Madison 2012 Event Situation

The Madison Event - before and after
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Madison 2012 Event Situation

Postby Joe Way » Sun Dec 04, 2011 4:00 am

As of today, Dec. 3rd (in the U.S.), we have only about 50 people registered with another 15 to 20 who have indicated that they will soon be registering. These numbers are dangerously low and very different from previous events. In the past we have had anywhere from 150 to 170 by this time. I have not yet spent any money so I would be able to refund people's full registration (with the exception of some small Paypal fees). We have determined that we will need to have a minimum of 125 people registered by Dec. 31st or we will need to cancel the event. We have emailed many of the previous participants which has led to a small increase in the number, but it is apparent that without a significant number of new comers we will not be able to proceed.

We have, of course, speculated on the reasons for this low turnout-one of which is the possibility of a tour. Jarkko has been in touch with Robert Kory and Leonard has truly not yet made up his mind. We will not know about any possible tours prior to our deadline. We will need to proceed one way or another without Leonard's decision. Like all of you, I hope Leonard tours again. Please register now if you think you have a good chance of attending. If we do cancel, I will refund the registration (again with the exception of the Paypal fees).

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