CONCERT REPORT: Amsterdam, Netherlands - September 20, 2013

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Re: CONCERT REPORT: Amsterdam, Netherlands - September 20, 2

Post by adriaan1411 » Sat Sep 28, 2013 6:18 pm

Tripping wrote:
adriaan1411 wrote:Last night was a memorable one. Itwas an excellent concert and emotional since the thought of this possibly being the final time to see Leonard live, never left my mind. I have posted some photo's on Facebook. I am especially proud of one photo, taken during 'First we take Manhattan." Someone threw, right on cua, a toy monkey on stage. I have captured Leonard, holding the monkey, while singing! ... ploaded=19
I love you for capturing that photograph! I got it for Leonard in Cape Town, South Africa - at a point that I was not even sure that I would attend the concert.

Thank you!
Hello Tripping,
I am glad that you are happy with it! My biggest question was "who threw the monkey"? It was you and you have great skills by doing it right on cue, and at the right spot. Thank you for making this unique photo possible!
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Re: CONCERT REPORT: Amsterdam, Netherlands - September 20, 2

Post by sturgess66 » Sun Sep 29, 2013 2:59 pm

Video uploaded by andredi19 -

Who By Fire
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Re: CONCERT REPORT: Amsterdam, Netherlands - September 20, 2

Post by sarsina » Thu Oct 03, 2013 5:15 pm

sturgess66 wrote:
Uploaded by mibct49 -

I've Got A Little Secret (crew comes onstage) / Save The Last Dance For Me

I'm so sad this one disappeared from YouTube... Was the only one where I could see myself and my neighbour whom I met there for the first time : Agnieszka from Potenza (IT). Also two fellow Belgian people, they were so nice ! So if anyone knows mibct49, it would be kind to ask if it is possible to get this 'souvenir' again. Thank you !
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Re: CONCERT REPORT: Amsterdam, Netherlands - September 20, 2

Post by Susy » Fri Oct 04, 2013 4:46 am

Hi sarsina
it's not gone from Youtube , just go to
good luck !
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Re: CONCERT REPORT: Amsterdam, Netherlands - September 20, 2

Post by sharon.e » Sun Nov 03, 2013 1:02 am

I had long planned to write a review here, marvel about the magic of that unforgettable night of farewell, and the joy of meeting so many friends.
But, life got in the way, I had to extend my trip for personal reasons and returned to complete frenzy at work, so here we are, some 6 weeks after Amsterdam that I finally have a moment to sit down and think clearly:

Reports in previous pages said it all so nicely, so did photos and YouTube uploads, so I’d like to write a recap of another of that night – the T’s Project – many people are to be properly thanked:

It started as an email brainstorming and became a race against the clock of Les Deux Blondes.
That’s the nick name I gave Christelle and I on one of our many late night coordination calls ;-)

We made T’s to everyone at UHTC, that means all members of band ,crew and management. Every single one of them. And our dedicated mods, of course.
Keeping it all a secret meant pulling out all of our detective capabilities in tracking down as many Forum concert goers as possible, contacting them, listing sizes and collecting funds, as well as making sure we have a complete list of UHTC members and pray to the lord we guesstimated their T sizes correctly.
Finding a trusted printing house that will provide a quality job in reasonable price in unreasonable timing wasn’t trivial.
Thank the lord once again for Israelis formerly living in Amsterdam, it took 2 phone calls to spread the word and I got a recommendation from a friend of a friend of a friend, who has previously used this provider and was satisfied .
And you bet that when 2 ladies are taking care of an apparel project we made sure this place carries separate male and female cuts. No unisex for us!
Then it was placing the order and hoping boxes get in time to Christelle’s hotel, thankfully located close to the Ziggo Dome.
Phew was an understatement when they did..
Christelle did an amazing job labeling all t’s and we added a card with all of the project participant’s names.

Credit due department:
‘Closing Time – No No No’ caption idea was Wendy’s (Mabeanie1)
Design by my talented friend Oren Shavit who volunteered to design it for free (yes, he got a T!)
Thanks Beatriz for help in chasing people and Maarten for great help with delivery logistics.
Thanks to Albert, Marie and MaryB for helping in carrying and mailing the T’s to mods in Europe and the U.S.

Grand thanks goes to Marilyn Ambach, former UHTC Production Assistant who was in Amsterdam, for not only helping in getting the T’s backstage unnoticed, but also for so beautifully arraying them on the table at the dining room just in time for dinner to look like this for UHTC:
We were happy to read on Leif’s blog that it was liked by everyone at UHTC and see this evidence by the Webb Sisters:
Those who took group photos of us with the T's - it would be awesome if you post them :idea:

For those who were not in Amsterdam and wish to produce themselves a T:
Happy to send you the files (Oren designed for print on black or white T) – please PM me your email address with subject line: Closing Time T logos.

At the beginning of the concert, LC said “Friends, this is the last concert in Europe, I don't think we'll be back.... for a while”
This bares a hidden hope for many. If we’re fortunate for it to happen, I’ll see you on the next tour. If not, we’ve been immensely fortunate for the past five years and I take this opportunity to thank Jarkko and the mods for the labor of love done here. I made so many new friends from all over the world, I look forward to seeing you down the road and to keeping in touch over these pages.

Roll on glorious World Tour ending in Oz and NZ. I’ll be following it avidly online.
Hugs from Tel Aviv,
2009 Tel Aviv; San Jose
2010 Sligo [x2] ; Las Vegas [x2]
2012 Berlin; Paris; New York, Brooklyn
2013 London (Sept); Amsterdam
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Re: CONCERT REPORT: Amsterdam, Netherlands - September 20, 2

Post by joyezekiel » Mon Nov 04, 2013 2:48 am

Sharon and Christelle,

It was an amazing and magnificent evening, made even more so by the wonderful meetup and t-shirt project organized by you both. I know that everyone there that night was proud to wear the beautifully decorated (and perfectly sized!) apparel. Thank you so much for everything you did, and for everyone else who took part in the project. I plan to wear my t-shirt to the final Old Ideas Tour concert in Auckland next month and I will think of you both!

1976 Leicester 2008 London O2/Cardiff 2009 NYC/Austin/Weybridge/Nashville 2010 Ghent x 2/Las Vegas x 2 2012 Ghent x 2/Austin/Montreal/Quebec City/Boston x 2 2013 Memphis/New Orleans/Winnipeg/Birmingham/London O2/Amsterdam/Auckland
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