The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Sat Jan 25, 2014 2:14 am

He's just something else, in my opinion anyway. #humble #truth #music #writting #leonardcohen
Either way, I shouldn't listen to Leonard Cohen first. Oh hey here is that one with the lady in flames on the back cover.
tonight i'll be looking into muddy waters while another human being is looking into leonard cohen. and we will probably think of each other.
The soundtrack on the Korean show I am watching just segued from the Inspector Gadget theme to Leonard Cohen's I'm Your Man. Very odd.
Once that Leonard Cohen goes on you know it's going to be a sad bastard party!!
Dustin Hoffman IS going to eventually star in a Leonard Cohen biopic, right?
And here's a convergence of two of my best-beloveds:
@alyankovic If you ever get bored, I would love to hear you do Leonard Cohen's song as "Idiocracy is coming to the U.S.A."
I feel like Leonard Cohen dug at his soul with a grapefruit spoon to write the lyrics to "Hallelujah".
Leonard Cohen, man, Fuuuuuck.
The album Songs from a Room by Leonard Cohen reminds me of when my father came into my bedroom at 3 in the morning and said "My mom died."
Maybe Justin Bieber should start hanging out with Leonard Cohen and Gordon Lightfoot.
Tower of Song de Leonard Cohen es toda la catarsis que necesito en la puta vida.
Tower of Song by Leonard Cohen is all the catharsis I need in this fucking life.
Least Shitty Leonard Cohen Cover #RejectedGrammyCategories
Worst Cover of a Leonard Cohen song. (Previous winners. hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah) #RejectedGrammyCategories @midnight
--Now I've heard there was a secret chord
That David played, and it pleased the Lord
But you don't really care for music
Do ya?


--Leonard Cohen wrote that about someone who likes dubstep :D

--mind boggling!
A cardamom bun, a flat white, @guardian & Leonard Cohen on the stereo. Not a bad start to the day. @PetersYardCafe
I am waiting for a bus outside Leonard Cohen Solicitors. Nearby pizza place is piping Hallelujah onto the street. I am not making this up.
--Son 3 says Leonard Cohen sounds like a whale and now he's up for adoption.

--Leonard Cohen, or the son?
If there is a sexier song in the whole world than Leonard Cohen singing Hallelujah, you had better tell me what it is.
Leonard Cohen likes blondes(?)
Best cover of a cover of a cover of a cover of a cover of some Leonard Cohen song or maybe Dolly Parton @midnight #RejectedGrammyCategories
--WHOA. You give us Bieber and ban our Ovaltine? BACK THE FUCK UP, CANADA. ... sh-3056316

--If you give the world Neil Young, Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell, Arcade Fire etc I think you're allowed to ban Ovaltine
This morning's music: Punk Rock Girl, Dead Milkmen; I'm your Man, Leonard Cohen. (M: "Because you're morbid in the mornings.")
If everybody knows something then Leonard Cohen would have mentioned it.
Bit of Leonard Cohen on. Cos you can fight depression or just go with it.
Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits and Nick Cave make the perfect sexy music for depressed drunks.
Ahh, KCRW playing Leonard Cohen's live Tower of Song. "I don't want anyone to get alarmed but this thing goes by itself!" #GoldenVoice
Also poutine, Leonard Cohen, & @HughAcheson RT @BrianForDummies: So Canada has given us Bieber and the polar vortex. Not impressed so far.
Leonard Cohen is something else
Listening to the song reading the lyrics just brings me to tears you know we can change we can be our better angels #BirdOnTheWire
Leonard Cohen: the perfect accompaniment to a cold windy day in #Reykjavik
Broken hearted humble people should sing #hallelujah even when it hurts. - ... lujah.html
I think Leonard Cohen may be Keaton Henson's dad.
I'm hate-reading Alan Light's The Holy or the Broken: Leonard Cohen, Jeff Buckley, and the Unlikely Ascent of "Hallelujah" for @NoiseyMusic
I could listen to Leonard Cohen for hours
Estoy más aburrido que un concierto de Sigur Rós, The National como teloneros, covereando a Leonard Cohen interpretados por Lana del Rey.
I'm more bored than a Sigur Ros concert, with The National as opening act, covering Leonard Cohen as interpreted by Lana del Rey.
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Tue Jan 28, 2014 8:51 am

Googelt niemals Nachts um eins Leonard Cohen!
Bisher habe ich 3 Bücher und eine CD bestellt, aber die Nacht ist ja noch jung.
Never Google one Leonard Cohen at night!
So far I have ordered 3 books and a CD, but the night is still young.

Bin jetzt an der Stelle, wo Leonard Cohen ein Zen-Buddihst wird.
Mich überkommt das ungute Gefühl, dass er gar kein Mensch ist.
I am now at the point where Leonard Cohen is a Zen Buddihst.
I am overcome by the uneasy feeling that he is not human.
I'm as lost as Leonard Cohen without his color girls
Leonard Cohen was wrong. It's not coming.
Dad and I just listened to Leonard Cohen songs being covered by various people for like an hour
thought i found leonard cohen's one happy song, but it's about the holocaust, classic leonard, :')
the poem is a mess but I love Leonard Cohen's title "The Party Was Over Then Too." I want to title everything that.
I am friggin obsessed with Leonard Cohen right now
John Fugelsang ‏@JohnFugelsang · Jan 26
Michael Jackson, not alive, got his Lifetime Grammy on live TV. Leonard Cohen, alive, got his Lifetime Grammy off the air.
Listening to Leonard Cohen is like the sandman is bashing my head in with a brick.
--Whose greatest hits is the greatest??? Queen? Eagles? I might vote Stevie Wonder Greatest Hits Volume 2

--Leonard Cohen's might be my favourite, and gets bonus points for not having any actual hits in it.
#Boogiestreet is groovey as fuck! Love the mellow beginning bit then the beat kicks in! Beaut :) #LeonardCohen
Hola, voy a decidir ignorar a todos y driblear entre Dylan y Leonard Cohen todo el día
Hello, I'm going to decide to ignore everybody and dribble between Dylan and Leonard Cohen all day.
Some days all you want to do is listen to Leonard Cohen songs and stare out the window, you know?
'Listened to Leonard Cohen, smoked a bit and generally misbehaved' Brilliant images of teenagers from 1950s onwards: ... n-pictures
acabo de ver pasar a Pablo sin su camiseta de #LeonardCohen y no lo he reconocido #MadridFusión2014
I just saw Pablo go by without his Leonard Cohen t shirt and I didn't recognize him. #MadridFusion2014
How can I look like Leonard Cohen did at 45 right now?
I have never stayed up this late just to learn a song.suzanne by leonard cohen.the timing is quite weird.and its hard to sing and play.
bought my favourite leonard cohen album on vinyl.. im probably the happiest fucking person on the planet right now :)
Today in memory of the #Holocaust:
#LeonardCohen #Halleluja
Why have I not been listening to Leonard Cohen my whole life? #musicaldiscoveries
When I'm down I listen to Radiohead and when I'm really down,
Leonard Cohen
--7-Eleven is taking over Manhattan, with 37 new stores in three years

--Berlin next, or was Leonard Cohen wrong?
Leonard Cohen's "Lover, Lover, Lover". Speaks volumes to me. Especially at this time of year.
On #Holocaust Remembrance Day
Leonard Cohen, Dance me to the end of love
Studer sure knows how to throw a product launch. Listening to Meshell Ndegeocello play Leonard Cohen's "Suzanne" for a group of about 100!
Angus Jenner ‏@mediocretouring · 4h
Leonard Cohen tour news — Steve Arch, R.I.P.

Davide Lombardi ‏@Davide_Lombardi · 4h Touring industry will miss you Steve. I can not stop laughing every time i remember about your "rear eyes"......
When peepz chat about lyrical content and ur lyk bitch plz, Leonard Cohen.
I love you Leonard Cohen but Jesus Christ there is way too much mouth harp on "songs from a room."
No me puedo creer que la primera nevada del año haya coincidido cuando acabo de estudiar y escuchando a Leonard Cohen. Demasiado perfecto...
I can't believe that the first snowfall of the year has happened at the same time I've finished studying and I'm listening to Leonard Cohen. Too perfect...
En este sitio ponen música de Leonard Cohen y Suzanne Vega. Tal vez me quede a vivir acá.
They play Leonard Cohen and Suzanne Vega music in this place. Maybe I'll stay and live here.
this leonard cohen record oooooooh yeaaaaaaa
Leonard Cohen kicks ass
Listening to the rain fall on the metal roof while drinking beer in front of the fire, Leonard Cohen sings to me.
Leonard Cohen lyrics are hypodermic needles.
The Leonard Cohen version is definitely the best version of hallelujah.
Leonard Cohen kicks the shit out of any musician you care to name.
la inspiración para "Historia de Isaac" de Leonard Cohen fue "no manden a sus hijos a morir a Vietnam": el arte comprometido muere joven
The inspiration for "Story of Isaac" by Leonard Cohen was "don't send your sons to die in Vietnam.": committed art dies young.
Ever notice how much Leonard Cohen sounds like Ron Perlman? Probably why they used this in Sons of Anarchy...
Lets jump off a Leonard Cohen cliff of sorrow naked
Drowning in the bath with Leonard Cohen see ya
everyone dances to leonard cohen in their kitchen, right? #dancehour
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Tue Jan 28, 2014 9:44 pm

I now have a new respect for #LeonardCohen
gracias Leonard Cohen por aparecer este día y en este momento
thank you Leonard Cohen for appearing today and at this moment
Leonard Cohen's voice is beautiful.
seriously leonard cohen gets to me
Dicen que Leonard Cohen y su melodiosa sensualidad y erotismo musical hacen tambalear hasta la más libertina heterosexualidad
They say that Leonard Cohen and his melodious sensuality and musical eroticism can shake the foundations of even the most libertine heterosexuality
leonard cohen this morning. Trying to slow my heart rate enough that I go numb before the next 4 hour tender evaluation session.
Listening to some Leonard Cohen to cheer me up.
Si me arrebatasen todo, siempre me quedaría Leonard Cohen.
If they snatch away everything, I'll still have Leonard Cohen.
Please tell me that Leonard Cohen's "everybody knows" was already used as an end credits song in some kickass noir movie.
Steve....there's one word for Leonard Cohen
His music changed my life!!
Like Leonard Cohen I'm just a crazy kid with a crazy dream
Te doy una canción,y, Ojalá, de Sivio Rodriguez. A ver quien supera eso, a no ser que sea Leonard Cohen.
I'll give you a song, "Ojalá" by Silvio Rodriguez. Don't think anybody can top that, unless it's Leonard Cohen.
Beauty of the Leonard Cohen's lyrics is that they *almost* make sense.
Pete Seeger was quite gentle as he urged the world along - Leonard Cohen more poetic but in many ways just as revolutionary.
Greg Mitchell ‏@GregMitch
My Pete Seeger tribute links so far, also starring Johnny Cash, Sam Cooke, Leonard Cohen, more:
Leonard Cohen. Salvation.
--That film also has the most miserably telegraphed soundtrack ever. *characters discuss nuclear war in the 80s* *99 LUFTBALLOONS BLARES*

--Zach Snyder stares at the screen. "Hmm. This montage of the times a-changing needs a song. But what song? WHAT SONG?"

--as I said at the time, for unintentional laughs from a Canadian audience, use Leonard Cohen for your love scene

--There were unintended laughs all around, I think
Spending the day with Leonard Cohen
Please reply w/nominees for "artist with longest continuous streak of relevant albums." Talking total time, not # of albums (no Beatles).

Leonard Cohen, tons of jazz and country artists (Miles Davis comes to mind)
estás comparando huevos con castañas? Leonard Cohen, Muse y Avantasia en el mismo tweet?? XD
are you comparing eggs to chestnuts? Leonard Cohen, Muse and Avantasia in the same tweet?? XD
Leonard Cohen's voice gives me #goosebumps
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Wed Jan 29, 2014 9:44 pm

We still have Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan though. My 8 and 7yo's ask for them by name but don't know who Miley is. There is hope!
Comienza un nuevo día, frío y húmedo, pero arropado por la cálida voz de Leonard Cohen...Who can ask for anything more? Sed felices!!!
A new day begins, cold and wet, but wrapped up in the warm voice of Leonard Cohen... Who can ask for anything more? Be happy!!!
Stop, please. My otherwise lovely wife had me sit through two Leonard Cohen concerts. Liked his humour, though.
--And with a song in my heart, I head out into the darkness and drizzle to trudge to the station.

--ooooo what song?

--Probably something by Leonard Cohen.
"Kings of Leonard Cohen"

GOODNIGHT WORLD! Thanks for playing along! I'll try not to binge tweet again for awhile
The sounds of Leonard Cohen & David Bowie fill my morning air. Two of the GREATEST song-writers EVER!!!
I was getting dressed, then Leonard Cohen...

Sitting in my feelings as Leonard Cohen sings "Bird on the Wire" to me.
Whisper Leonard Cohen lyrics into my ear while you feed me grapes pls. I'd do the same for you.
By the way, @adambrereton, there's one sure way to attract boomers to these camps you want to set up. Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen songs.
And this morning's ballet was to the dulcet strains of Leonard Cohen, so that's where my head's at.
Did you also listen to Leonard Cohen and accidentally start crying too?
My review of Leonard Cohen's "Beautiful Losers" - Difficult, with swoon-worthy writing and an enthusiasm for filth. ... ul-losers/
bellos consejos de leonard cohen: don't go home with your hard-on.
Beautiful advice from Leonard Cohen: don't go home with your hard-on.
Spotify ahora me respeta: me recomienda The Four Tops, Pet Sounds, Leonard Cohen, Chic, The Style Council y The Band. Menomal.
Now Spotify respects me: it's recommending The Four Tops, Pet Sounds, Leonard Cohen, Chic, The Style Council and The Band for me. All right then.
El nuevo tema de Eels... es más oscuro que Leonard Cohen una noche de invierno tomando whisky sólo en casa...
The new song by Eels... it's darker than Leonard Cohen on a winter night drinking whisky alone at home... ... iere/mp3s/
Did you know #CharlieDaniels was a session player on #LeonardCohen 's 2nd & 3rd album? #FunMusicFacts
Good stuff from Dean Sam Candler: The Songs of Leonard Cohen as Wisdom Literature
Hora de trabajar en autocad mientras escucho clásicos melomanos de Leonard Cohen #1001discosquehayqueescucharantesdemorir
Time to work on AutoCAD while listening to musical classics from Leonard Cohen #1001recordstolistentobeforedying
I struggle to think of a better debut album than Songs of Leonard Cohen.
CanLit Canon Review #19: @craigmacbride on Leonard Cohen’s Beautiful Losers
Considering doing a load of Leonard Cohen covers just for fun. I love him #deppressingbutbrilliant
Wenn man Leonard Cohen hört, sollte man einen ausgeglichenen Seelenhaushalt haben.
If you listen to Leonard Cohen, you should have a balanced soul budget.
revisiting a Leonard Cohen album is like having coffee with an old friend who is effortlessly much wittier than you… #fb
Leonard Cohen is great.
Nothing wrong with listening to Leonard Cohen!! Great poet.
Leonard Cohen's Live In London album is probably the greatest live album ever recorded, pure bliss.
Leonard Cohen did not release his first album until he was 32 years old. #latebloomers #nevergiveup #nevertooold
If you've never listened to Leonard Cohen's "songs of love and hate", you haven't lived. That record is so unbelievably beautiful.
Puto Leonard Cohen, copiando la canción de Shrek... #STOPPLAGIOS
Friggin' Leonard Cohen, copying the song from Shrek... #STOPPLAGIARISM
(for anyone who might be worried by this... it was a joke. The tweeter favorited my reply, which complained about the way Michael Jackson ripped off Weird Al's classic "Eat it" with his "Beat It.")
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Fri Jan 31, 2014 3:30 am

Don't expect Leonard Cohen level lyrical talent here but "I'll drink an Alabama Slammer with your sexy-ass grandma"? Nuke from orbit
Dance me through the humpday Leonard Cohen
Michael Owen prepares himself for commentating by sitting in a darkened room listening to the complete recordings of Leonard Cohen
I heard The National frontman mention Tom Waits, Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen as his major influences, which means I officially love him.
No one ever listens to me anyway. I might as well be a Leonard Cohen record.
which one of you dickweeds stole my Leonard Cohen CD
Leonard Cohen gave me the fattest hickey last night.
i love love love leonard cohen so much ahh
Leonard Cohen is vastly under appreciated as a song writer
Ya'll we are singing Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah in choir.
My coworker who likes Devil Dogs is also a big Leonard Cohen fan. Would rather kill myself than listen to the Woody Allen of music at work.
If Leonard Cohen was racing through Miami toxed and was being charged with assault in Canada it would be a bigger deal. #doublestandards
Working on a plaintive, melodious version of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah"—that hasn't been done, right?
sisters of mercy? Didn't Leonard Cohen used to sponsor them? Think he even did a radio ad for them!
If you play the first three Leonard Cohen records and the first three Tom Waits records back to back...your turntable spits out gold coins.
Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen or Jeff Buckley or honest to god anyone >>>
Muy buenas. Hoy 30 de enero, día de los que llevamos a Leonard Cohen haciéndonos compañía en el coche.
Good afternoon! Today is January 30, one of the days we take Leonard Cohen along to keep us company in the car.
God me too. Too much chirp first thing in the morning sets my teeth on edge. I want misanthropy and Leonard Cohen tunes.
Love listening to bob dylan and leonard cohen when I sleep I wake up feeling philosophical lol #bobdylan #leonardcohen #poeticjustice
I can't get enough of #LeonardCohen. This song is #sexy. <3 Cohen is a genius.
#music #love
Ven y cantemos canciones de Leonard Cohen juntos.
Come, let's sing Leonard Cohen songs together.
I'm really feeling the songs of #LeonardCohen. That's what #music is to me: therapy. It's healing; it really is
Exercise...the strain. the exertion. I add a degree of difficulty by listening to Leonard Cohen.
After all this, I still adore Leonard Cohen's poetry.
Leonard Cohen has his way with me*
--vjian ghomeshi ‏@jianghomeshi · 19h
More news about the sordid actions of Ford and Bieber today. Remember Canada, we still have Leonard Cohen. Keep the focus...LEONARD. COHEN.

--@jianghomeshi The only part of your tweet I read was Leonard Cohen, because he's Leonard-freakin'-Cohen. Was there more?

--"LEONARD. COHEN." Escaping the lips of Canadians like "Rosebud" from Citizen Kane.
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Fri Jan 31, 2014 9:47 pm

Staying home tonight ... Just me, Tom waits and Leonard Cohen.
Leonard Cohen siempre sabe qué decir. Por eso ya no lo escucho.
Leonard Cohen always knows what to say. That's why I don't listen to him any more.
Not a day goes by without me wondering... Does Leonard Cohen do a decent Yorkshire accent?
Stark and beautiful; like a Leonard Cohen song.
--I am restocking my iPod with 'only the good stuff'. 4 Om Lps is probe overdoing it but you never know when you need to meditate

--I did that recently, ended up with just Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits. Got me through November.
God Bless Leonard Cohen
I wish all my Leonard Cohen's books came with narration. Did he ever do any? Pleeease say yes.
wee small hours
googling . . .
leonard cohen's hat
i just want to swish leonard cohen songs around in my head like mouth rinse.
It's a little known fact that Leonard Cohen's version of Solidarity Forever can only be played by placing a record needle onto a glacier.
When you buy the abyss a Leonard Cohen CD, the abyss plays Coming Back to You.
I couldn't figure out what made me so sad. Oh maybe it was the #leonardcohen song dress rehearsal rag from Songs of Love and Hate!
Leonard Cohen on the other hand is really good company.
Leonard Cohen - Lady Midnight - oh if a man wrote this for me I'd be his forever
driving through the karoo listening to Leonard Cohen. its intense guys.
Si escucho una más de Leonard Cohen me empiezo a auto flagelar.
If I listen to one more by Leonard Cohen I'll begin self-flagellation.
I can't go to work tomorrow because i accidentally started listening to leonard cohen
aguante la adolescencia con soledad pepsi light y leonard cohen
endure adolescence with solitude pepsi light and leonard cohen
leonard cohen seems to have great understanding
¡Histéricos días a todas! Que Leonard Cohen susurrándoos al oído: “Es Vieeernessss” os bendiga.
Hysterical day to everybody! May Leonard Cohen bless you by whispering "It's Friiiiidaaaay" in your ear.
today I am cheering myself up by listening to Leonard Cohen. It’s one of those days!
Since re-watching Natural Born Killers this week, I can't stop listening to Leonard Cohen. There are worse mild addictions. i.e. Murder.
A mí Leonard Cohen me cae bien, pero es que si lo escucho mucho tiempo hablar me da sueño. Y su cantar es un 80 % hablar, así que mal vamos.
I like Leonard Cohen, but if I listen to him talk for a long time I get sleepy. And his singing is 80% talking, so we have a problem.
Alright. Cool it, Leonard Cohen.
This might only work for Swedish speakers, but I've now got an earworm of "Kalle Blomkvist" to the tune of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah
I had forgotten than Leonard Cohen was the best at individual sentences. I am ashamed.
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Tue Feb 04, 2014 12:52 am

Leonard Cohen on Twitter: the Superbowl Edition.
¿A qué demonio de cruce de caminos le vendo mi alma para tener la voz de Leonard Cohen?
What devil at the crossroad do I sell my soul to, to have the voice of Leonard Cohen?
An evening listening to Leonard Cohen is actually more entertaining than Ireland v Scotland #6Nations Done both today so I know its true.
Been listening to Leonard Cohen in the car for a month since started reading biography. "The Summer's almost gone, The Winter's tuning up."
The one cool thing about my cold is that now my every utterance sounds like a lyric from a Leonard Cohen song.
Mi padre tiene la culpa de que me dé por escuchar a Leonard Cohen AHORA.
My father's fault that I want to listen to Leonard Cohen NOW.
Leonard Cohen is the meaning of life
I doubt you've heard Leonard Cohen. The guitar playing in this is mesmerising. #Teachers
Next year's halftime show: Leonard Cohen.
Hope I don't have to wait too long for the halftime NIN show w special guest Leonard Cohen
It's a good job Leonard Cohen never did the HT show otherwise Peyton might have jumped off Brooklyn Bridge #Halftime #SuperBowl #SB48
Leonard Cohen would be a fucking superb choice for the half time show #SuperBowl
I want Katy Perry,
or Leonard Cohen(I'm your man)
next year
I propose for the 2014 #GreyCup either #MacmasterAndJames, #MichaelBuble, or #LeonardCohen perform at halftime.
Bruno Mars is going to end his set with an acapella rendition of the Leonard Cohen song, Hallelujah.
They should've got Leonard Cohen to do the half time show.Imagine trying to rouse a team while Famous Blue Raincoat plays loudly #SuperBowl
Do you think Tom Waits or Leonard Cohen will ever do a halftime show?
You want a party atmosphere? Leonard Cohen. A guitar. "Famous Blue Raincoat." There's your fucking halftime show.
Really excited I got to see Leonard Cohen's childhood home today. #montreal #montrealtrip @ Westmount
--so when's godflesh and leonard cohen gonna perform at halftime?



--the lights all turn off completely as they sing this together, people are freaking out in the stands but they keep getting louder

--like rats starts playing

--a raspy leonard cohen takes his shirt off and huskily sings along for the refrain BREED - LIKE RATS
hafif bir yaz rüzgarı
biraz sahil
biraz şarap
biraz louis armstrong
biraz frank sinatra
biraz leonard cohen
biraz dans
biraz sen

A light summer breeze
little beach
a little wine
little louis armstrong
little frank sinatra
little leonard cohen
a little dance
little you
Don't care enough about Leonard Cohen to go to bat for him but I love 4 of his songs. Monkishly serious, of course
That was Leonard Cohen's best commercial ever.
I thought it was Leonard Cohen for a hot second.
The sound of @bobdylan 's royalties ringing in my ears! Two #superbowlcommercials. Now, someone use Leonard Cohen to sell Twix. Yes!
Just wait for the Leonard Cohen Bud Light spot. #SuperBowl #sb48 #bobdylan
Bob Dylan for Chrystler. I'd be more interested in seeing a Leonard Cohen for [the Maleness-related Pharmaceutical That Must Not Be Named] ad.
Bob Dylan selling cars is like the tragic final ending of the 60s. The war is over, the good guys lost - as Leonard Cohen noted.
Let's get Leonard Cohen to sell insurance or reverse mortgages. #Dylan #SuperBowlXLVIII
#superbowlcommercials Was it Leonard Cohen or Bob Dylan in the Chrysler spot?
The only thing that could make this broadcast worse would be if Leonard Cohen did a Coors commercial.
"I remember you well at Silver Bullet Hotel..." MT @nyctaper Only 1 thing could make this worse: Leonard Cohen in a Coors commercial.
"Hi I am Leonard Cohen for Vagisil. There may be no cure for love but there is a cure for yeast infections". Bob Dylan #Dylan
Bumpin to some Leonard Cohen , lifes good kids
Home from the theatre. Chelsea Hotel was lovely! #LeonardCohen
Leonard Cohen for [the Maleness-related Pharmaceutical That Must Not Be Named]
Stevie Wonder for LensCrafters
Justin Bieber for Passages Malibu
Just struck me that most of the lyrics to The Future by Leonard Cohen could have been written by Eric Hobsbawm
The day ends with me and Travis in a cab and the driver is playing Leonard Cohen's "Democracy."
#commentary #irony?
Hablando de Leonard Cohen (y que quede entre nosotros), la letra de Take this Waltz me gusta mucho más que el poema de Lorca que la inspiró.
Speaking of Leonard Cohen (and may he remain among us), I like the lyrics to Take This Waltz much more than the Lorca poem that inspired it.
Lovin the little Leonard Cohen style bit in goats in trees
Leonard Cohen 4 the soul.
Let Leonard Cohen write you songs. Let Springsteen sing your causes. Let Neil Young woo you with his voice. I will sell you cars.
#1 best canadian superbowl ad: the one that was just 2 mis of leonard cohen & kd lang taking turns saying Relax to a picture of justin biber
And also: I've been listening to music since about 1964. Who the hell is Leonard Cohen?
Leonard Cohen has always spoken to my heart and soul
La vida plena, llena de sentimientos y experiencias de todo aquello que ocurre en las canciones de Leonard Cohen ...
A full life, full of feelings and experiences of all kinds... that is what happens in the songs of Leonard Cohen...
#imyourman arrived today! What a beast of an album. When the man loves he loves with every bit of himself. #LeonardCohen
Oh God, you can't beat a bit of Leonard Cohen sometimes!
It should be national Leonard Cohen week! ;)
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Wed Feb 05, 2014 12:33 am

Every couple of months, I go on a Leonard Cohen listening spree which inevitably reaffirms why he is my favorite musician ever.
--Three types of love: eros love is 'physical' philos love is 'mental' and agape love is 'spiritual.' Blessed are those in whom all 3 reside.

-- Where does the love for Midget Gems fit into that, Eamonn?

-- Kate remember the words of the beggar in Leonard Cohen's 'Bird on the Wire' who said "you must not ask for so much."

--"like a drunk in a Midget Gem Choir" have you not been listening, Eamonn?

'you have won have won me.'
Oh God, I'm writing in a cafe in Los Feliz and all of a sudden it's Leonard Cohen singing Sisters of Mercy in the bkgrnd. Hello old friend.
Also Leonard Cohen. Go listen to him and let his deep voice soak into you soul. Seriously.
Leonard Cohen breaks my heart every time i listen to him. It's a difficult but intensely rewarding relationship.
They say Barry White is the voice of seduction: I disagree, gentlemen: for some unfortunate women Leonard Cohen is the voice that compels
Sometimes life speaks, but in a gravely voice like Leonard Cohen's. Sounds cool, but I cannot understand.
--I'm interested in the disparity between the people who care about disparities and those who don't care about disparities.

--"There is a war between those who say that there is a war and those who say that there isn't."

--You one-upped me on that one, Florentina. Touche. :-)

--Leonard Cohen ever-upped us all. :o)
leonard cohen por que tão perfeito? esse velho não pode ser humano
leonard cohen why so perfect? that old man can't be human
Leonard Cohen before lunch. One of those days.
Leonard Cohen pilotea esta nave.
Leonard Cohen is steering this ship.
Leonard Cohen: The Joking Troubadour of Gloom
Martes de "Larga vida a Leonard Cohen" .
It's "Long Live Leonard Cohen Tuesday."
Jim Kroft ‏@jimkroft · 4h
Working on my wonkiest Metronomy playing a Ray Charles Record stolen by 50 Cent eaten by Leonard Cohen regurgitated by Godzilla..
Écouter leonard cohen sans manger des toasts de foie gras cette hérésie.
Listening to Leonard Cohen without eating foie gras on toast is heresy.
Leonard Cohen's one of those you either love (passionately!) or loathe (despicably!) A polarising brand-like Marmite,Star Wars(?), Dr. Who!!
Con el día tan malo que está haciendo, ya era hora que empezara a sonar Leonard Cohen en alguna parte.
With the weather today as bad as it is, it's about time that Leonard Cohen began playing somewhere.
Mi hija Marta tarareando una de Leonard Cohen mientras hace los deberes...
My daughter Marta humming one by Leonard Cohen while she does her chores...
BBC - Hallelujah! The rise of Leonard Cohen’s classic. "It's still seen as kind of a sacred pop song, a modern hymn."
If I had to choose a celebrity to have dinner with, living or dead, I'd probably go for Leonard Cohen & have the best of both worlds.
Umm. Not anonymous. Leonard Cohen. "@aMAYzing43: "Love is not a victory march, but a cold and broken hallelujah."- Anonymous"
listening to leonard cohen's songs of love and hate is always a nice dive in a cold-ass river
Leonard Cohen y Mogwai. Te doy las gracias temblando.
Leonard Cohen and Mogwai. Trembling, I give you thanks.
Ciclogénesis explosiva. Leonard Cohen es la calma en el centro del huracán
Explosive cyclogenesis. Leonard Cohen is the calm in the center of the hurricane.
LaaLaaLaaLaraLaraLaraLaaa! ¡LaaLaaLaaLaraLara LaaaaraaaLaaaaa...! Dance me to the end of love! Dance me to the end of love...! #LeonardCohen
oh hell, why NOT listen to the entirety of Leonard Cohen's discography on an icy gray afternoon, can't do anything but help, amiright
Tu veux bien m'épouser? On écoutera du thé en buvant du Leonard Cohen. Ou l'inverse.
Will you marry me? We'll listen to tea while drinking Leonard Cohen. Or vice versa.
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Fri Feb 07, 2014 7:39 am

I bet after the 17th time he rhymed "halleluja" with "you," Leonard Cohen started to regret his life choices.
Leonard Cohen always inspires me to cook! #SlowAndEasyBeef
Is it even possible to play Leonard Cohen "too loud?"
My 66-year-old aunt is posting Leonard Cohen videos to Facebook. In other news, my aunt is cooler than anyone else's.
Tickle Me Leonard Cohen #SadToys @midnight
Yo no creo en Dios, pero creo en Leonard Cohen, que es casi lo mismo.
I don't believe in God, but I believe in Leonard Cohen, which is almost the same thing.
I’ve always admired Artists Who Do the Most Within their Limitations, like David Byrne and Leonard Cohen.
--Pretty sure there'll be lots of people lining up to meet James Franco at his book signing in #Montreal today. I just won't be one of them.

--From what I've read on Twitter. People started lining up at MIDNIGHT!

--Dear Lord! Seriously? Why?? I like him just fine as an actor, but I don't need to meet him. He's no Leonard Cohen. ;-)
i just want to sit in a cafe and spend the day drinking tea while knitting and listening to leonard cohen.

but instead i will sit here drinking tea while doing inventory and listening to leonard cohen.

not the same.
ohhh, I love Jeff with all my heart, but hearing Leonard Cohen sing this in Brooklyn slew me to this day....
he listened to leonard cohen and read things about the universe and never felt a thing
Now, let's be honest, the very last thing you need is a dreamy 70s French-language cover of a Leonard Cohen song
im tryna learn hallelujah by leonard cohen on guitar , the internet doesnt help so i kinda just made something up myself and it sounds good
You should have asked him to include "Let It Be". But in general I think an all-Leonard-Cohen-music church is a grand idea.
So, current Leonard Cohen song I'm obsessed with: Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye.
Oh yeah, sorry Twitter. I love Leonard Cohen
Leonard Cohen hace más bonita cualquier depresión.
Leonard Cohen makes any depression nicer.
--Rápido. Nombren un pintor Canadiense (sin googlear)...

--Leonard Cohen dibuja. Vale?

--Leonard Cohen sirve para todo!

--Quick. Name a Canadian painter (without Googling)...

--Leonard Cohen draws. Does that count?

--Leonard Cohen is good for everything!
Listening to Leonard Cohen and waiting for the approvals.
Oh, I have on the couch beside me a biography of Leonard Cohen.

But I can't bear to know too much about him.
Just discovered Leonard Cohen. Perfect for seduction.
Parked my car outside a local college and started blasting Leonard Cohen if anyone wants to hit me up for life guidance tips.
Aprendiéndome una canción de Leonard Cohen para subir mañana una cover con nuestra guitarra desafinada So long Marianne...
Teaching myself a Leonard Cohen song to upload a cover with our out-of-tune guitar tomorrow. So long Marianne...
Played show today. Asked audience for requests. 3 year old said, "Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen." #Seriously #NotMakingThisUp #HipsterKid
Cambridge got pretty cool today. Thomas Gray, John Clare, Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan and Gil Scott-Heron in the same seminar.
Listening to Leonard Cohen's 'Old Ideas' and feeling a little melancholy, though in a gently way.
"Everybody Knows" by Leonard Cohen is the perfect song to debug Java code to, believe it or not.
#ConfessYourUnpopularOpinion k.d. lang gave justice to Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah and sung it better than anyone else did.
Also I am listening to Leonard Cohen and I am genuinely not sure if it's helping.
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Mon Feb 10, 2014 11:12 pm

Horrible Monday. Finding sanctuary in Leonard Cohen, candlelight and the lovely bottle of Chat-en-Oeuf that Tom gave me for my birthday.
--Pretty similar to regular marshmallows, let sugar syrup get to soft ball stage and then beat the heck out of it:[picture]

--That is one sleek yet goth bit of kitchen gadgetry.

--My stand mixer likes listening to Leonard Cohen and making cakes, preferably at the same time.
for my bday can u order leonard cohen's spit on a tissue so i can cry with it every night
I have know idea why I decided to learn Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah on guitar but it just happened.
one time me & some friends didn't eat for 3 days then got drunk & climbed mount royal & tried to find where leonard cohen lived
En unos años más, cuando esté cerca de la crisis de los 30, solo escucharé Nick Cave, Tom Waits y Leonard Cohen.
A few years from now, when I´m close to my 30´s crisis, I will only listen to Nick Cave, Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen.
Leonard Cohen's voice. Still gets me. #dancemetotheendoflove
Ringo proving white man dancing is more than a Leonard Cohen lyric...#Beatles
His humps. np Leonard Cohen - Avalanche
Leonard Cohen explains the academic job market........ Everybody Knows -
Dylan, ok. Leonard Cohen, agreed. But no to Springsteen as American poetic icon rockstar. Jersey can keep him as THEIR native son, whatevs.
i remember what i was gonna tweet u. i was listening to leonard cohen's I Came So Far For Beauty & got weird emotional re: Aramis
i'm not a bohémien,
i'm a cohenien!
--Is 16 verses too many?

--It definitely wasn't for Leonard Cohen or Don Maclean!
Monday in the office working on 'Leonard' the typewriter listening to Leonard Cohen. #leonardcohen
John Waters would totally put Leonard Cohen on and shush everyone and then look around expectantly.
--*this is now a conversation about awkward sex scenes* THE ONE FROM THE WATCHMEN MOVIE! Most awkward!

--I once recreated that scene. Banged on a couch to Leonard Cohen on loop.

--are there two awkward sex scenes in there? I was thinking of the one in the floaty ship thing.

--That's the one. The couch was the floaty ship and the Leonard Cohen was the Leonard Cohen.
Leonard Cohen es mi depresión favorita.
Leonard Cohen is my favorite depression.
Quiero ser suzanne, la de Leonard Cohen.
I want to be Suzanne, Leonard Cohen's one.
El examen de dibujo da igual, lo importante es si pone a manolo garcia, pink floid o leonard cohen
The drawing test doesn't matter, what's important is whether he plays Manolo Garcia, Pink Floyd or Leonard Cohen
Today I get to pick the music at work. Today shall be filled with Leonard Cohen, Simon & Garfunkel, The Beatles, Adam Awad and Zeppelin.
Breakfast at Type Hype in Berlin. Leonard Cohen playing. Feels like a scene from a Wim Wenders film
Apparently Leonard Cohen's doing an outdoor gig at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park in the summer!

...I misread it. It says there's leopards.
--I think I've worked it out: this Manchester United squad has abandonment issues and has begun self-harming. They'll get Emo haircuts next.

--Leonard Cohen will prob start featuring a lot on the dressing room playlist.
Tonight! Kim Gordon (our cat) is going to be playing with Leonard Cohen (William and Tida's cat) at their flat. Debut. Big.
--Obviously nobody should die young but I imagine Jim Morrison's solo 80s output and shudder.

--Wonder what John Lennon's would have been like. Did *anyone* from that era fare well in the 80s?

--Leonard Cohen did. Some people say Dylan but I'm not convinced until Oh Mercy.
Conclusión de la mañana de hoy: Leonard Cohen hasta en la sopa.
Conclusion of this morning: Leonard Cohen even in the soup.
Tengo 13 años y a veces escucho a Leonard Cohen. Almenos siento que tengo más cultura que algunas de las de mi edad e incluso más mayores.
I'm 13 years old and sometimes I listen to Leonard Cohen. At least I feel I have more culture than some girls my age and even older.
Famous Blue Raincoat by Leonard Cohen is a good take it easy with my lady song.
Oh, today my voice is like Leonard Cohen's voice. Definitely.
Sorry to hear that, Aleksandra.
The B-Bar, Plymouth ‏@BBarPlymouth · 2h
"I'd love to speak with Leonard" getting in the mood for our Songs of Leonard Cohen evening with the great Old Ideas
love the utter weirdness of Leonard Cohen's "Take this Waltz." And his utter weirdness.
--I've never even heard of Jason Aldean (yes, I live under a rock) before but based on the reaction he is a Really Big Deal? #Indy500

--Apparently. I'm not a fan of the genre, but the announcement is blowing up my feed, so good!

--That's my take on it, still no announcement about Carb Day act though. Maybe this is the year it will be Leonard Cohen.

--Envision "Waiting For The Miracle" bellowed to the unsuspecting revelers...

--Think something along the lines of the parade at the end of Animal House. A lone yellow shirt yelling "REMAIN CALM. ALL IS WELL"
Isn’t it time we all declared a 10-year moratorium on the playing of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah? That includes covers, @StarbucksCanada
Just have to say I hate Leonard Cohen! Loosing the will...too lazy to gt up and switch it off! Throws something at stereo!!!
Baking and listening to #LeonardCohen #TenNewSongs
Aquí escuchando a Leonard Cohen, qué voz tan sensual.
Listening to Leonard Cohen here, what a sensual voice.
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by sebmelmoth2003 » Fri Feb 21, 2014 2:23 pm

has leonard got a favourite bird?

bbc's `tweet of the day` : ... des/player
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by sebmelmoth2003 » Sat Feb 22, 2014 3:50 pm

ensemble matisse - music of flight and migration.

david holyoake. ... the-forge/
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Tue Aug 12, 2014 7:02 am

I saw the announcement of the planned release of "Popular Problems" and had to come back, of course. Unfortunately, this means that the tweets have also returned. The Leonard-Cohen-related twitter feed was almost nothing but the new album, mostly in the form of suspiciously identical, spammy tweets by people who undoubtedly do not exist (I don't understand the mechanism of gaming Twitter with fake tweets and I don't want to understand). But here are a few tweets by ostensibly real human beings:
In which I fell asleep at a Leonard Cohen concert and reviewed it anyway. 1983 #throwbackthursday @phillyinquirer…
"Leonard Cohen on Creativity, Hard Work & Why You Should Never Quit before You Know What it is You're Quitting" ... reativity/
Breaking News via my good friend Clay Steakley:
The real Leonard Cohen EXPOSED via Miami Vice in 1986 Poet Smoet.
A dry Martini, in this breezy midsummer night, dancing over our words.

If you like Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen, @hazanarnoff is teaching a college course on them--and tweeting his lectures http://talkinhavanagilahblues.blogspot. ... b.html?m=1
@barbjungr to perform the songs of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen at @OtleyCourthouse in September ... t/?id=1039 … #music #otley
Hey @calgaryfolkfest I know I said only kd lang and Leonard Cohen could song Hallelujah within city limits, but @rufuswainwright is here...
To celebrate Leonard Cohen's 80th birthday (in September), a number of German musicians have reinterpreted his...
An unlikely quote! Cuadrilla "doesn't feel it's best placed to comment on the merits of seeing Leonard Cohen live" ... 21878.html
Para los que se desaniman con el primer inconveniente: Leonard Cohen sacará nuevo disco en su 80 cumpleaños
For those who get discouraged by the first inconvenience: Leonard Cohen will release a new CD on his 80th birthday
This song is so beautiful.
John Bon Jovi definitely does it justice.
Nothing like the original by Leonard Cohen though.
Wooow!! Amidst all these sad news: Leonard Cohen to release new album in September -
Good to hear the Ladies' Man, the Godfather of gloom Leonard Cohen will be releasing a record in Sept. @ the spry age of 80 #PopularProblems
And Bob Dylan said, "Well, how long did it take to write 'Hallelujah'?" And Leonard Cohen said, "Three years."...
Leonard Cohen, 80, alive and kicking ... ember-news …"
@scottbarkan You just passed Leonard Cohen as Sofie's favourite bedtime music! #leonardeatyourheartout
Man, when Leonard Cohen gets dirty....
Stuart Maconie on Leonard Cohen: why I like the man more than the musician
WWLCD (what would leonard cohen do?)
Estoy pretendiendo llevar una vida nocturna normal para tener una diurna sin odiarme, empece con leonard cohen y echando a lou de mi cuarto
I'm trying to lead a normal nocturnal life to be able to have a daytime one without hating myself, I started with leonard cohen and throwing lou out of my room
Bueno, cualquier letra de Leonard Cohen esta bien.
Well, any Leonard Cohen lyric is fine.
Leonard Cohen makes me feel like I should be in love. I mean like seriously, cool it with the love songs son! #realtalk
OMG some asshole took the Leonard Cohen Hallelujah and turned it into A CHRISTMAS SONG. #grabspitchfork
Shining light in the entertainment industry after the sad news of Robin
Leonard Cohen to Release New Album For 80th Birthday Next Month
Ah, siento tan feo cuando #LeonardCohen habla de depresión y de sentirse un fracasado. El autoconocimiento profundo puede ser peligroso.
Ah, I feel so bad when #LeonardCohen talks about depression and feeling like a failure. Profound self-awareness can be dangerous.
Leonard Cohen: English classes tried to teach me poetry, but I would look up bits of Dress Rehearsal Rag like a proto
When they said my book was uneven #LeonardCohen said That's what they always say, what they say when they don't know what to say. #amwriting
Quién es el verdadero stone acá? Llega Mick Jagger a los 80? Prrrrffff! Todos crotos. LEONARD COHEN IS THE MAN.
Who's the real Stone here? Will Mick Jagger reach 80? Prrrffft! They're all bums. LEONARD COHEN IS THE MAN.
Leonard Cohen salvando mi alma...
Leonard Cohen saving my soul...
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Sat Sep 27, 2014 2:21 am

You knew it would begin to happen again.
Browns fans made a song called "The Ballad of Brian Hoyer" set to Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah." I'm speechless.
Who'd have ever believed it was possible for Leonard Cohen to sing any slower?
An unfilled music business niche: Non-rip-off cover art designer for graphically gullible "heritage" artists. That Leonard Cohen sleeve...
como siempre exquisito Leonard.
Adam Cohen, el hijo,no esta nada mal:
Leonard exquisite as always.
Adam Cohen, the son, isn't bad at all.
Gran disco de Mr Cohen. Por momentos hasta suena optimista." Transmite cierta alegria cierta. Si. Alive
Great album from Mr. Cohen. There are moments when it even sounds optimistic. It transmits a certain sure happiness. Yes. Alive.
Wow the new Leonard Cohen album is absolutely brilliant, would love to see these songs performed live. Best album since The Future.
On my way to #DFIRPrague for a deep dive into the world of malware. The new Leonard Cohen album at hand to ease the flight.
Might buy the new Leonard Cohen album #PopularProblems
An artist I've never got round to buying despite liking everything I've heard by him
Leonard Cohen is 80 years old and his latest album "Popular Problems" is a brilliant masterpiece. #GreatMusic
It's a good day to stay in and listen to a new Leonard Cohen album.
Parece que Leonard Cohen sacó un disco increíble, de acuerdo a las sabias apreciaciones de M. and P. Hoy lo escucho.
Looks like Leonard Cohen put out an incredible album, according to the wise evaluations of M. and P. I'll listen to it today.
This new Leonard Cohen album is an absolute stunner. His best since "I'm Your Man". You kill me, Lenny.
I bought 2cds in the last wk: one by an 80yr old -Leonard Cohen & one by a 20yr old @lukepauljackson. I find the juxtaposition satisfying.
Bob Dylan, parece ser dijo que si él no fuera él, querría ser Leonard Cohen. No sé. Creo que prefiero tener uno de cada que dos del mismo.
Apparently Bob Dylan said that if he wasn't himself, he'd like to be Leonard Cohen. I dunno. I think I'd rather have one of each than two the same.
Friday night. Reading a good book listening to Leonard Cohen's new album with a nice glass of Chianti - aaaah...
I'll bet Leonard Cohen's name is mentioned more often in Rolling Stone than it is in Leonard Cohen's own home.
Quiero que Leonard Cohen se amaque en un sillón a mi lado y me cante Closing time.
I want Leonard Cohen to cuddle up next to me in an armchair and sing Closing Time to me
Escuchar a Leonard Cohen mientras paseas por Granada debería estar considerado una maravilla mundial
Listening to Leonard Cohen while you stroll through Granada should be considered one of the wonders of the world.
Just put a fiver on God and the Devil fighting an apocalyptic battle over Leonard Cohen's soul when he dies. Current odds 5/1. Worth a punt.
I would happily have sex with Leonard Cohen's voice.
Leonard Cohen’s ‘Popular Problems’ is brilliantly, beautifully, hauntingly good. #PopularProblems
Leonard Cohen, poet laureate of Western civilization.
TIL that it's a bad idea to listen to Leonard Cohen at any point during a large conference where you socialize with people
New releases this week by Aphex Twin, Leonard Cohen, Lenny Kravitz, and John Mellencamp have me confused about the decade we're currently in
If you're not listening to Leonard Cohen on this rainy #yeg afternoon, you're doing something wrong.
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Sat Sep 27, 2014 10:02 pm

Leonard Cohen makes everything better.
Listened to Leonard Cohen's new album so many times I'm convinced I've a problem. Is there a support group anywhere?
Leonard Cohen tells us about a few lasting values...
Hangover cure = drinking oj eating boiled egg listening to Leonard Cohen with mum and dad
Thank you #LeonardCohen for your unbelievable inspiration.
Current sexuality: Leonard Cohen going "My oh my oh my".
It takes me three Leonard Cohen's songs to take a shower.
If Tom Waits had parents who made him go to grad school = the new Leonard Cohen album
Leonard Cohen es como un semi dios.
Leonard Cohen is like a demigod.
Hay gente que ha sido muy influyente en el mundo artístico-creativo, y luego tenemos a Leonard Cohen
There are people who have been very influential in the artistic-creative world, and then we have Leonard Cohen
if I'm gonna get cornered & have to riff with the drunk guy I'm imagining what a lark it'd be to get grilled about leonard cohen instead
Me despiertan con Leonard Cohen, asi si me levanto de buen humor chingao ♥
Wake me up with Leonard Cohen, then I get up in a fucking good mood
Despertarla con Leonard Cohen y seguir con un cogida monumental. Eso.
Wake her up with Leonard Cohen and follow with a monumental fucking. Yes, that.
Jamás pense leer las palabras Leonard Cohen y cogida monumental en la misma oración.
I never thought I would read the words "Leonard Cohen" and "monumental fucking" in the same sentence.
Got pulled over for speeding while listening to Slow by Leonard Cohen
Meeting the legend LEONARD COHEN was such a special Birthday Present. His music saved my life when I…
Joan Osborne's old question, "What if God was one of us?" finally answered: Leonard Cohen.
Started out this morning thinking I would listen only to Bruckner quartets -- then took a direct hit from Leonard Cohen.
#Apple should have teamed up with Leonard Cohen rather than U2. ‘Popular Problems’ is insanely good. Even @biggestbossfan would like it.
The new Leonard Cohen album is quite magnificent: tone just shy of valedictory, voice more gravelly now than the bottom of a fish tank.
Hablemos de lo hermoso que es el último disco de Leonard Cohen
Let's talk about how beautiful the latest Leonard Cohen album is.
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