"Eye of the camp" line in "Amen"?

Leonard Cohen's previous album (January 2012)
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Re: "Eye of the camp" line in "Amen"?

Post by lindyasimus » Wed Sep 25, 2019 3:14 am

I think this song deserves to be 'discovered' and become a classic.

This idea was of interest to me and could give us the nut of the meaning in question, from here a lot more may unfold, but it is unlikely that guesses which don't have access to the vast cultural study that Leonard undertook, will be likely to yield much that is a fit for what the man himself had in mind.

"After 60 years of publishing and recording, seventysomething Leonard Cohen has something else to say; and, lo and behold, the "Camp"—the Bergen-Belsen of the remembered newsreels of his childhood—comes up. He also gets the "Eye"—Jerusalem's Eye of the Needle—in there, a Jewish metaphor from the Talmud and the New Testament. Add in the "butcher" and the "lamb," which appeared on his 1968 second album, Songs from a Room (where we also heard about ritual sacrifice in "Story of Isaac"), and he manages to get a lot of morbidness out of the era of the internet and reality TV. But does the man have an edit button?"

http://www.jewishideasdaily.com/1086/fe ... w-leonard/
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