1993 tours in Europe and North America

Recollections from Leonard Cohen's pre-2008 tours, YouTube clips
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1993 tours in Europe and North America

Post by jim devlin » Sun Apr 26, 2020 10:00 pm

I'm working on a project on Leonard's tours in 1993: Europe April 25 to May 30; then North America June 5 to July 30. I have traced most of the concert songlists performed, but am still missing a few ... just wondering if there's folks reading this who may have attended the 'missing' ones listed below, and could maybe help me with what songs Leonard sang ... any help will be gratefully received and acknowledged in my piece in its final form - my current thinking is an A5 booklet, with dates & musicians & venues including pictures & press reports etc.
List 1: Europe 1993 - the 'missing' ones
BOLOGNA, Italy, MAY 18
(also: HOLSTEBRO, April 25: the opening tour concert - I have songs 1-15; but: were there any more??!!)
(also: GOTHENBURG, May 2: I have the radio broadcast of just 9 songs ... but:(same question!): any more??)

List 2: North America 1993 - the 'missing' ones
REGINA, Centre of the Arts, June 25
CALGARY, Jack Singer Hall, June 26
EDMONTON, Jubilee Hall,June 27
VANCOUVER, Orpheum, June 30
LOS ANGELES, Wiltern, July 6
SAN DIEGO, Humphries by the Bay,JUly 8
SANTA FE, Paolo Solari, July 9
AUSTIN, The Back Yard, Jul 11 [the one before the TV performance on July 12]
WINNIPEG, Walker Theatre, July 24
VANCOUVER, Orpheum, July 29

(also: LOS ANGELES, July 5 - I only have 15 songs for sure ... there must be more!)

Just a note in passing: I see that neither 'Famous Blue Raincoat' nor 'Hey, That's No Way ...' nor 'The Partisan' were performed on these two tours.

Thanks in advance for any help on this.
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