feathers takes it's name from Leonard Cohen's song "Suzanne".
The band started in 2016 and resides on Karmøy, and island on the west coast of Norway.
The members have previously (or still play) in the bands Lady Moscow and Gadarene Wine. Rags & feathers write their own music as well, but have worked with Leonard Cohen's songs for the past years. "Sleepy Golden Storm" is the band's first album and it is being followed by a release tour.

"Sleepy Golden Storm" will only be released in a physical form.
The box-set includes a gatefold vinyl, CD and "The Journey", a book telling the story behind the album.
To Purchase the box-set, please contact to receive information about shipping and payment details.
The price of the box-set is 35 $ + shipping

Said about rags & feathers:
"So beautiful even Cohen would shed a tear" Tysvær Bygdeblad
"Magical feeling" Karmøynytt
"This band have a unique chemistry" Hnytt

Rags & feathers are:
Kjersti Tingelstad (Vocal and violin) - Rønnaug Tingelstad (Vocal and violin) - Oddbjørn Austevik (Vocal, guitar and banjo)
Guest musicians: Ingeborg Rudland Næss (Cello) - Ellen Brekken (Double bass)

Tracklisting (vinyl):

Side A
1: Famous Blue Raincoat
2: Did I ever Love You
3: Chelsea Hotel #2
4: Suzanne
5: Bird On The Wire
6: One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong

Side B:
1: Hallelujah
2: Seems So Long Ago, Nancy
3: Take This Waltz
4: Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye
5: If It Be Your Will

The attached CD inside the Vinyl also contains a bonus track: "So Long, Marianne"
Thanks to Kjersti Tingelstad for the information!
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