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Thank You, Geoff Gompers!!!

Posted: Thu Aug 19, 2004 5:23 am
by lizzytysh
Dear Geoff :D ~

I've been wanting to Thank You, Geoff ~ here ~ but have been so busy that trying to formulate it has just kept getting pushed back. That fact, however, serves as a great segue for my thanking you!

Leading up to the Event, I assisted in several ways that directly involved you. I was working a full-time job, and fitting in the Internet research, the phone calls, and the e-mails wasn't always easy. However, during that same time frame ~ and for however many months/years prior ~ you were keeping an active law practice going; raising a family; and being a husband! All that at the same time that you were calling, meeting, arranging, coordinating, contacting, e-mailing, inspecting, and driving [yourself living a goodly distance from NYC!] in relationship to all of the details of the Event. I was continually amazed how, when my proceeding was requisite on first hearing back from you, you were always there ~ and promptly ~ with the information or the response I needed to go forward. In addition, you were always encouraging, and grateful, and expressed both, freely.

At the Event itself, you had the carefree, fun-loving spirit of youth ~ like a kid just having a great time :D 8) . Regardless of how tight timeframes may have been, or whether a glitch occurred, you maintained your same, positive, can-do/will-do spirit and attitude. Having worked on various committees, and I know you know this to be true, the leader sets the tone, and its success is directly affected ~ and I've never enjoyed one more than I did this one for this Event. I intend for that particular comment to blanket the rest of the Committee, as well. You were selfless and willing to pitch in at any juncture, whether it was needed or not. Your priority was clearly the Event's success. Even though our participation was voluntary, you made for the kind of boss I've always admired most, the one who doesn't ask you to do anything he's not willing to do himself ~ and cheerfully!

Now that I'm home, I'm trying to tie up some Event details; as few as they may be, they still take time and some degree of coordination. I'm having to work my full-time job, am behind on e-mails and PMs, and at this point, simply getting from one end of the hall to the other is a project in itself :lol: ; yet simply getting these few things accomplished continue to bring you to mind. I think how absolutely minimal they are in contrast to all that you have done, and did over the course of two[?] years, and I'm in awe!!!

You deserve kudos from one end of Manhattan to the other, Geoff! You took on this project and gave it your heart :D . You treated everyone like a friend, and still conducted business like the responsible person and professional you are 8) . You remained pleasant and enthusiastic throughout it all ~ consistent to the very end 8) . The Event was a splendid success, thanks to your commitment and all of your hard work. That comment is not meant to exclude the remainder of the Committee :wink: . However, a building is no more stable than its cornerstone. Thank you for being so solid.

It was a privilege and a pleasure to work with you, Geoff. Thanks to your family for sharing your time and energy with all of us during the planning, implementation, and unfolding of this great New York Event 8) . Thank you for everything, Geoff :D !!!

Elizabeth :D

I failed to mention the up-front [pending reimbursement], financial backing that was essential for any of our wonderful times to have occurred; when I have all I can do to pay my personal bills ~ and know that everyone else still has to do that, too! Putting your money out there for something to happen is an act of faith and true caring! Thank you for that, as well, Geoff 8) !

Posted: Thu Aug 19, 2004 5:45 am
by smccallon