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Re: Tickets

Post by ritibi » Fri Mar 30, 2012 9:44 pm

Probably tickets have included the names of the buyer (or fan ID),
so it would not so easy to cheat/abuse).
Now I see the problem too and it will grow up.
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Re: Tickets

Post by musicmania » Fri Mar 30, 2012 10:15 pm

FOXWOOD wrote: Ticketmaster showed on their site that there would be a fan pre- sale at 9am on Thurs for Dublin.if you were then to search on google for "Leonard Cohen pre-sale" then the links would come up for anyone to see.
If the pre-sale links are to appear on the forum they could be in an area that you have to log into to see (like the politics section).
If the link wasn't under the title of "pre-sale" then it would be harder to search for in in google.The post could be called "Dublin attractions" again to stop google searches.
There could be a cascade of the pre- sale links from member to member via PMs before the links appear on the forum.
My last suggestion is that he contacts me directly and cuts out the middle man .(I will forward my email to him for any UK pre sales) .
There must be some way to get pre sale tickets to the real fans.
I have just put your theory to the test and logged out of the forum and then searched Google for "Leonard Cohen presale" and low and behold it led me to the forum and links that all could see.
Not only do I hate the real fans being put at a disadvantage I hate the fact that those who already do us a huge favour i.e Jarkko, Maarten and Rob and of course others are now going to have to work even harder to try and make sure it doesn't happen again.
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Paul Zagreb
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Re: Tickets

Post by Paul Zagreb » Fri Mar 30, 2012 10:46 pm

Thanks Rob for this. I remember for the Beacon theater concert we were sent emails with the link. Not sure how feasible that is technically - whether jarkko can write just one email and send to all members. Otherwise, I think that temporarily stopping new members might help ... but the links were viewable even without logging in. The re-selling of tickets bought in pre-sales at a huge profit is just awful. But I am sure I speak for everyone here when I say that the efforts of Jarkko and the others involved here has been amazing and we have been very lucky to have been able to have the chance, ticketmaster ireland and uk notwithstanding , to purchase the best seats! Thank you!!!! Paul
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Re: Tickets

Post by annmarie » Fri Mar 30, 2012 11:02 pm

Thanks Rob and Jarkko. I think REAL fans share your frustrations :(
I didn't realise one could access the presale via Google..................doesn't that defeat the whole purpose?? Then there are the hoards of new "members" as soon as a tour is announced :roll: :roll:
I wonder if a generic email to forum members, giving presale password would solve it :?: :?: Just a thought!!
John Etherington
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Re: Tickets

Post by John Etherington » Sat Mar 31, 2012 12:43 am

Thanks Rob for starting this thread. Just had a thought...maybe one of the conditions of presale tickets could be that the purchaser has their name printed boldly on the tickets. That might make it easier to track any offenders. However, it doesn't help that the agencies themselves are guilty of many dubious practices regarding ticket selling, and unfortunately, touting in general is now widely accepted. Certainly it doesn't help to blab unnecessarily about ticket sales on Facebook or anywhere else. I got annoyed with a friend the other day for shouting about the Leonard tour on another artist's site where it needn't have been mentioned. You can bet that serious touts are scouring the message boards for info, and will pick up on any lead they are given. Clearly, cleverer and cleverer tactics are going to be needed to get the tickets to the right people. One that I have mentioned previously on here was that of Radiohead who apparently managed to organise a system at big concerts where ticket holders had to produce the credit card they had used to buy the ticket. It would be good if this could be instigated, even if a small handling fee were added.
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Re: Tickets

Post by FatherDougal » Sat Mar 31, 2012 12:56 am

Firstly can I add my thanks to Rob , Jarkko & colleagues for making it possible for some of us fans to
obtain a ticket for the upcoming Dublin concerts.
2. I don't understand how some folk could've ordered extra cds etc as there were 4 different boxes to choose
from - each clearly labelled.
3. Does it really matter where one is seated - isn't it just brilliant to be in Leonard's & that of his
ab fab band's presence?
4. Re touts - hard to beat , but can be done - release extra seats & announce an extra date.
They can still buy seats in general sale & flog at exorbitant prices - there's often a willing buyer, out there.
There is a site in Ireland where one can buy seats at face value (
5. There'll always be so-called do-gooders who give out links!
6. Perhaps this forum will have to introduce a fee link for those who wish to access the presale
- but that won't stop the touts!

Father D
Well, Ted, as I said last time, it won't happen again.
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Re: Tickets

Post by Nefelly » Sat Mar 31, 2012 1:14 am

I too would wish to thank Jarrko and Rob for all their immense work and effort over presales.

You only have to view websites of Viagogo and Seatwave to understand how many excellent front block seats have been on their books from the word go. And you only needed to have watched the Channel 4 UK tv documentary a few weeks back (the Great Ticket Scandal) to understand the despicable methods which are used to buy tickets. 0ne clever scam is to supply their ticket clerks with multiple credit cards in their own names, they infiltrate fan clubs too as well as major ticket agencies and other sources and when major tours are announced, they all buy and buy top seats. The tickets are then apparently logged onto their website as being on offer from "sellers" with high prices. It is apparently all legal.

0ne pair of tickets earlier today for Verona was just under £800 . For each of the front blocks at Verona they still had 62 good seats per block available earlier today at higher than face value.

Radio 2's Electric Proms had the tightest rules for tickets I have ever come across and unless you could prove you were the original purchaser, you would not gain entry. Too complex for major commercial concerts but there has to be some safer method than at present.

Local promoters or venues should not be allowed to release details of concert or as they did with Verona to alter the presale date.

Even to put ceiling on number of tickets per application as Neil Diamond did last year in the UK. Two tickets per person. Also they had a dedicated telephone order hotline at the venues and sometimes a designated person at TicketMaster to resolve all queries . Passwords were not specified online but by old fashioned letter. Again maybe unsuitable for LC 's worldwide spread.

I hope we have a more foolproof method by the time any concerts are anounced for the UK !!
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Re: Tickets

Post by KaimiK » Sat Mar 31, 2012 1:22 am

I'll add my thanks to Jarkko, Rob and all those who have truly gone out of their way to extend kindness and privileges to this forum community. (Jarkko -are you tired of me thanking you yet?! ;-) )

I was able to attend 5 concerts on the last tour in the U.S., but every experience buying tickets was stressful and frustrating! Even participating in the presales a millisecond after they started, I could never beat the scalpers who obviously know how to beat the system. I actually got much better seats to every concert by buying additional tickets weeks after the sales had begun - but this took checking for tickets ten times a day for weeks on end. And then of course the need to resell multiple tickets (at face value of course.) Not ideal.

Though I don't have the expertise to know how to prevent this from happening, I would certainly support any measures that keep these presales available to true fans. A private message to active forum members only? The link and password visible only in a "members-only" area? I think the four-year litmus test might be a bit harsh, but perhaps a cutoff date that pre-dates the latest tour announcement? The idea of having to answer a questions panics me a bit, as my nerves really get the best of me, shaking hands and all - I'm not sure my mind would function that quickly!

Sadly, not every person on the forum has the integrity to do the right thing, so I guess it comes down to changing the system to take into account the lowest common denominator...

Best of luck to all the real fans out there...
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Re: Tickets

Post by B4real » Sat Mar 31, 2012 1:29 am

I completely agree with Rob H and all my fellow TRUE LC fans. I think it is absolutely disgusting that we are preyed upon in this way!

I know that no one wants this situation to occur again so let's find a permanent way to stop it happening any further. As has been suggested maybe a PM or an email might be the only way to stop it but I fear it logistically may not feasible. A question about Leonard that only fans would know I think could be easily found out on line unless it was something relating only to our interaction with Leonard. I have been so grateful for all the work Jarkko and everyone else involved has done in bringing us this wonderful opportunity to obtain great seats. I want this to continue so please everyone let's think of a fail-safe way to exclude these vultures!!

As we say in Australia "It's just not cricket!" and "I'm mad as a cut snake!". :evil:
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Re: Tickets

Post by lizzytysh » Sat Mar 31, 2012 3:50 am

Now, that's a graphic, Aussie saying... with which I can relate in this situation.

Thank you, Rob, for all you've done and continue to do 8) . It's egregious that, once again, this is happening.
Jarkko's blurb about you gives folks at least an idea of how involved and invested in this situation you are... and not just a casual observer. It's clear that your genuine efforts to be kind and caring are being stomped on.
Thank you, of course, to you, too, Jarkko and Marie for everything.

I've appreciated new fans coming to the Forum, as a number of them have become very participatory and involved in meet-ups, etc. The idea of "I have to agree with Wendy that I think a good idea is to block new members joining as soon as a tour is announced" is one I feel I can align with, though; simply because the 'discovery' factor of the Forum is rather ironically timed when it aligns with the announcement of a tour. So, in that some longtime members have had to wait for public sales to get THEIR tickets, it would not be the worst thing to ever happen to someone trying to join the Forum when a tour has been announced. At this point, it would have to come down to new dates, and the touters who have already joined are already in place... unless you care to unjoin them. It seems pretty labour intensive to PM active folks, though... who's got time to take on that task. Perhaps, Jarkko might initiate a new email address and those who HAVE been here and been active can email their request to him with their Forum name. It wouldn't take much to find when they joined and the number of their posts. I know it's not all about high numbers of postings; yet, this must be sorted in some fashion. So, where do you start? I REALLY like the idea of names on tickets and showing photo ID... or producing the credit card with which the ticket was purchased [potentially problematical in a situation like mine, where Ann in Germany bought one for me and will not be at the particular concert; even though I'm reimbursing her and she's mailing me the ticket, how would I prove what I need to prove]. Dilemma.

~ Lizzy
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Re: Tickets

Post by mutti » Sat Mar 31, 2012 5:10 am

Thank you Rob for coming on the forum! It sure does sound like its gotten way out of hand and much more than in the past. Sad...
I have no solution but if we all could help come up with one it would be great. I have thanked Jarkko so many times for all
he does for us on the forum and to Marie Mazur and I will do it again right now...Thank you so much...and to all the moderators!
over and over and over again.
anything we can do let us know...
Leslie 8)
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Re: Tickets

Post by TipperaryAnn » Sat Mar 31, 2012 5:19 am

Grainnemhaoil wrote:
The problem is that the "hidden" ticket link is not hidden, it is posted on this online forum where the general public can view it
Agreed - there is nothing hidden or secret about it at present. Surely we should at least have to log in to see it?

Great suggestion, Foxwood - put it in with Politics (visible only when logged in) The ticket touts are unlikely to be interested in abstruse political discussion and might not find it there!
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Re: Tickets

Post by bridger15 » Sat Mar 31, 2012 6:24 am

First, I would also like to thank Rob and Jarkko and all the hard working mods for all their efforts on our behalf. I am deeply grateful.

As a blogger, I felt uncomfortable posting the concert info with which bloggers were provided.
I felt uneasy when referring to the Leonard Cohen Forum, the Leonard Cohen Files and even mentioning Jarkko because that would direct more "strangers" to be able to see the existence of and info for the pre-sales.

When I posted the ticket sale listing, I was careful to post only the Public Sale dates.

So, from a general marketing aspect, we bloggers are damned if we do get the info out there and damned if we don't help spread the great news.

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Re: Tickets

Post by joyezekiel » Sat Mar 31, 2012 7:04 am

bridger15 wrote: So, from a general marketing aspect, we bloggers are damned if we do get the info out there and damned if we don't help spread the great news.


It's difficult, isn't it? If I'm totally honest, I feel a tad irritated by the way this whole tour has been announced. Fortunately for us, we will be in Europe in August and so we are able to attend the first two concerts. Most of us have all sorts of commitments in our lives, whether it be work, family, money..... and when the first concerts are announced we all jump to get in where we can. And then more concerts are announced which might have suited us better, been more economical, etc. etc. But then how can I complain when I'm going to see Leonard in concert once again? There is just that little bit of me, however, that feels manipulated.....

Rant over.

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Re: Tickets

Post by lizzytysh » Sat Mar 31, 2012 7:30 am

Hi Joy ~

Of course, everyone's entitled to their own feelings.. Still, when I saw the words "tad irritated" and "manipulated," my eyes got wide. My feelings are that planning and arranging a tour is just so complex and they would be remiss to announce it before they had a fare number of venues confirmed. Hints have been abundant that there might be one... and those hints I feel have been made with the express purpose of being considerate by putting people on notice that they might want to keep their plans open and maybe even other priorities unconfirmed... and then it was confirmed that there would be one... and then some venues and dates were given... and then the pre-sale dates were announced... and then the pre-sales took place. And then as other venues are confirmed, those dates get announced; and some other concerts even get added. It seems that this is pretty much the normal order of such things. The ticket sales are taking place a good deal in advance of the concerts. People may have already made some conflicting plans; yet, so have some venues, which means choosing another one, which may or may not have others already booked. Then, there are the logistics of it all... how to do it all without criss-crossing a continent 30 times [don't hold me to that number ;-) ... just had to come up with something to try to illustrate what I want to say]. This situation is one of those where I really feel the truth of the adage "Walk a mile in my shoes."

Contra-rant over ;-)

~ Lizzy xox
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