July 1st Update

The Madison Event - before and after
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July 1st Update

Postby Joe Way » Mon Jul 02, 2012 1:25 am

Dear friends,

The Event now is only one month away and we have a few questions for our participants regarding the post-event tours and the possibility of buying separately a tee shirt for the event.

First, I have some disappointing news. Ali Hughes has been forced to cancel as she did not get the grants that she was counting on to subsidize her trip. Sylvie Simmons has graciously agreed to be our Saturday night headliner and we are still working on supplementing activities that night.

On Monday, August 6th, we are planning on a tour to Frank Lloyd Wright's home in Spring Green-Taliesin. So far 20 people have indicated that they will participate. I will need to confirm our numbers by the end of this week. Once I tell them a number, that is what I will pay for. The most likely Coach from Madison seats 27 people, a larger one is available if need be, but it seems that this would work. It is $450 and we will divide it equally among our number. The tour itself is about $50 and there are several options. Last summer, Anne, Vern Silver and I took the "Highlights" tour which was a very nice tour that included the Hillside School (Wright's studio and auditorium) and his residence. That tour is limited to 21 people. If we have more than 21 there are other options, so don't fret if we get above that number. We could have lunch together at the Frank Lloyd Wright Visitor Center, but we need to order in advance and it is $16.50/person. I could arrange to stop at a different restaurant or I could arrange for deli bag lunches to take with us and eat at Tower Hill State Park which is quite near Taliesin. Please give me some feedback about what you prefer.

On Tuesday, August 7th, it appears that there is a small group who wish to go to Ten Chimneys-the summer estate of the famed Broadway actors, Alfred Lunt & Lynn Fontaine. I have not taken this tour but all reports have been very favorable. Many famous international theater people such as Noel Coward, Katherine Hepburn, Spencer Tracy, etc. visited the Lunt's at this estate with much memorabilia left behind. Since it appears that it will be a very small group, Anne & I are trying to arrange going there by car. We will each drive and Emily, though she has to work has offered her car for one of our group to drive. If my memory is correct, the Straub's and the Kurzweil's who plan on this tour have a car. First question is who is interested, 2nd question is who is bringing a car and willing to drive.

Both tours will arrive back in Madison by late afternoon.

My third issue is a proposed tee shirt for the event. I don't have enough money left to purchase it out of event funds, but for those who wish to have one, I'm arranging for a black tee shirt with the logo of the event on the front designed by Ania and on the back in white lettering would be a list of all previous events:

1998 Lincoln
2000 Montreal
2002 Hydra
2004 New York
2006 Berlin
2008 Edmonton
2010 Krakow
2012 Madison

The cost would be $10. You could pay me at the event. If you are interested, please send me your size based on the U.S. size scale of small, medium, large, extra large, extra extra large. I take a large, Anne takes a medium for the Europeans who have different sizing. In writing this, it takes me back to Hydra in 2002 where my first encounter was with Dolores who so sadly just passed on. I told her that I needed a large and she shook her head and said that I needed, at least an XXL.

The performers are all extremely excited. Anne & I saw Louka performing last Monday and he told me that they have had some wonderful rehearsals learning Cohen songs and asked if they can play longer than contracted. Anne & I are so looking forward to seeing all of you. Please take care and have safe travel. As always, please email me at jbway9333@gmail.com with any questions, comments etc. We will see some of you in Chicago and that will be a great time as well.

All good things,

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Re: July 1st Update

Postby lizzytysh » Mon Jul 02, 2012 5:04 am

LOVE the t-shirt design idea.
Willing to pay the $10 for sure!
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