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Rufus Wainwright in Verona (Italy)

Posted: Fri Mar 04, 2016 7:07 pm
by andrea
Dear friends,

I luckily discovered that Rufus is coming to Verona and giving a concert in the beautiful Venue of Teatro Romano, on 2nd june 2016.,_Verona ... 2571718798

It is the place where Shakespeare´s theatre is at home....

So I am looking forward to listen to some pieces from :Take All My Loves – Shakespeare Sonnets

There are still good seats and it is just a perfect place for a good concert.

If Rufus is reading this post : one wish of a (old) forum member....pleae do sing your beautiful Hallelujah version that night, it would be just such a special gift on top of your concert :-) .
Arrivederci a Verona