Corrected link for John Bergeron

The New York Event - before and after!
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Corrected link for John Bergeron

Postby Bobbie » Fri Jul 23, 2004 4:18 pm

Sorry about the incorrect one in my previous post.

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About the Tribute to Ray Charles.....

Postby John » Fri Jul 23, 2004 4:57 pm

I was so overwhelmed with the weekend. I wanted to meet & talk with everyone. I'm not sure if I've ever felt that way about a gathering before. It went too quickly. When we were at the poetry reading I wanted to perform a tribute to Ray Charles because it had been on my mind. I had performed earlier but thought I'd come back to it. When Natalie thanked us all after Suzanne's closing set I knew my window of opportunity had slipped by but it wasn't long before I knew I could record this when I got home and back in my studio. Although the emotion in this piece is focused toward Ray & what he meant to us all it comes from the emotion of the weekend & all who gathered there. Maybe that's why it is so chatty. Maybe I just have a lot to say about both subjects. As you can see (and hear), I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

"My two favorite and best teachers were Ray Charles & Bill Evans. I can't explain what they gave to me. Here's my tribute to Mr. Charles. Please pass this song on to all. Thank you, Ray. Rock on in Heaven... jb"
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Postby lizzytysh » Fri Jul 23, 2004 8:58 pm

Hi John ~

I haven't been to the link yet, but will be going. In circa 1972, I listened a lot to my "Everybody Digs Bill Evans" album :D .

I have been listening every day at work, with headphones, to both of your CDs. Beautiful ~ truly beautiful! I've been singing along to them ~ and thinking I was doing it quietly. My supervisor came to me a couple weeks ago with a great big smile, and motioned with her hand parallel to, and pushing toward, the floor to 'lower' my voice. I took off the headphones and she said, "You're serenading the office :lol: ." I immediately thought of the Julia Roberts bathtub scene in "Pretty Woman" and said, "Oh no :shock: ! Am I off-key, too :? ?" She laughed and said, "No. Actually, you're pretty good. It's just that Carla has a customer :lol: ."

So, I breathed a sigh of relief, on one hand, and 'lowered' it ~ then, this week, Carla came to me and did the same thing. Geesh! For some reason, when I listen to either of your CDs, I can't help but start singing along with them.

It's interesting because I've also been playing Suzanne Holland's CD of Leonard's songs, and don't sing along; just intently listen, and enjoy it just as much! I wonder does it have to do with the chording, the key, the finger style, what!?!

The bottom line, John, is thank you sooooooo much :D for your gifts! You've recorded them remarkably beautifully 8) ~ and I've considered using yours and Suzanne's for lending to anyone who might be remotely tempted to call Leonard's music 'depressing.' His music lends itself so well ~ as classics do ~ to many varieties of rendering.

~ Elizabeth

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