The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Mon Nov 18, 2013 6:45 am

Always amusing to find ones 4 year old daughter singing "Everybody knows" by Leonard Cohen to herself.
Con la voz de Leonard Cohen, cualquiera es groso. El tipo dice "Vengo a pagar el monotributo" y suena como la mejor canción del mundo.
With the voice of Leonard Cohen, anything is great. The guy says, "I'm here to pay the small-business tax" and it sounds like the best song in the world.
Che, ustedes los que todavía se casan, elijan como vals para la ceremonia "Take This Waltz" de Leonard Cohen. Garpa.
Hey, those of you who are still getting married, choose "Take this Waltz" by Leonard Cohen as the waltz for the ceremony. It works.
"I'm your man" de Leonard Cohen me moja toda.
"I'm Your Man" by Leonard Cohen gets me all wet.
Britney covering Leonard Cohen. I'm dying.
@tomayorford, Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen in 1st half hour... I think SNL just qualified for a Canada Council grant.
1. Leonard Cohen is almost 80! Can you believe it!?
2. Who's Leonard Cohen?
1. You know that song, 'Singin' in the Rain'?
2. No...?
Leonard Cohen was brilliant last night. Like nothing I've ever experienced. What a man. And his band was flawless.
To live vicariously through Leonard Cohen
Leonard Cohen - In my secret life ... Damn his voice .... It's sexy and hypnotizing ...
Leonard Cohen's voice makes me feel safe
Porridge and Leonard Cohen: the perfect Sunday morning combination
Did i mention that Leonard Cohen is God, in the worst poss sense. I Adore him. finito.
Decided not to feel ashamed wearing my Leonard Cohen tee and scored 1000 points in the game of life
79 year old Leonard Cohen is my soulmate
My mums been all depressed today so she puts on Leonard Cohen... It's like she wants to stay sad
You all know how big a fan I am of the Canadian folk scene. Off to see its Dad, Leonard Cohen tonight. Hallelujah'

Lucky you. Call me silly but I just couldn't do the Brisbane Entertainment Centre. I need Leonard up close & intimate #Cohen

Leonard was on stage for 3 hours. Amazing band. 2 encores. 4 standing ovations. It was spiritual.

I know what you mean #adeepplacewithin #leonardcohen
I have just had a hot bath and listened to The Greatest Hits of Leonard Cohen. If you need to ask a favour now is the time.
Say it, daddy. ♫ Come Healing – Leonard Cohen #NowPlaying
Don't think I gave enough praise to Leonard Cohen's record "Old Ideas" last year, cause it is glorious.
"Turn up the Leonard Cohen, let's fucking RAGE." #ShitNoOneSays
Fabulous Leonard Cohen concert in Sydney last night. He's still got it. Band was brilliant, backing vocals stunning.
Leonard Cohen turned out a lifetimes worth of work in just a decade."
... Yeah, but he wasn't working in the oilfield when he did it
Wow, I slept incredibly well. Leonard Cohen should perform for me every night.
That time of the evening when I pour a glass of wine, close all open tabs and put on Leonard Cohen.
songs of Leonard Cohen getting a spin @ my family's bday party right now!!!
been listening to my leonard cohen record and looking outside since i woke up; looked and listened, and looked and listened
I'm a 20 year old student spending Saturday night in my room listening to Leonard Cohen. How will I have any material for my autobiography?
Drinking constant comment tea, thinking of Leonard Cohen.
Feeling melancholy, I think Leonard Cohen records are in store.
Where the hell has Leonard Cohen been all my life?
leonard cohen's suzanne. damn.
All needed now is Leonard Cohen and Mozart to end a good night #classics
Flipped through channels during the halftime break and stopped on The Voice bc kid was singing Leonard Cohen.
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Tue Nov 19, 2013 7:49 am

Leonard Cohen y otras cosas que te hacen saber que Dios, si existe.
Leonard Cohen and other things that make you know that yes, God does exist.
Book recommendation: Book of Longing, by Leonard Cohen. Beautiful stuff. Gorgeous poetry.
peeling garlic and listening to leonard cohen. fall is finally here and i'm making soup.
Nível Leonard Cohen aqui, friends.
Leonard Cohen level here, friends.
In other news: I'm ready for Leonard Cohen to release a Christmas / Hanukkah / Winter Solstice album. Right?
Leonard Cohen Built My Hot Rod
@ANNELAMOTT I love the image of God's light shining out of the cracks in our hearts. Thank you and your pastor and Leonard Cohen.
If I DM you, it would be really helpful if you pretend that I sound like Leonard Cohen.
Leonard Cohen simultaneously makes me want to fall in love and die.
sitting in my office blasting "the butcher" by leonard cohen and checking the calorie count for various peet's coffee drinks.
Ahora mismo soy capaz de cantar un tema de Leonard Cohen sin forzar la voz.
Right now I'm able to sing a Leonard Cohen song without forcing my voice.
Que te parece? La visita de leonard cohen a la radio esta noche? Mas regalo que ese imposible!
What do you think? The visit of Leonard Cohen to the radio tonight? Impossible to have a greater gift!
haha, Leonard Cohen already said that in a far superior way you dummy
reminder that Leonard Cohen puts feelings in to words better than most
Listening to Leonard Cohen, my sweetheart <3 <3 I love you!
Husband was singing Leonard Cohen's Everybody Knows this morning. Youngest insisted he'd heard The Wiggles do a version of it.
Look @notrockyhorror - a whole table of Leonard Cohen books at the Poetry Library open day yesterday! @WetBlackBough
#SlimVolumes The Leonard Cohen Cheerful Songbook
leonard cohen has a pretty cute way of pronouncing nazi
'Well if you don't get a bible verse tattooed, Leonard Cohen is the next best thing, right?' 'Right!' I LOVE YOU DART BOY & DART GIRL
If any one ever feels like being bummed out, I suggest searching "Leonard Cohen" on Etsy. Good night
The bar is playing Leonard Cohen. Could I be happier?
The poetry of Leonard Cohen is so remarkable for its emotion & intensity. Glad to have finally seen him in concert.
leonard cohen makes me want to cry 100% of the time
@SydEntCentre - it was really cold (& windy!) for the duration of Leonard Cohen on Saturday. Please adjust your aircon.
Mi suicidio va a ser musicalizado por Leonard Cohen.
My suicide is going to be set to music by Leonard Cohen.
Leonard Cohen is like an "on" switch for my human feelings and emotions
Hallelujah is one of those perfect songs. There are only a few.
me too, leonard cohen is a blessing to the world
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Wed Nov 20, 2013 10:17 am

Off to see St Leonard Cohen. I've been faithful...give or take a night or two.
LEONARD COHEN! That's who David Blaine reminds me of! That only took 8 years to figure out.
leonard cohen's voice is so relaxing
Leonard Cohen's "tea & oranges from China" line has lost its romance now that goods come laced w arsenic.
I enjoy listening to Philip Glass speak, more than I enjoy listening to his music.

Seeing him and Leonard Cohen interviewed together at the Winter Garden a few years back was ah-mazing. …
I normally calm down after I sing this to myself, but I feel so bad right now THIS doesn't even help.
hey I'm just popping in here to make sure nothing bad is being said about Leonard Cohen
I can surely give Leonard Cohen a run for his money with my current voice. Baby, I've been waiting I've been waiting night and day ...
Leonard Cohen and Jean Redpath are mine.
There has never been a more deceptive album title than Leonard Cohen's 'Death of a Ladies' Man.'
Lo que daría por estar esta noche en el Chelsea Hotel de Leonard Cohen...
What I wouldn't give to be in Leonard Cohen's Chelsea Hotel tonight...
Leonard Cohen's first album as a whole is still incredible.
just had the coolest revelation that "Hallelujah" (originally by Leonard Cohen) chronicles the stories of Kings David and Soloman! wow!
Before I really listened to Leonard Cohen I thought he was one of those - like Bob Dylan - who wrote songs that other people sang better.
If ur feeling depressed , wanna have a cry about life , or ur feeling religious or philosophical , go on and listen to some Leonard Cohen
Fuelling for day of reading, meetings and Leonard Cohen show with a quadruple espresso (didn't mean to make it that strong...)
Oh god. I'm putting Bright Eyes back on because Leonard Cohen is NOT DEPRESSING ENOUGH.
Leonard Cohen built a whole career from the experience of watching England play football.
QUE EN el mundo exista el talento musical d Leonard Cohen y la vulgaridad política d Rajoy, nos da 1 idea d lo caprichosa q es la naturaleza
That there should exist in the world the musical talent of Leonard Cohen and the political vulgarity of Rajoy, gives us an idea of how capricious nature is.
Racing the sun, travelling westward with Leonard Cohen as the guide. #Gpabq
He writes the songs. Gravely voiced genius.>>>>>>
Leonard Cohen - Dance Me to the End Of Love
No se confundan, sí pongo a Nick Cave y a Leonard Cohen para ir a dormir, no es por que me aburran.
Don't be confused, if I put on Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen to go to sleep, it's not because they bore me.

Leonard Cohen y Nick Cave (and the Bad seeds) son músicos que se merecen toda la calma previa al sueño.
Leonard Cohen and Nick Cave (and the Bad Seeds) are musicians who deserve all the calm before sleep.
leonard cohen writes beautiful poetry
Shocked by the rise of the selfie. When did teenagers become narcissistic, insecure and desperate to assert their selfhood?

Not in my day. *stares at spots in mirror while listening to Leonard Cohen*

¿Conoces a Xavier Mas? Un extraño discípulo de Ry Cooder... Ahora está trabajando con con Leonard Cohen. Es asombroso.
Do you know Javier Mas? A strange disciple of Ry Cooder... he's working now with Leonard Cohen. He's astonishing.
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Thu Nov 21, 2013 6:49 pm

Leonard Cohen, Leonard Cohen, Leonard Cohen... no, no aparece.
Leonard Cohen, Leonard Cohen, Leonard Cohen... no, he isn´t appearing.
Photo: Shout out to all the Leonard Cohen homies in fedoras on the N train at 1 am double fisting Starbucks...
Also. Leonard Cohen was at MJQ.
Leonard Cohen thinks I'm cute. I'm done.
found a leonard cohen poetry book yesterday .. i am in love .
My favourite thing about Leonard Cohen is that I relate so much to his lyrics even when I don’t understand them. Somehow.
Fell asleep listening to a Leonard Cohen track. Woke up with Spotify still dutifully playing through his back catalog. O my fragile psyche!
5 rows back from Leonard Cohen singing Chelsea Hotel - I've never been entertained as well by a 79 year old...
Leonard Cohen's music is still badass
You are my favourite person on twitter and in real life Nacho you are my hero. Can you teach me how to talk to ladies??

If you look like Leonard Cohen the way you look in your avatar you don´t need my guidance at all.
Listened to Leonard Cohen in Melbourne last night. One of the most all around beautiful performances I've seen. It's nice to be home. FR
Bemused on being told that a couple had Leonard Cohen's Alleluia sung at a humanist wedding ceremony. They didn't want anything religious...
I also have a collected poetry of Leonard Cohen, and a Beat poets collection, buy one, get one half price. Winner.

Nice one. How is Leonard Cohen's poetry? I have never read any.

Not started yet. Was intending it for my journey home this weekend, but as I'm driving that may be considered dangerous.
productive things i've done tonight:
other things i've done tonight: sit at a half-dead piano playing leonard cohen's hallelujah
Entre Neil Young, Leonard Cohen, Arcade Fire y el Canadian Club, la verdad que ese país ha logrado algo.
Between Neil Young, Leonard Cohen, Arcade Fire and the Canadian Club, the truth is, that country has achieved something.
Leonard Cohen es un genio.
Leonard Cohen is a genius.
Come get me when Glee has a special Leonard Cohen episode
Doblar la ropa mientras escuchas a Leonard Cohen, y otras cosas que hacemos las señoras.
Folding the clothes while you listen to Leonard Cohen, and other things we ladies do.
Lol my dad puts a Leonard Cohen cd on and i literally have to stop and say what the fuck after every line.
Leonard Cohen in Melbourne last night,
brilliant as ever. With his band of virtuosi,
3 hrs, sounding better than his records
transcendent evening with Leonard Cohen - so lucky
When my 5 yo daughter wants to know why Leonard Cohen wants to be danced to the end of love, I need to think of answers #RATW
Leonard Cohen gets cooler every year.
Mi padre lleva escuchando a Leonard Cohen todo el día y bueno, ahora lo estoy haciendo yo.
My father´s been listening to Leonard Cohen all day and, well, now I´m doing it.
I want Arctic Monkeys playing in the background when we make love for the first time or forget it. Really, I want the whole band there.

I'll see what I can do as long as you don't let them watch. I can't perform under pressure. Let me know when lol

I've just lined up Leonard Cohen to help you cope with the disappointment. Caring lover even if it is only once ;-)
Tonight's Latin Burlesque class is danced to "I Am Your Man" by Leonard Cohen. Very cool.
I was having a hw crisis and I put leonard cohen on and now I'm finished. Just saying.
anyway I'm going to put some Leonard Cohen on and knit
Oh yes. If there is one thing I love it's my pillow pet named Leonard Cohen.
i suggest that everyone hear a singer must die by leonard cohen its a pure reflection of the american democracy we r seeking
The background music to Channel 5's "The Nazi Search For The Holy Grail" sounds alarmingly like Leonard Cohen's "Suzanne" gone a bit wrong.
Ah! I have only NINE MORE SLEEPS to Leonard Cohen concert!
It was a remarkable gig - but no mention here of his sublime rendition of Famous Blue Raincoat? ... 2xwam.html
This week I've seen @Cmdr_Hadfield and former PM Joe Clark at @ckuw. Can I try my luck and ask Leonard Cohen to stop by? #famouscanadians
High Court decisions and Leonard Cohen’s Songs of Love and Hate seem to be working well together this morning
Shoot me! Leonard Cohen on one station and Los Lonely Boys on another. I now have no cochlea's!
Yes we were all transported as one Leonard Cohen
Just watched the documentary Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Leonard Cohen and it was fantastic. Made before he'd even released ANY music.
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Sat Nov 23, 2013 8:06 pm

Doesn't matter how many listens I give Leonard Cohen's New Skin for the Old Ceremony. A stream of epiphanies every time.
Blue skies for Leonard Cohen. Hallelujah! @ Bimbadgen
someone said Leonard Cohen sucks, today, at school. The need of beating someone was never that strong... yup
Played Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen on piano tonight to a room of small children, wearing space leggings and fancy boots. Good friday night.
I've baked a cake & some bread is rising. Despair at the world & the weather - such that I may not see Leonard Cohen tonight.
Acabo de descubrir que Leonard Cohen escribio un libro.. Curiosamente, ahora me interesa mas su musica xD
Just discovered that Leonard Cohen wrote a book. Curiously, now I'm more interested in his music.
3 hours ago · Palladium
We took Leonard Cohen's 'Passing Through' to the lobby of the Warsaw venue tonight after the gig..The troops followed!! #glenhansard
sylvie simmons ‏@sylviesimmons 3h
When I broke out of the parking lot (don't ask) and was back in my hotel room, who was on the huge flat-screen but that Leonard Cohen bloke!
Late breakfast on beach at Terrigal, while doing the form. Heading to the Hunter this afternoon for Leonard Cohen. #heaven
Nothing like listening to your girls singing leonard cohen #claasic
Brendan Kelly ‏@brendanshowbiz 2h
So you know who Marie-Mai is. Here are few more skill-testing questions about franco culture. ... ture-savvy

@brendanshowbiz Great but I bet 50% of QC francophones don't even know who Leonard Cohen is.

Brendan Kelly ‏@brendanshowbiz 2h
@n_carreiro Oh francos know Leonard but they don't know plenty of ROC celebs.
I don't think a CD can even pick up all the frequencies of Leonard Cohen's voice
Basically, this pendulum, split-thinking is like the worst sometimes. And then I realize that there are books and Leonard Cohen.
At Leonard Cohen's house in Montreal. Firsties.
Overworked GP says I would dance to Leonard Cohen. Singly loudly to this.
Estoy dibujando y agradezco sugerencias musicales, me da lo mismo el género que soy de pasar de un pogo a Leonard Cohen.
I'm drawing and I'd be grateful for music suggestions, genre doesn't matter since I'm one to go from pogo to Leonard Cohen.
Ouch:"He delivers Shakespeare’s poetry like a moody, glue-sniffing teenager reciting Leonard Cohen lyrics to himself" ... umont.html
It's never too late to discover Leonard Cohen.
Oh come on Spain, playing Leonard Cohen over the stage sound system is not on. 1000 kisses deep not what I need right now.
Hay en la 2 una recopilación de música de los 80 y según ellos todo es una puta mierda menos Leonard Cohen y Cristina Rosenvinge.
On Channel 2 there's a compilation of music from the 80's and according to them everything is utter shit except Leonard Cohen and Cristina Rosenvinge.
Leonard Cohen está igual!! Sí, con más arrugas (muchas más), pero ha envejecido muy bien. Su voz siempre ha sido de viejo...
Leonard Cohen is the same!!! Yes, with more wrinkles (many more), but he's aged very well. His voice has always been old...
The Book of Longing by Leonard Cohen is gr8
Leonard Cohen has spoken for us
leonard cohen please just keep going leonard cohen
Listen to the first four Leonard Cohen albums in one sitting and see if you still have the will to live after
Me parece que salgo a comprar whisky y me pongo un disco de Leonard Cohen.
I think I'll go out to buy whisky and I put on a Leonard Cohen record.
Leonard Cohen is phenomenal.
Ojalá que todo fuera como las canciones de Leonard Cohen.
Wish everything could be like the songs of Leonard Cohen.
our dogs are 100% disco. The cats are more Leonard Cohen with occasional Birthday Party jags.
After "farmer brown had 5 red apples", my 2-yr old asked for Leonard Cohen's "hallelujah" by name as her bedtime lullaby. #proudmoments
@MOJOmagazine a car audio repair left me w/out my Leonard Cohen CD from #181/Dec. '08. Is there a way to replace it? Know anyone w/ a spare?
You are all suggesting songs and I really appreciate it!! I'll repay you by suggesting you all listen to Leonard Cohen's In My Secret Life!!
I don't think anyone will understand how much Leonard Cohen's "In my secret life" means to me.
I'm on my way to go buy another ticket to see Leonard Cohen - oh dear
Nothing like a little Leonard Cohen in the morning to send you crawling despondently back to bed.
A lovely bit of Leonard Cohen to end a really nice day.
Leonard Cohen sounds like Eeyore doing karaoke and he doesn't know any of the songs, so he's off beat.. But that shit somehow works..
De pequeña le tenía un gran amor-odio a Leonard Cohen. De esto que te encanta, pero estás harta de que tus padres lo pongan.
When I was little I had a great love-hate for Leonard Cohen. The kind where you love him, but you're fed up with your parents playing him.
Crazy busy morning & I'm frustrated & the Leonard Cohen's "Anthrem" comes on & I breathe & feel better. Maybe I'll hit repeat a few times.
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Mon Nov 25, 2013 6:49 am

According to the bathroom mirror in Rexall Place, Leonard Cohen is 5'6". But I think his voice is 6'3".
Someone's playing Everybody Knows by Leonard Cohen up in this restaurant.

Ordered a porkchop.
The only thing I'd be in the mood for now is Mr. Leonard Cohen sitting on a chair in this bedroom, reading some of his poetry.
All my friends are out drinking and I'm at home listening to Leonard Cohen. LOOK AT ME. NOT BEING LIKE OTHER GIRLS. SUCH UNGIRL. MUCH OTHER.
My mother has called my programme to request Leonard Cohen. I really wish she wouldn't try to force class in amongst the trash I play.
Los domingos soy infiel a Leonard Cohen, me paso el día con Norah Jones.
On Sundays I'm unfaithful to Leonard Cohen, I spend the day with Norah Jones.
Ahhh the people you meet at the Leonard Cohen show, I tell ya!
I swear Leonard Cohen is guest starring as an assassin in The Godfather: Part II but maybe it's just me who thinks that.
Cada cop que escolto Hallelujah de Leonard Cohen em sento més feliç.
Every time I hear Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen, I feel happier.
I know Leonard Cohen isn’t dead, guys. I’m just daft as a brush.
Sometimes, there's only Leonard Cohen. #ananswertoeverything
Give me a Camper and a big bag of weed oh and a leonard cohen CD and get me the fuck out of England.
I think seeing Leonard Cohen last night changed my life.
Si eschuchás mucho a Leonard Cohen una cumbia seguro que no te sale, pero por ahí un valsecito sí.
If you listen to Leonard Cohen a lot, for sure you're not going to have a cumbia come out of you, but a waltz every now and then, yes.

Leonard Cohen como muchos poetas israelíes utiliza la Biblia para sus propios fines. Los cumbieros no te mencionan ni a Martín Fierro.
Leonard Cohen, like a lot of Israeli poets, uses the Bible for his own purposes. The cumbia writers won't even mention Martin Fierro to you.
Every time I listen to Leonard Cohen, I feel like I should be at a highway diner and up to absolutely no good.
Listening to Leonard Cohen's "Songs of Love and Hate" while studying for a religion exam is a pretty intense experience for a Saturday night
Leonard Cohen is the greatest symbol of accountable, enjoyable adulthood. And for that, we love him.
"Fanny and Alexander" is the Leonard Cohen of movies.
Leonard Cohen. Sunset. Some stunning fucking mountain range for a backdrop. Every song you ever dreamed of hearing. Revelatory.
Leonard Cohen is never outdated.
I sometimes get Leonard Cohen and Tony Bennett confused.
Anoche, derrotado por la semana, le pregunte a una hermosa mujer, que era lo que estaba escuchando hoy en día, me dijo Leonard Cohen.. ^_^
Last night, defeated by the week, I asked a beautiful woman what she was listening to today, she told me Leonard Cohen...
Cohen el Bárbaro.
Cohen the Barbarian.

Casi me has hecho tirar de la silla con esa gilipollez.
You almost made me fall off my chair with that stupid-ass joke.

No es mía, es de Terry Pratchett.
It's not mine, it's Terry Pratchett.

Por un momento me he imaginado a Leonard Cohen con musculitos de gimnasio sin camiseta.
For a moment I imagined Leonard Cohen with little gym muscles, without a shirt.

este es como sería Conan con 80 años.
this is how Conan would be at 80 years old.
I haven't listened to Leonard Cohen in two weeks, I deserve this.
I think I'm gonna like #LeonardCohen.
My 11 y/o told me I looked like Leonard Cohen this morning. Not sure if he meant it as a compliment, but I am interpreting it as one.
Doesn't matter how many listens I give Leonard Cohen's New Skin for the Old Ceremony. A stream of epiphanies every time.
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Thu Nov 28, 2013 2:17 am

Waiting for my first "NYC-style" pizza and Leonard Cohen's "First, We'll Take Manhattan" plays on the PA.
haha. I wish Leonard Cohen would take me under his wing and teach me how to speak
Leonard Cohen turns grocery shopping into a real dramatic adventure.
Leonard Cohen. Sofa. Ice Cream. Weed. Hot tub warming up. Thankful.
yesenia has been listening to: panic! at the disco, my chemical romance, leonard cohen, joy division, albert hammond jr., fall out boy
Tony Tony Hillier review of Leonard Cohen last night in Cairns. One fantastic concert.
I saw Leonard Cohen last night. I wish I could somehow transfer the beauty of this to my Mom-who grew me up with his poetry & song (Thx Mom)
One of the lecturers mentioned Leonard Cohen today and from then on I was a little bit in love with him
Holiday travel advice from Leonard Cohen: DON'T GO HOME WITH YOUR HARD-ON #Thanksgiving #Hanukkah
begs leonard cohen to not die before i get to see him live
Leonard Cohen is super chill. Like wow.
Leonard Cohen's voice is like melted butter.
read a freaky tweet saying Leonard Cohen died. He hasnt. Freaked me out for a few seconds though. Bastards.
Summary of my day: In class we listened to Leonard Cohen the entire time, Mom made gingerbread cookies and I straightened Jesse's hair
as lovely leonard cohen is, if I try to tidy up with his music I end up lying on the couch staring at the ceiling
thank you Leonard Cohen for everything
Boy approx 10 yrs at Son's school pick up yesterday was wearing a Leonard Cohen tshirt. Impressed. And a little alarmed.
Fuera ibuprofenos y paracetamoles. Voto por el remedio casero para el constipado:baño de espuma con leonard cohen de fondo y pistachos
Forget ibuprofen and paracetamol. I vote for the home remedy for a head cold: bubble bath with leonard cohen in the background and pistachios.
Hannah Cohen v.pretty. Also Leonard Cohen, even now. Maybe Cohens just attractive people?!
I've listened to far too much Enrico Caruso, Leonard Cohen and Avril Lavigne (what a combo!) of a Tuesday evening.
Working with #LeonardCohen playing in the background. "Dance me to the end of love" must be the most beautiful song ever written.
Reading a book of Leonard Cohen poetry and drinking chocolate oatmilk #walkingonthewildside
De vez en cuando está bien presumir de que Leonard Cohen estuvo en mi facultad.
Once in a while it's okay to be proud that Leonard Cohen was in my university department.
Leonard Cohen playing in the cafe. Excellent.
Our favourite album review so far... "It's Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen sipping Champagne in Bryan Ferry's kitchen!!". Thank you James Walsh.
Hoy he descubierto por qué nadie lleva discos de Leonard Cohen en el coche
Today I discovered why nobody carries Leonard Cohen records in the car.
I've spent almost the entire day listening to Leonard Cohen and writing about “Emotional Agility”. Because apparently I want to be sad.
If the weather today were a person that person would be Leonard Cohen.
..y el arrullo de hoy lo recibió Jimena en voz de su abuelo canadiense Leonard Cohen y el disco The Future...sublime
And Jimena got today's lullabye in the voice of her Canadian grandfather Leonard Cohen and The Future album... sublime
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by Brenda » Fri Nov 29, 2013 2:06 am

Has anybody seen this Twitter account yet?

Looking at the familiair faces that are posting tweets, it seems to be connected to someone in or close to Camp Cohen...

Bubli..... maybe Alex's wife/gf?
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Sun Dec 01, 2013 6:36 am

Well, it's LaurenceBubli... does Alex have a brother?
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Tue Dec 03, 2013 3:21 am

Told my boss I was in a super sad shitty mood so now he's playing tons of Leonard Cohen THANKS BUD *dies forever*
Leonard Cohen: so wise, so humble and so very kind. Bonus: golden-gravel voice. Watched his London 2009 gig on loop last night so knackered.
My mom, on Leonard Cohen: "He was in Hootie & the Blowfish, right?" #parents
Playn Leonard Cohen.Prayn it helps shut my brain up.
the lyrics to Suzanne by Leonard Cohen are just so truthful/beautiful ugh please Leonard why do you do this 2 me
I love Leonard Cohen btw my friends judge me for listening to his music bc I'm not even 30 but fuck em
Whenever I play Leonard Cohen "I'm ur man" i just wanna twirl around the living room in front of the fireplace sipping a glass of wine!
Hey Spencer:) Going to Leonard Cohen on sat. First real concert ive been to. So excited!!!!!
Has been caressed "by a golden voice" including four encores! #LeonardCohen #Townsville
Figured out that singing Leonard Cohen/Jeff Buckley will calm #Penelopeezy down, RHCP puts her to sleep, and The Beasties make her scream.
Like Leonard Cohen, Dylan's age only enhances the performance: the years, the life lived, deepening every song
Yeah but remember that time Leonard Cohen was mentioned in a mock english exam and I was singing Famous Blue Raincoat for days
family, health, Leonard Cohen, Russ Wilson, malt beverages, Cheez-its, meatless Thanksgivings, dandruff, slugs #mosttoleastfavoritethings
I'm in love with Leonard Cohen' voice
#leonardcohen was very nearly the best live show I've ever seen
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by sturgess66 » Tue Dec 03, 2013 3:53 am

Brenda wrote:Has anybody seen this Twitter account yet?
Looking at the familiair faces that are posting tweets, it seems to be connected to someone in or close to Camp Cohen...
Bubli..... maybe Alex's wife/gf?
HelenOE wrote:Well, it's LaurenceBubli... does Alex have a brother?
Then again - the name is possibly a play on "Lawrence Welk" + (the champagne) - the "bubbly" ;-)
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Wed Dec 04, 2013 7:36 am

I'd rock a kazoo like nobody's business. Cover Type O Negative, Leonard Cohen, and Green Day on that sucker.
Listening to 'Waiting For the Miracle' in my car in the Sonic parking lot. Would Leonard Cohen approve? I think yes.
Leonard Cohen is rocking my world right now! :)
¿Hombre apasionado? Leonard Cohen.
Passionate man? Leonard Cohen
Death of a Ladies' Man (1977) no sólo es el disco más defenestrado de Leonard Cohen. También es el que más me gusta.
Death of a Ladies' Man (1977) isn't just Leonard Cohen's most shambolic record. It's also the one I like the most.
Biggest out-of-context abomination: Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah scoring a sex scene in Watchmen or being played at a wedding?
Depression/Leonard Cohen phase continues. Beard continues to grow.
Si tuviera una voz como la de Leonard Cohen, iría por la vida cantando a las féminas y viendo como sus calzones se deslizan por sus piernas.
If I had a voice like Leonard Cohen's, I'd go through life singing to the females and watching their panties slide down their legs.
Leonard Cohen. Baileys and coffee. Repeat.
Bob Dylan, overrated. Leonard Cohen's a smarter, more honest songwriter. #confessyourunpopularopinion
Leonard Cohen me esta diciendo sutilmente que ya es hora de dormir. Como me relaja su voz..#holyvoice #Wannasleep
Leonard Cohen is telling me softly that it's time to sleep now. How his voice relaxes me. #holyvoice #Wannasleep
I have never been able to decide if I enjoy Pablo Neruda or not.

Different incarnations/moods may or may not. I feel the same way about him, and Leonard Cohen.
note to self: staying up til 3am listening to Leonard Cohen and having a tearful heart to heart w/a bestie about Life leads to puffy eyes
The Rolling Stones play Auckland on April 5. The last hurrah (again)? Might have to give that a nudge

bah old men running around on stage don't do it 4 me anymore. Give me Leonard Cohen & (unfortunately NOT) Lou Reed any day!

Ha. TBH my expectations aren't stellar, but they're the first band I was ever obsessed about & my 8 year old self is keen
(re: the above. I love how Leonard Cohen is offered as an alternative to "old men running around on stage.")
Peter Barlow playing Tom Waits & Leonard Cohen in the flat. Gone up massively in my estimation. Massively.
Is Peter Barlow listening to Leonard Cohen the night before his wedding? Good choice, Pete, but bloody hell, its hardly cheery #corrie
Dear Wollongong,
Please behave tonight & show Leonard Cohen more respect than you did for Cyndi Lauper & countless other @WINSportsEnt acts.
Y amo a Leonard Cohen, su voz de güeva es increíblemente chingona.
And I love Leonard Cohen, his lazy voice is incredibly awesome.
Leonard Cohen as background music on Coronation street. :)

'Night comes on' from 'Various Positions'

While Dylan is more important, Leonard Cohen is the better songwriter, singer, and performer. Tell me why I'm wrong.
Leonard Cohen, your music is godly.
I feel like what the 2010s need is a good minor-key cover of Leonard Cohen's "Democracy," with the hook played on a bassoon.
There should be a U. N. resolution that confines the playing of Dan Fogelberg's "Another Auld Lang Syne" to the week before NYE. #discuss

Yes. Also, that covering Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah doesn't make it less heartbreaking or turn it into an Xmas song.
Chaucer Doth Tweet ‏@LeVostreGC 9h
Suzanne taketh yow down to a place by the ryver wher the ad hoc taskforce committee meetinge shal occur. #bureaucratsonges
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Thu Dec 05, 2013 8:30 am

At Starbucks in Lima, 10 pm, hearing Leonard Cohen on sound system, "Hallelujah."
no encuentro el disco de homenaje a Leonard Cohen que me regalaste. Lo quiero otra vez. Con emergencia Es el clima
I can't find the Leonard Cohen tribute CD you gave me. I want it again. Urgently. It's the weather.
I got myself a blue raincoat, I couldn't resist the Leonard Cohen's reference.
Remember seeing #LeonardCohen @HammersmithOdeon in 79 with a beautiful boy who smelt of weed & patchouli! #wistful
Oh yeah, a mellow saxophone version of "Hallelujah". I think Leonard Cohen just threw himself off the Tower of Song.

Ooo dum dum dum, ah ooo dum dum.

Fortunately they've tied him to a table, right there, in the Tower of Song.

I just wish the Jazz Police would crack down on whoever made these saxophone covers.

Their holy books open wide, doctors working day and night, but they'll never ever find the cure for saxophone covers.
I don't care about the "Hallelujah" covers. Leonard Cohen - the original - is the best. Original Gangster Hallelujah
Today's the kinda day where ye sit in a dark room yourself lighting matches n blowing them out to Leonard Cohen
Could listen to Leonard Cohen and nick cave basically all day
TY "@DavidSandum: Anthem-Leonard Cohen: … #music". Never has a song been written, declaring so many Truths! Stirring.
Alt Rock Radio Now ‏@ARRNow 9h
On ep 1, @VPJ7 asked, “if you could only listen to either #NeilYoung or #LeonardCohen for the rest of time, who would you choose?” Thoughts?
sonando en @rutopia #leonardcohen el ilustre poeta, cantautor nos embriaga con su voz
Playing on @rutopia #leonardcohen the illustrious poet, singer-songwriter intoxicates us with his voice
Tardes de poca luz,Leonard Cohen y café,no pido más
Afternoons with low light, Leonard Cohen and coffee, I can't ask for more.
Tu canción favorita? — Cualquiera de Leonard Cohen.
Your favorite song? -- any of Leonard Cohen's.
Winter Wednesday morning Leonard Cohen punch in the heart. More, more. Right there.
A Connecticut minister just quoted Leonard Cohen on CNN
Al Green, Barry White, Tony Bennett, Tom Waits & Leonard Cohen, son voces para enamorar, me erizan sus voces.
Al Green, Barry White, Tony Bennett, Tom Waits & Leonard Cohen, are voices to make you fall in love, their voices make my hairs stand on end.
"I don't know the def of a Sufi musician. To me Bob Marley is a Sufi musician, so is Leonard Cohen"-@ariebazhar at @thesecondfloor #Sach
This song always makes me wanna rip my clothes off and pin him, Leonard Cohen - Everybody Knows … via @youtube
Enjoyed Leonard Cohen concert, backing singers great, but looked like downmarket estate agents in ill fitting grey trouser suits.
(maybe it's time to switch Sharon and the Webbs to Little Black Dresses, or Not Quite So Little Black Dresses, depending on the weather?)
(o único lugar em que os anos 80 preservaram alguma dignidade foi nas músicas do Leonard Cohen. E mesmo assim com bateria de teclado)
The only place where 80 years preserves some dignity is in the songs of Leonard Cohen. And that's even with synthesizer percussion.
Soy un fanático de Leonard Cohen, pero Javier Mas es lo mejor que le ha podido pasar al poeta Judío. Único, mágico, inigualable.
I'm a fan of Leonard Cohen, but Javier Mas is the best thing that could have happened to the Jewish poet. Unique, magical, without equal.
Sin mi playlist de Leonard Cohen no voy a decir que no podría vivir (porque sí que podría, la verdad), pero mi vida sería bastante peor.
Without my Leonard Cohen playlist I'm not going to say I couldn't live (because truth is, I could), but my life would be quite a bit worse.
Creepy Santa and Leonard Cohen keep me company when I do overtime.
Coffee and Leonard Cohen are my two current loves.
i feel i saw magic last night......and i can hardly believe i've seen The Leonard Cohen with my own eyes...:)
Dear @EpcotCentre I noticed the Canadian Pavilion no longer sells Leonard Cohen CDs. Are you aware he's 3rd in line for our throne?
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Sat Dec 07, 2013 8:36 am

Leonard will fit, no problem, but the band might be a bit cramped, especially with Roscoe's upright bass:
So we're off to see Leonard Cohen perform at a winery in a convertible Morris Minor
plot twist: it's now a poetry writing, Leonard Cohen Songs of Love and Hate, and whiskey kind of evening. Whoa, did not see that coming!
I'm still confused if this is a religious song or not.
Leonard Cohen - Hallelujah:
Just paying my rent every day in the tower of quoting Leonard Cohen lyrics.
Leonard Cohen is the best songwriter of all time.
I'm so lucky to get to see #LeonardCohen for the second time. An extraordinary experience the first time, I'm expecting great things today.
Kickstarter to invent immortality elixir for Leonard Cohen.
All is well in our world when Leonard Cohen is playing in the bunker. :D
Just seen the Leonard Cohen film I'm Your Man. Beautiful and saved from perfection by the presence of Bono.
How to stay monogamous, in six easy steps | Zoe Williams

Don't listen to Leonard Cohen. Yep, he's to blame. Doh! ;-)
Also, don't click on the link unless you want to see a picture of the nekkid rear end of a man who's not Leonard Cohen.
Estoy escuchando a Leonard Cohen, mientras me preparo para comer pollo ahumado. Superen eso. No, no se puede. Pobres.
I'm listening to Leonard Cohen, while I prepare to eat smoked chicken. Let's see you do better than that. No, you can't. Poor you.
What if Captain Von Trapp just started doing a Leonard Cohen cover instead of Edelweiss?
I don't think there is a single cover of Leonard Cohen's #Hallelujah that I dislike. Just so, so, so good.
Well, all I can say about Dylan is Leonard Cohen would never have been so crass & the French gave the Legion of Honour to wrong troubadour
Leonard Cohen - Anthem. He's an artist I admire so much. More Gravelly these days but nonetheless #HitsSpot
Leonard Cohen is haunting me tonight.
From the 3 hours I got I remember 4 dreams: 2 about long-term imprisonment, one concerning my dance skills & one that starred Leonard Cohen.
Death rips a hole in the fabric of our consciousness as Leonard Cohen said, “that’s how the light gets in.” #mindful
What a superb 360-degrees-spiritual-experience it is listening to Leonard Cohen music after reading @sylviesimmons 's definitive biography!
Why do people keep using Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah for religious purposes? It's about sex for crying out loud.
Hear the sad news of Mandela's passing, and Democracy by Leonard Cohen shuffles up in iTunes, #poignant #RIPMadiba
"There are some men who should have mountains to bear their names through time" Leonard Cohen. RIP #Mandela
Just overheard #blueberry singing Leonard Cohen, if the awesomest toddler award is still available.
cuando sea vieja quiero tener la voz de leonard cohen.-
when I am an old woman I want to have the voice of leonard cohen.
don't mind my wounded fingers but I find this poem of Leonard Cohen extremely beautiful

Leonard Cohen sings
My blood begins to quicken
Mindscape synchronized
Doing pack in and pack out for Leonard Cohen. That's what's up
whenever i listen 2 leonard cohen i just wanna light a vanilla scented candle nd lie down seductively on my bed w red silk sheets
HALLELULAH! sang Leonard Cohen. And so did I.

But the rules clearly stated I should shout Bingo.

So I didn't win a penny.
Did you abandon your epic love poems?

That was June and July

June & July metaphorically?

No literally ... it took 2 months to do.

I don't think that's very long for a poem. Leonard Cohen sometimes takes years over a few lines.
I bet Leonard Cohen can iron beautifully. Perhaps he just sings to his freshly washed Shreddies & the creases vanish.
Mi vida es más desastrosa que el triángulo amoroso entre Morrison, Janis y Hendrix.

yo soy el Leonard Cohen de esa relación.

No sé donde entra él

Leonard Cohen le hizo una canción a Janis después de una noche de hotel. Ella nomás lo usó.

No sabía eso :o Rólala

Chelsea hotel #2 se llama.
My life is more disastrous than the love triangle among Morrison, Janis and Hendrix.

I'm the Leonard Cohen in that relationship.

I don't know where he comes into it.

Leonard Cohen did a song for Janis after a hotel night. She just used him.

I didn't know that. :o Play it

It's called Chelsea Hotel #2.
Sat next to Leonard Cohen at a bar today. It was in equal parts embarrassing and satisfying, looking like a 6ft 5in Belieber next to a musi…
last night i dreamt leonard cohen turned up to my ma's annual christmas gathering and sang white christmas. it was emotional.
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Mon Dec 09, 2013 9:56 pm

Youngest (10) just did the full existential "what is the point of waking up in the morning it's the same every day I can't stand it!" bit

I recently had 'there is nothing to look forward to except EXAMS, and MORE EXAMS, and then WORK, and then DEATH.'

Did you manage to keep a straight face? Or hand out a Leonard Cohen compilation?
..i'm totally in love with Leonard Cohen.
It was a pretty steep climb Leonard, but finally I am able to meet you, at the tower of song. #leonardcohen
Leonard Cohen, you do it to me every single time. Pure class.
The best song to shave to? Leonard Cohen's Dress Rehearsal Rag.
is listening to Leonard Cohen.. Gosh.. the man still rocks!!
When I grow up, I want to be Sharon Robinson. #leonardcohen
Jamás pude quererle. Perdió todo su atractivo el día que me preguntó si Leonard Cohen era negro.
I could never love him. He lost all his attractiveness the day he asked me if Leonard Cohen was black.
Brilliant performance. Leonard Cohen just gets better every time
Lucky. Glad he's still touring though, so I've had (and hopefully will have) a few chances to see him.
Estúpido Leonard Cohen, siempre me haces llorar.
Stupid Leonard Cohen, you always make me cry.
How come you can sing any Dylan song to the tune of Gilligan's Island theme song, but can't do the same for Leonard Cohen?
"¿Qué Leonard Cohen budista zen? ¡viejo verde a tope!"
"What, Leonard Cohen a Zen Buddhist? Dirty old man to the max!"
Thankfully, Leonard Cohen is here to help me understand who I am
Swell day hanging with you Mr Cohen, MR LEONARD COHEN. Just a damn shame that the muppets had to turn up. Big props to...

LEONARD COHEN, BAND, SOUND, LIGHTING, PRODUCTION, TOUR MANAGEMENT... Downhill from there. As for the rest of you... M-U-P-P-E-T-S!
La extrema belleza del cuerpo humano:La bailarina Heather Odgen y música d Leonard Cohen "Lost In Motion II" on Vimeo
The extreme beauty of the human body: the dancer Heather Ogden and music by Leonard Cohen "Lost In Motion II" on Vimeo
Hey Perez, I hung out with Leonard Cohen tonight. It was so real that now I want to DIE. Can you do a eulogy at my funeral?
Crossing the river for Leonard Cohen
About to spend the night with Leonard Cohen...
thank you Leonard Cohen a thousand kisses deep for concert at the Hills Winery , captured my life over the last 40 years
im becoming slightly obsessed with leonard cohen
Sunday #breakfast, Leonard Cohen in the stereo and laziness. Can it get any better? #food #healthy…
Good decision: Leonard Cohen tickets for @adayonthegreen in Geelong; one of the best shows I have ever seen with one of the worst audiences
Anthem - Leonard Cohen: via @youtube

second time around...deserves 360 degrees of listening. Thank You Leonard
I wanted to put the tree up with Leonard Cohen. ♫ Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer – Dean Martin #NowPlaying
Leonard Cohen has a crazy deep voice... He should've done voice overs or some shit
Dance me to the end of Love" as per Leonard Cohen's gravel & velvet voice. This songwriter ventured to the outer boundaries of feelings ~
You spoke to Leonard Cohen? I want to marry you.
How hot was young Leonard Cohen though? The answer is considerably.
always good to have your name in a leonard cohen song even if it's tragic!
Its always refreshing to revisit Leonard Cohen....
Y ya que estamos con Leonard Cohen. Lean El juego favorito. Es una belleza.
And now that we're with Leonard Cohen. Read The Favorite Game. It's a beauty.
Comfortably numb listing to Leonard Cohen. I finally think I know what he is talking about in Bird on a Wire.
Leonard Cohen, aged 79, was brilliant in concert last night at A Day on The Green, it gives me hope that my best days lie ahead.
Hubby just made us a late dinner. Leonard Cohen is playing and my pain level is bearable. It is a good day and you?
But you see my friends and followers, I will be seeing the MAIN EVENT. Well the main event in my eyes. LEONARD COHEN. How totally exciting!
#ADayontheGreen Archie Roach and the hauntingly beautiful voice of Leonard Cohen still going through my mind!
Came home to a Leonard Cohen lyric interpretation party. Love my life.
leonard Cohen. Book of mercy. A book of god and the oblivion of existing
No cabe duda que Leonard Cohen es de lo mejor que nos queda en este planeta.
No room for doubt that Leonard Cohen is one of the best things we have left on this planet.
Sometime I wonder if people realize Leonard Cohen is not just another Hallelujah cover... Lmao
Hey, everyone's had their 'Leonard Cohen stuck in your head and holy shit is it good' phase.
Just finished watching doc about Leonard Cohen. That man is a genius, plain and simple. #fb
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