The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Wed Oct 30, 2013 6:00 am

Leonard Cohen recording a song about Janis Joplin is a proof that God exists.
So I am finally listening to 'Death of a Ladies' Man' for the first time. IT'S A SATIRE ON 70s LOVE BALLAD ALBUMS. OMFG. #LeonardCohen
Cheering myself up while working with Leonard Cohen's Songs of Love and Hate. Yes, it's been that sort of day...
Listening to Judy Collins perform Leonard Cohen's, 'Suzanne,' in Art History. I'm okay with this.
Sabes que ya envejeciste cuando le subes a "volumen heavy metal"... a "The Future" de Leonard Cohen.
You know you're old when you turn up the volume on... "The Future" by Leonard Cohen... to "heavy metal."
please read This Is It by Leonard Cohen
You gotta love a western which opens with a Leonard Cohen tune. #tcmparty
El día que me vaya a la cama sin escuchar a Leonard Cohen dejaré de ser yo.
The day I go to bed without listening to Leonard Cohen I will stop being me.
Y la imagino bailando en el baño intoxicada por la voz de Leonard Cohen.
And I imagine her dancing in the bathroom intoxicated by the voice of Leonard Cohen.
Thank you @CBCKelowna for playing #leonardcohen. My daughter said "I love this guy!" and started slow dancing. She's 5.
They said trick or treat so I turned into an octopus that can sing exactly like Leonard Cohen.
Leonard Cohen's music works perfectly with its poetry. A somberness and a beauty which transcends the harsh environment. #TCMParty
Sería hermoso vivir en una canción de Leonard Cohen
It would be beautiful to live in a Leonard Cohen song.
I'll say this about Lou Reed's death, I'm really glad I saw Leonard Cohen live when I did. I might never get the chance to see him again.
relax, we still have leonard cohen.
Si de cartas de trata, famous blue raincoat de Leonard Cohen debe ser la carta más terrible que se ha escrito a un amigo.
If it's letters you're talking about, famous blue raincoat by Leonard Cohen must be the most terrible letter that's been written to a friend.
Leonard Cohen chill me out man
First Ray Manzarek; now Lou Reed. If Leonard Cohen goes next my lil heart will explode with grief
Lou reed :( begging the universe it doesn't take leonard cohen next.
Lou Reed oince turned down a Leonard Cohen offer to holiday in Greece. He said a tan would end his career.
llevo un buen rato escuchando leonard cohen y maldita sea eso es bueno
I've been listening to leonard cohen for quite a while and damn that's good.
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Thu Oct 31, 2013 8:08 am

Leonard Cohen will live to be 134.
OK, search K.D. Lang sings Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah, its magic and I'm an atheist.
autumn is for Leonard Cohen and huge sweaters and actively avoiding responsibilities #pumkinflavoredapathy
In the bath, listening to Leonard Cohen. This is basically the final scene of a bad, black and white, art-house movie, isn't it?
Leonard Cohen makes the subway ride more like a living art film.
Leonard Cohen is the key to my soul
Today I will only write about Leonard Cohen. He is the best.
If Leonard Cohen and The Flaming Lips made a record, the world would explode.
Limpiando el piso con Hugh Laurie, Mick Jagger, Leonard Cohen, Nina Simone... Obviamente, yo soy el pringao que friega. Faltaría plus.
Cleaning the apartment with Hugh Laurie, Mick Jagger, Leonard Cohen, Nina Simone... Obviously I'm the schlub who scrubs. Plus missing.
"I think #LeonardCohen probably got laid a lot because he's non-threatening and dark & artsy."-@Valeriecello #LCDCvanchats
Leonard Cohen in 1960 = smokin' hot. (I like it when I have to do photo research at ECDubs.)
Leonard Cohen es un jodido maestro de la música. #lacanciondeldia cualquiera de las suyas
Leonard Cohen is a fucking master of music. #thesongoftheday any one of his
Andar buscando una terracita para inspirarse y trabajar en canciones incompletas y encontrarse a Leonard Cohen tomándose algo... no tiene precio. #enteredacafethismorningwhilelookinforsomesongwritinginspirationandtherewasmrleonardcohen #forreal]
To be looking for a little patio to get inspired and work on unfinished songs and find Leonard Cohen having something to drink... priceless. #enteredacafethismorningwhilelookinforsomesongwritinginspirationandtherewasmrleonardcohen #forreal
Who knew Leonard Cohen albums are the perfect length to assemble abstract bookcases while Barry White is the perfect company for cleaning.
Ha cos someone Im working with is working with Leonard Cohen I actually just said 'isn't he back from Leonards yet?' Awesome by association?
(we'll just let people who don't like to read tweets remain ignorant of these little snippets of news, shall we?)
My feelings were written a long time ago by Leonard Cohen.
depois da morte do Lou Reed jogo o nome do Leonard Cohen umas duas vezes por dia pra checar
After the death of Lou Reed I search Leonard Cohen's name a couple of times a day to check.
I've been listening to Leonard Cohen and writing a paper. Did I miss something?
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Sat Nov 02, 2013 1:52 am

Well played, Seamus:
i don't mean to brag or anything but i've cried to over ten different leonard cohen songs.
I don't mind a bit of the woo woo at the end neither. You know...when they touch your forehead and strum Leonard Cohen songs.
any street musician playing Leonard Cohen on a trombone on a cloudy morning is getting paid cash by me
This is like the time me and my guy broke up over Leonard Cohen.
Last night I dreamt that Leonard Cohen came to my town and we became best friends, I woke up so happy.
Also my mother crashed a pirate ship.
Fact: @arcadefire is the love child of ABBA and Leonard Cohen.
I think my vision is deteriorating. Sitting at about Leonard Cohen on the existential angst scale.
My favorite Leonard Cohen song about a puppet uprising is probably "First The Muppets Take Manhattan, Then The Muppets Take Berlin"
The leader of the Pakistan Taliban has been killed by an American drone. Finally, all that playing Leonard Cohen from tanks pays off.
Yo vivo de cosas como que aparezca Phil Collins o Leonard Cohen en División Miami.
I live on things like Phil Collins or Leonard Cohen appearing on Miami Vice.
I don't know. I just listen to my old man music.

What house is that?

House? I've lost track of this conversation.

if Manson is Slytherin, what house is your old music?

The House of Blues.

Manson is not Slytherin. >_> Leonard Cohen is Slytherin.
A little bit of Leonard Cohen to ease my mind and soul.
so many reasons to love Leonard Cohen
Last minute idea for female Leonard Cohen fans with no costumes: tell people your brother is dressed as Mercy.
Ran into Mr Leonard Cohen at a little cafe by Melrose yesterday. Went back home and wrote a song about it.
However, in your haste to rifle through my glove box you managed to scratch my #leonardcohen cd, and that I'm afraid I cannot forgive.
MEMO to all fat guys wearing fedoras for Halloween: You are NOT Leonard Cohen.
Blimey. If it's this bad when Lou Reed dies, imagine how we'll all feel when Leonard Cohen pops his clogs. *weeps into stereo*
Been thinking about humans being 90% ape & what the other 10% might be. Reminded me of a Leonard Cohen line - "An ape with angel glands".
My advice: Read: To Kill a Mockingbird. Listen to: Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah and then you'll be a man my son.
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Sun Nov 03, 2013 6:50 pm

Should I Wear a Fedora? A helpful flowchart.

Of course when you're Leonard Cohen the answer is always yes.
Everything in the world right now is Elizabeth and the Catapult's rendition of Leonard Cohen's "Everybody Knows".
Waits is amazing. I like to double down on his and Leonard Cohen's music on my off days.
I still think Leonard Cohen is my soulmate.
My guru, Sir Ken Robinson, was on Desert Island Discs this morning . Nice choice, although I wept during Leonard Cohen
For your chilly first Sunday in November, Leonard Cohen's 'Suzanne.' Middle verse got me into theology.
However unorthodox it seems, Leonard Cohen's words seem appropriate for Diwali:

'Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack in everything
That's how the light gets in'
Sólo por escribir Hallelujah, Leonard Cohen se puede sentar a la mesa con los grandes apóstoles de la poesía del siglo XX.
Just for writing Hallelujah, Leonard Cohen can sit at the table with the great apostles of poetry of the twentieth century.
I could marry Leonard Cohen's voice. #SoMuchSexy
No better music to study to than Leonard Cohen, the original and the best
Brunch conversation at @CacheBistro about Leonard Cohen:"Do you find him sexy?" Me (sheepishly):"Kind of." #GravellyVoice #GreatBrunchMusic
Suzanne by Leonard Cohen makes me wanna cry and love
Tuiteo a Leonardcohen y se me llenan las menciones de bots. Los bots van mejorando.
I tweet to Leonardcohen and my stream fills up with bots. The bots are improving.
serious LOL at everyone who is not listening to leonard cohen and drinking hot toddies and hanging out with three cats right now
Un Leonard Cohen antes de dormir, volviendo a las viejas costumbres
A Leonard Cohen before bed, going back to old habits.
took a muscle relaxer and have been listening to leonard cohen for almost three hours. thinking about snow.
If you're wearing a fedora and are not Indiana Jones, we probably can't be friends

leonard cohen is the definitive fedora-donner and the only one im willing to grandfather in to the new fedora-less utopia

lol, I will stipulate.
God? Tell him I love him... Leonard Cohen - First we take manhattan: he's our very own Lord Byron, I tell you...
How have I never listened to Leonard Cohen before
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Wed Nov 06, 2013 3:41 am

I think #RobFord misunderstood Leonard Cohen's "...there's a crack in everything ,that's how the light gets in" line.
In which it is revealed that Simon Cowell wants Leonard Cohen to play at his wedding. Speechless
Leonard Cohen is simply one of the greatest musical artists alive
Wasn't expecting a vibrator with a mind of its own to turn up in a novel by Leonard Cohen, but Beautiful Losers is cracking.
Follando con Leonard Cohen de fondo y todavía se atreve a decir que soy poco romántica vaya tela...
Fucking with Leonard Cohen playing in the background and he still dares to say that I'm not very romantic... what the...??
Leonard Cohen--turned up much too loud--my writing companion for the evening.
Leonard Cohen is not always a good idea.

I just read his bio and am now convinced he is criminally underrated.

I feel terrible about it.

common Leonard Cohen related feeling
This is a little ambiguous:
Ah, Leonard Cohen, si en mi iglesia hubieran cantado como él, seguiría siendo un Cruzado
Ah, Leonard Cohen, if they'd sung like you in my church, I would still be a Crusader
In my Secret Life, by Leonard Cohen, is one of those songs that teaches you not to take anything for granted.
Spent 15 minutes tonight trying to explain Leonard Cohen's Chelsea Hotel #2 to my 8 yr old. Once again, explanation mutually unsatisfying.
Israel online videos ‏@Israelonlinevid 19h
Bini Landau sings "Jewish version" of Leonard Cohen's Haleluya - Hevron, Pesach 5773 - ... sach-5773/
And here I thought Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" WAS the Jewish version...
Leonard Cohen just kicked me in the balls and told me to meditate on it.
sext: do you like leonard cohen
my itunes just started playing leonard cohen reeally randomly but it's the most relaxing thing that could've happened
The cynicism of Leonard Cohen's Everybody Knows may not be the best musical start to my day. #nowplaying
Fireworks Schmireworks, it's international corduroy appreciation day on Monday, and I for one cannot wait!

I am currently wearing a wide-wale corduroy trouser, of the type Leonard Cohen referred to in Hallelujah as the "secret cord".

I am so looking forward to seeing this Beautiful man 'LEONARD COHEN' In my secret life... Not long now :o)
Explicame el Lollapalooza martes y miércoles
Explain the Tuesday-and-Wednesday Lollapalooza to me

Yo vi a Leonard Cohen un miércoles. Así son las giras.
I saw Leonard Cohen on a Wednesday. Tours are like that.
My most favoured Leonard Cohen song 'Alexandra Leaving' I am madly & passionately in love with him/his voice
My early to rise reward? Coffee shop playing "Tower of Song." #leonardcohen
Si no viene Leonard Cohen ni Joni Mitchell, ni Dylan ni Neil Young, ni Van Morrison, no hay festival que valga. Perdón, me quedé en los 70.
If Leonard Cohen or Joni Mitchell or Dylan or Neil Young or Van Morrison don't come, it's no festival worth anything. Pardon me, I got stuck in the '70's.
God I love it when the weather changes and it's Leonard Cohen time
Off to a good start. Prof. Suzanne Fortier quotes from Leonard Cohen's Anthem during her #mcgillinstallation ceremony. Bonne chance!
tearing up to Leonard Cohen, what else is new. #chelseahotelno2
Cantar Hallelujah de Leonard Cohen porque por fin entiendes la letra.
Singing Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen because you finally understand the lyrics.
#Montreal: Notre dame de Snow Removal Armies/ Notre dame de Depanneur Ubiquity/ Notre dame de That's-Where-Leonard Cohen Lives #cfsw2013
*Thom York's Karma Police and Leonard Cohen's Jazz Police having a sing-off*
Shit it's THE Police!
"Drop your instruments. This is a Sting."
Yes, I am aware that this is a cover of a Leonard Cohen song. His awesomeness aside, that version was in EXOTICA, and I am traumatized.
Leonard Cohen's song Hallelujah took 5 years to write. I'm so grateful he never stopped.
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Thu Nov 07, 2013 5:39 am

no results found for "Leonard Cohen beauty tutorial"
Noche de Tom Waits & Leonard Cohen, solo falta una botella de whisky o de vino, un piano y tu para ser una noche perfecta
A night of Tom Waits & Leonard Cohen, all that's missing is a bottle of whisky or wine, a piano and you for it to be a perfect night
Listening to Leonard Cohen is always amazing, I just wish I had a whisky too. #PraiseOdin
Talking about Leonard Cohen in philosophy
Leonard Cohen would be so proud hearing the Phoenix Community Choir tonight #cbcatwoe
First, we take Manhattan ...

Meh, Leonard Cohen's version kicks the crap out of that one.
shit, I'm trapped in the Leonard Cohen cycle
Leonard Cohen. Too real Leonard. Too goddamn real.
Leonard Cohen's songs are too good to not listen to but damn they make me sad.
I'm so profoundly weary I make Leonard Cohen look like the Cheeky Girls.
Starting off a rainy day with Leonard Cohen is a recipe for existential crisis.
I got to pick the music for one of our house parties in college. I got fired bc it was just a mix of Leonard Cohen and Donovan songs.
"I'm not gon' diss you on tha internet, 'cause my moma taught me better than that." - Destiny's Child (or Leonard Cohen, I forget).
who could resist a parrot singing Leonard Cohen, even if it was only for a moment? asks Cuckoo Bizarre
Following from 'All the things you are', which according to you are the greatest love song lyrics ever written? #help #recommendations

The poet singer #LeonardCohen A thousand kisses deep - …; I'm your man

Thank you thank you! :-) Love Cohen!

Yes! He's sensational. Heard him live... sat entranced. His voice is lovely deep red wine & dark chocolates #LeonardCohen <3

Wow. *jealous* :S

I've plugged the links to that performance. Close your eyes, plug in some good earphones & let his voice do the rest! :-D
If anyone is looking for Leonard Cohen, he is touring inside my head. He is singing 'Everybody Knows', over and over.
Teoria: Leonard Cohen é a mesma pessoa que o Leonard Nimoy, quando mudou de nome por invejar a carreira musical do William Shatner.
Theory: Leonard Cohen is the same person as Leonard Nimoy, when he changed his name because he envied the musical career of William Shatner.
Escuchar a Leonard Cohen, será lo único que haga que mi mañana tenga sentido.
Listening to Leonard Cohen will be the only thing that gives meaning to my morning.
Uno va por la vida cantando I'm Your Man de Leonard Cohen y lo tratan peor que basura.
You go through life singing I'm Your Man by Leonard Cohen, and they treat you worse than garbage.
If a boyfriend sung to me "I'm Your Man" from Leonard Cohen i would defacto partner him immediately
Leonard Cohen como recurso para tratar de hilar la realidad.
Leonard Cohen as a resource for trying to make sense of reality.
It's finally happened: your Leonard Cohen spotify list has killed me. Pls collect $250

Oh yeah sorry it is specially calibrated for only the finest emotional devastation

I literally don't understand how these songs can still kill me after 15+ yrs. Like, I'm highly trained in poetry & still like WHAT

Leonard Cohen was trained to weaponize songs by warlike monks

Like Bruce Wayne but with a synth

I mean. Thanks for the trouble you took from her eyes/I thought it was there for good/so I never tried STOP IT LEONARD

Yeah don't tell anyone cause I like to look butch but that brought me literally to my knees a few weeks ago

Otoh "give me crack and anal sex"

Yeah but "take the only tree that's left and stuff it up the hole in your culture" is not bad
Leonard Cohen songs make feel comfortable being all quiet, withdrawn, dwelling in darkness, but hopeful for a miracle. What a poet he is !
If Santa ever touched Leonard Cohen, they would destroy each other in a huge explosion. #48shoppingdays
leonard cohen can either be so sad or so sexy depending how you interpret his lyrics.
My photography professor and I just bonded over Leonard Cohen, Elliot Smith, and Nick Drake. We've got great taste man.
Orando, echando polvos de hada y mandando pensamientos pragmáticos para que Leonard Cohen sea eterno... #FB
Praying, throwing fairy dust and sending pragmatic thoughts so that Leonard Cohen will be eternal... #FB
And also the fact that I namedropped Leonard Cohen makes me a disgusting person x2
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Fri Nov 08, 2013 7:51 am

I could listen to chelsea hotel no.2 by leonard cohen on repeat for the rest of my life and it would be great
Pretty sure Leonard Cohen was talking about an uninspired handjob when he wrote "Hey, that's no way to say goodbye".
I see Leonard Cohen's song is not on the boat that rocked soundtrack. It does look like a good soundtrack but without Cohen's masterpiece..
Leonard Cohen's Night Comes On made me full on bawl my eyes out today. Awesome song. #mumsrule
It's so cold and dark in Finland now. Only #LeonardCohen can cheer me up.
Tom Waits is Leonard Cohen on crack and acid
They just played Leonard Cohen on the 60s radio station on in the office, this has made my day!
la tortuga mordiéndome el pie querrá que vuelva a sonar leonard cohen
The tortoise biting my foot probably wants Leonard Cohen to play again.
Last night I dreamt that I dreamt that I hung out with Leonard Cohen and Margaret Atwood. I'm obviously assimilating. #canada
The lift arrival sound in St Thomas's hospital sounds EXACTLY like the first two notes of Leonard Cohen's Take This Waltz.
Listening to our tango version of Leonard Cohen's Dance Me to the End of Love from our last gig. That was sexy crazy cool.
leonard cohen i blame you for stealing my good mood
i can't wait to get my leonard cohen tattoo because everyone will thinks its a sisters of mercy tattoo and i will make fun of them
Leonard Cohen me acompaña cada noche.
Leonard Cohen keeps me company each night.
some of leonard cohen songs don't make any fucking sense at all and out of nowhere these great songs like first we take manhattan.
Just hanging out and listening to an old friend named Leonard Cohen.
Leonardo Favio es nuestro Leonard Cohen?
Leonardo Favio is our Leonard Cohen?

los discos de Leonard Cohen son demasiados buenos para Favio...
Leonard Cohen's records are too good for Favio...

Bueno, es una comparación "mutatis mutandi".
Well, it's a comparison "mutatis mutandi."
Tom Waits is gritty drunk. Leonard Cohen is glossy drunk. #barthoughts
Chilling version of Hallelujah, written by Leonard Cohen, performed by choir! choir!choir!
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Sat Nov 09, 2013 10:00 pm

Like most high-functioning twentysomethings, I'm spending Saturday night in bed with Leonard Cohen.
Quiero más canciones en ídish cantadas por Leonard Cohen que parece el único indicado para sentirlas. Hagan algo.
I want more songs in Yiddish sung by Leonard Cohen, who seems to be the only one indicated to feel them. Do something.
Did you know that some rapper has done a version of Leonard Cohen's "Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye"? I'm still vomiting a little.
#InOtherNews Leonard Cohen's voice has finally broken.
Now it's Leonard Cohen. I can't deal with this right now. Going to go cry in the shower or something.
Found my dream hairdresser- loves Jim Morrison and Leonard Cohen. #nomoresmalltalk
The best version of Leonard Cohen's "Halleluja" is the one I sing when I first wake up.
I thought this was interesting. I see a lot of Turkish tweets with Leonard Cohen's name in them (don't usually run them through Google Translate so I have no idea what they're saying) but this conversation was mixed Arabic and English. The tweeters' profiles give their locations as Gaza, Cairo, and Doha.
من أحلم ماسمعت: Of dream Masamat: and he touched her perfect body with his hands

isn't that Leonard Cohen's Suzanne? I thought it's ‘mind’ not hand.

shit I meant to write mind but i'm absent minded as usual, now the tweet is ruined :|

LOOL no it not .. minds r overrated

علشان كذا قلت حالم! Ahan well as I said dreamer!

Oh I knew from the beginning it's Freudian slip :P and Only people with mean minds think minds are overrated ;)

هع ! كاشفني دايماً .. بس والله أنا طيبه وأكسر الخاطر Ha! Kashifna always .. ČÓ God I'm good and I break Khater
And somehow I foresee it never will:
On the Uke, composing a team anthem to the tune of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah...kind of coming together, but still doesn't sound quite right
I hear the sounds of a live band singing Captain Depression, I mean Leonard Cohen songs in the distance.
My perfect gig would include Philip Glass, Laurie Anderson, Leonard Cohen, Suzanne Vega and David Byrne.
Leonard Cohen is amazing
If you can play guitar and sing like 60's Leonard Cohen but with passion and rage with brilliant I'll pretty much want to marry you
The cat and myself are listening to Leonard Cohen.
I agree that "Various Positions" sounds like Leonard Cohen raping a Casio synthesizer, but I still find myself singing along far too loud.
Just sitting in the petting chair listening to Leonard Cohen. @ Cranford Farms & Orchard
Leonard Cohen used to play mental asylums for the same reason Johnny Cash played pens. What an absolute hero.
Leonard Cohen and I are surfing in Greece. Later, I am hospitalized for heat stroke and continue to refer to Leo as Dustin.
My obsession with Leonard Cohen has gotten a bit out of control
Ya se murió Lou Reed, al mundo solo le queda la rasposidad de Leonard Cohen y Tom Waits, asi que cuidenlos
Now Lou Reed has died, the world only has the raspiness of Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits left, so take care of them
Listening to Leonard Cohen on Friday morning in Montreal. Seems like the right thing to be doing at this moment
For this epic #Bogota rainstorm I shall be listening to Leonard Cohen
Why does my mom listen to Leonard Cohen every morning #depressing
#breadsongs Hallulla by Leonard Cohen... look it up! its a Chilean flat bread
Leonard Cohen is definitely one of the greatest Canadians to ever live #chelseahotelmood
Leonard Cohen will never not be amazing
Will be totally off the grid for a few days. Going to a silent meditation retreat at mt baldy a la Leonard Cohen.
My barber always seems to have the best music, listening to some classic Leonard Cohen and my barbers accent. #Britishaccents #relaxed
Not entirely sure Twitter is for me any more. Its just recommended I follow JLS...My Leonard Cohen album is crying...
Being stuck in traffic on a bus would be uber shitty, if not for the facts that I have ample space around me and Leonard Cohen on my iPhone.
Escribir teniendo a Leonard Cohen en el oído es un auténtico vicio.
Writing with Leonard Cohen in your ear is a genuine vice.
And I think she just answered her own question:
Why isn't Leonard Cohen on Twitter. I wanna Tweet at him all night long.
In my last job I founded a con ed class on Leonard Cohen. He's my favourite.
Leonard Cohen is ideal ‘waiting for the last bus’ music.
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Sun Nov 10, 2013 7:05 pm

Not feeling too fresh after the quantity of vodka I consumed last night. Leonard Cohen is my remedy.
That blog post makes me sound really composed whereas I'm actually flapping about in a panic, chain-smoking & listening to Leonard Cohen.
the vacancy in Leonard Cohen's eyes when he is fingerpicking gives off the appearance of a blind man who navigates using only touch
I would enjoy doing laundry better if Leonard Cohen were present
introducing someone to Leonard Cohen & them loving him, yesssss
Me he puesto un poco intensa con lo de Leonard Cohen. Pido disculpas.
I've gotten a little intense about the Leonard Cohen thing. Sorry about that.
"no wonder, i can see her going into a room with leonard cohen and a bottle of whiskey and never coming back out"
I may light a few candles later and chill to the finest voice in music #leonardcohen -if it be your will
Right: Leonard Cohen on uke, check, treehouse indoors, check, TREE indoors, check, man obsessed with sparrows, check. Is this surreal yet?
I think I'll spend the rest of my evening with Leonard Cohen. He's my man.
A coat I picked up by accident 1 night in T.O. was last night picked up by a stranger in a similar manner. Its cosmic journey continues..

Can we make it a website, and perhaps an opening credits? I'm thinking 'Littlest Hobo' as theme music.

bwaahaha - YES. Maybe an actor to do its voice. I'm thinking old raspy man voice? Leonard Cohen as my slutty leather jacket?
FACT: Leonard Cohen’s Suzanne has essentially the same chord structure as a lament I wrote & performed over 5 nights about my circumcision.
Leprachaun: "We start off each morning by doing yoga to Leonard Cohen." George Washington: "Then the neighbors tell us to go
Last year I made an Essential Leonard Cohen mix for @cynaragee and I fear I accidentally created a potent arsenal of weaponized cry-music
Escuchando Leonard Cohen y leyendo textos de criminología un sábado a la noche. #AsíNoConsigoNovia
Listening to Leonard Cohen and reading criminology texts on a Saturday night. #IWon'tGetAGirlfriendThisWay
Leonard Cohen believes longing is the sweetest part of love. The bit where you don't resent picking up wet towels...
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Tue Nov 12, 2013 9:41 am

Twitterers are rising up in wrath tonight to tell the world (and TV show The Voice) that Leonard Cohen wrote Hallelujah, not Jeff Buckley. That's pretty much it.
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Tue Nov 12, 2013 8:15 pm

Woke up crying because I dreamt that Leonard Cohen had died
Quiero que Leonard Cohen jamás muera.
I don't want Leonard Cohen to ever die.
CDs swiped from my car and all I've got left is Leonard Cohen's Greatest Hits. Winter will be bleak
Leonard Cohen says 'Every heart, every heart to love will come. But like a refugee' and I know he knows, because he's a profoundly wise man.
Leonard Cohen autumn walk feelings.
The only music appropriate for exactly one hundred percent of November is that by Leonard Cohen.
Would you rather be Andre 3000 or Andre the Giant?

this is like sophie's choice good god

Would you rather be Leonard Cohen or Sandy Cohen?

finished Book of Mercy by Leonard Cohen
Leonard Cohen easing us back into London at this tenderest of hours. W
got book of longing by leonard cohen.

i'm content.
En realidad los judíos canadienses geniales son muy pocos. Contados con dos dedos de una mano: David Cronenberg y Leonard Cohen. Basta.
In reality there are very few genius Canadian Jews. You can count them on two fingers of one hand: David Cronenberg and Leonard Cohen. That's it.
Qué carajo tienen los canadienses además de la Barrick para pedirles a cambio de los restos de Justin?
Who the hell do the Canadians have besides Barrick to ask for in exchange for the remains of Justin?

a Leonard Cohen.
Leonard Cohen.

te parece que vale la pena un acuerdo bilateral?
do you think a bilateral agreement is worth the trouble?

Neil Young

y...Cohen y Young por Justin es negocio de acá a Quebec..
and... Cohen and Young for Justin as a deal from here to Quebec.

tenés razón. .salimos ganando.
you're right... we come out ahead.
A veces mis cuerdas vocales son tomadas por un espíritu parecido a Leonard Cohen. Si no triunfo con mis textos, le rendiré tributo.
Sometimes my vocal chords are possessed by a spirit resembling Leonard Cohen. If I don't triumph with my texts, I'll render tribute to him.
Leonard Cohen is either prophetic or cruel. Don't know if it's appropriate to cry or applaud mass murder. But Manson? He meant Bukowski...
"if leonard cohen wants a back rub, leonard cohen gets a back rub. next question, please." - my standard response in job interviews
Leonard Cohen's voice is like heaven
why has it taken me so long to discover the beauty of leonard cohen
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Wed Nov 13, 2013 9:17 pm

If you don't love Leonard Cohen you need to improve your life
Leonard Cohen canta como ese amigo borracho que se te cuelga del hombro y te cuenta lo mucho que te quiere
Leonard Cohen sings like that drunk friend who leans on your shoulder and tells you how much he loves you
Tix for Leonard Cohen concert tonight!
Been listening to him since I was in my mothers womb
Well I'm going to attempt to go to Leonard Cohen tonight. If I feel too ill and have to leave early so be it, better than not going at all!
I bet Leonard Cohen would know
Flowers for Leonard Cohen's room
Roscoe Beck ‏@roscoe_beck 6h
In less than one hour, we kick off the Leonard Cohen Australian tour with the first show in Perth, WA...
#LeonardCohen Concert at @PerthArena from 20.00 pm to 23.00; Expected attendance 8,000 ppl; Increased #traffic. #PerthTraffic
This may just kill me, but I'm here! (at @PerthArena for Leonard Cohen w/ 2 others)
Leonard Cohen, the whitest, most baby boomerish concert experience one can have.
Keen for legend leonard cohen right about now
Seeing Leonard Cohen for the first time. #PerthArena
#leonardcohen now.almost.thousands,maybe 8.selfies going off everywhere.
#leonardcohen better! He gets better!
It amazes me how many covers of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" exist, and how people STILL find a way to make them uniquely beautiful.
Captivated by the legendary Leonard Cohen! #Perth
First half of the concert has been amazing. There is something amazing about watching Leonard Cohen skip around on stage
The Leonard Cohen concert is sublime, almost ethereal, the violin playing a stronger role , beautiful, Lenny at the top of his game at 80!
First act thoughts - Leonard Cohen is surprisingly spry and nimble. Skipping of stage. Sublime first act.
There's an actual inverval! Leonard Cohen is amazing; pure craft & experience carrying the day.
Two trips to @PerthArena inside a week. Suffice to say, fair contrast between the crowd for Beyoncé and the Leonard Cohen crew.
Leonard Cohen being amazing. What a gig.
Leonard Cohen in perth. So lucky to have him here.
I think my sore throat has officially reached the level of Leonard Cohen.
Dear Leonard Cohen, quit breaking my heart. #music
We are just back home from the Leonard Cohen concert at Perth Arena. Brilliant concert. Thanks Leonard and your brilliant ensemble.
Surprisingly impressed by Leonard Cohen tonight. He performed for three hours. Not bad for a 79-year-old man!
Found a Leonard Cohen tkt from last Apr in my winter coat pocket.Nostalgic bliss soon wiped by realization that 6 months of winter lie ahead
Alguien que me regale un libro de Leonard Cohen, ¿por qué tienen que ser tan caros?
Somebody, give me a book by Leonard Cohen. Why do they have to be so expensive?
Leonard Cohen was sublime.
Escuchar a Leonard Cohen es de por sí una gozada pero en días de lluvia ya ni os cuento.
Listening to Leonard Cohen is a pleasure in itself, but on rainy days, there are no words for it.
Hay momentos mágicos... Como intentar calmar a un bebé entre tus brazos mientras suena bajito Leonard Cohen. Todo lo que más quieres ahí...
There are magic moments... like trying to calm a baby in your arms while Leonard Cohen is playing softly. Everything you love most there...
Leonard Cohen concert, fantastic!
I need all of Leonard Cohen's music in my life right now
Only after I started painting a portrait of a young Leonard Cohen did I realize that he looked almost exactly like Al Pacino in the 60’s.
Leonard Cohen is a genius i just love what he did to the word hallellujah he expanded minds that assume too much
I love Leonard Cohen
And then I figured out Richard Cohen is not Leonard Cohen. My confusion has lessened and so has my give-a-damn meter.
Still I am going to put Leonard Cohen on,cheers me up.
Reporter break: Still shivering from sounds of singer Emma Hunter from Mowat. She sung the national anthem and Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah.
Been wondering just what happened in 1960s Canada to produce heart cartographers like Neil Young, Joni Mitchell & Leonard Cohen.
Leonard Cohen. Daft Punk. That's it. (What, are there other bands in the world?)"
Just threw in a Leonard Cohen reference that probably no one else will get. #NaNoWriMo #thingstocutinrevisions
Holy fuck joni mitchell and leonard cohen used to date??? If they had had kids their offspring would have just ended songwriting.
But is there anything more dangerous than to encourage the Cohen-ness at heart right before the month of FamousBlueRaincoat? =)

I say all Leonard Cohen, all the time. : )

..True.. Hundreds of loser's anthems are written everyday but non of them functions better/worse than L.Cohen

I think Leonard Cohen helps us find that state of grace. (As he eloquently explains here):

Though not by setting the song as alarm clock =) Hate to admit it but he (or his lyrics) is somewhat a point of reference for me
If I said I'm listening to Leonard cohen's Suzanne at 5.08am in GBaie then everyone will prob clock the rum is defo talking now...
Liam, 2.5: "I want k.d.lang hallelujah not that other guy." [Leonard Cohen] Arguing cover versions already, man.
leonard cohen soothes me
I have a table now, and a chair, so I'm eating this quesadilla like an adult: listening to Leonard Cohen and pretending I have candlesticks.
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Thu Nov 14, 2013 6:33 am

Weird, Leonard Cohen's oven is in my house.
from Montréal, Québec
Fucked. Listening to Leonard Cohen in L's front room. You should pop round. We'll have a LOVELY time
Happy birthday... !!! Let me play some more Leonard Cohen for you my friend! xx

if you're going to play some Leonard Cohen, at least make it dirty like I'm Your Man or Chelsea Hotel No. 2, man ;)

Mi pijama es un short para nadar y una playera vieja de Piolín. ¿Qué usara Leonard Cohen? De seguro duerme forrado en un traje Armani.
My pajamas are swim shorts and an old Piolín t shirt. What would Leonard Cohen wear? I'm sure he sleeps wrapped up in an Armani suit.
Hallelujah de Leonard cohen en guitarra es brutal, que bella
Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen on guitar is brutal, how beautiful
there is nothing sexier than @jtimberlake dancing

sorry, but Leonard Cohen's voice would beg to differ with you.
La experiencia de ver a Leonard Cohen fue la mejor que he vivido en un concierto sin contar a Springsteen. Osea que tiene tela el Judío.
The experience of seeing Leonard Cohen was the best I've had live at a concert without counting Springsteen. The Jew's got it.
Si @marshquero pide mariachis, no se los negamos, pero van con un twist: "Un canadien errant" de Leonard Cohen
If @marshquero asks for mariachis, we won't refuse to give them to him, but they go with a twist: "Un canadien errant" by Leonard Cohen
#leonardcohen, I only know I want to see you again:
Am thinking of writing a poem called "I only have ankles in the morning".

Sounds like a particularly cryptic Leonard Cohen song. "I only have ankles in the morning / all of your evenings are toes"

Really? I'm not much of a Cohen fan so I'll take your word for that.

Or Bob Dylan, if you prefer.

it made me think of T S Eliot for some reason (in a good, slightly trippy way)

I shall wear my trousers rolled, and put my cankles out on show.

I have measured out my life in spoons of baby formula.
If you like Mumford and Sons, wait until you hear Bob Dylan or Leonard Cohen! You'll lose your head!
aw heck my relatives want me to sing Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah at the thing for the 40 days after grandpa's passing awwww heck
#LeonardCohen's I'm Your Man is just so, so sexy. #onrepeat
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Fri Nov 15, 2013 12:58 am

Nada, aquí escuchando a Leonard Cohen mientras se me deshacen las bolas.
Nothing here, just listening to Leonard Cohen, scratching my balls.
Encuentren las cinco diferencias entre Leonard Cohen y Dustin Hoffman. A ver si a ustedes les va mejor que a mí...
Find the five differences between Leonard Cohen and Dustin Hoffman. See if you do better than me...
Now let's all hold hands and listen to Leonard Cohen songs. Goodnight.
leonard cohen covers always take the humor out of his songs and it's dumb
Escucho Leonard Cohen por que me siento bien miserable
I'm listening to Leonard Cohen because I feel really miserable
Mientras escucho a Leonard Cohen, pienso en que amo la vida. Dejemónos seducir por pasión del ahora! Embriáguemos con besos y risas!!
While I'm listening to Leonard Cohen, I think about how I love life. Let's be seduced by the passion of now! Let's get drunk on kisses and laughter!!
I would like to see Leonard Cohen live please
my secret life de Leonard Cohen es una joya a estas horas, bueno a todas horas pero mas en estas deshoras.
In My Secret Life by Leonard Cohen is a jewel at these times, well, at all times but more so at these untimely times.
Early Leonard Cohen HAS to be a lesbian with a deep voice. The dude in photos is Milli Vanilli. Those songs are totally about dyke drama.
My mind has become a super-saturated solution of the Leonard Cohen album "I’m Your Man." Not helping with my study, might just go to bed.
The $144 I spent on the Leonard Cohen ticket was by far the best $144 I've ever spent
I don't like how a one direction biography is in between books on Leonard Cohen and John Lennon in waterstones
going to lie in bed and listen to leonard cohen for 3 days now bye
#leonardcohen I'm your man! What a bunch of great freaking tracks #coolin
Leonard Cohen's poem "A Thousand Kisses Deep" moves like some malignant sadness in my chest.
Listening to Leonard Cohen makes me itchy to write. The things that man does with words . . .
I play Leonard Cohen at my wedding
Despertarte por la mañana y que Leonard Cohen te diga "Morning, my darling".
Waking up in the morning and having Leonard Cohen say "Morning, my darling" to you.
La voz de Leonard Cohen, y sus dedos.
The voice of Leonard Cohen, and his fingers.
Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah was out for 10 yrs before anyone really noticed it. How could such a great song not be recognized? #curious
Listening to my 80 year old Ancient Greece professor attempt to sing Democracy by Leonard Cohen just made my morning. I love this class.
Comprei o único livro traduzido do Leonard Cohen... Se puxem editoras.
I bought the only translated Leonard Cohen book... get a move on, publishers.
And who by Mondegreen?

& Who by malapropism?

And who was phone??!!

“Ms Scholz, come here, I want to see you.” ;)

Aww, I thought it was such a nice internet twist on "and who shall I say is calling" ;P

Calling! And there was I wondering why Leonard Cohen was asking about Colin.

Colin's not here. He's down at the pub with Derek, talking about football.
Listening to Leonard Cohen's Diamonds in the Mine and only just realising how impeccably ugly his vocals are.
Escuchando a Leonard Cohen en la noche granadina con el frescor del otoño y una vida plena.
Listening to Leonard Cohen in the Granada night with the crispness of autumn and a full life.
Lately my son (7, has #autism) asks to listen to Leonard Cohen or Nick Drake at bedtime. I've done at least one thing right in my life.
not gunna front I don't understand written poetry ever but I really just like reading things Leonard Cohen has written.

okay so the following is a part of the cutest fuckin poem I have ever read and it's by my babe Leonard Cohen alright here goes it

Leonard Cohen calls vaginas "the source of life" then goes on to say "I've it to tell you, friends, I prefer my stuff to theirs." CUTIE.
One of my favourite Grandma quotes: "Leonard Cohen keeps falling into avalanches and then writing songs about them"

"if you are not clear about which spiders are poisonous, kill them all" kill you for being so stinkin cute Mr Cohen

no spider is poisonous so kill none

I don't kill spiders.... they're just trying to do the lords work.

they're venomous btw that was the joke. If you bite it and die, it's poisonous. If it bites you and you die it's venomous

I'm sure Leonard Cohen just really didn't want people to eat spiders. I want a pet spider id name it spider.

I have 4 do you want one

that one has lil pink toes. Look up avicularia avicularia

thrixopelma cyaneum
Escuchando Leonard Cohen con este clima me imagino que morire de hipotermia con un cigarro en la mano o algo asi
Listening to Leonard Cohen with this weather I imagine that I'll die of hypothermia with a cigarette in my hand or something like that.
Listening to Leonard Cohen. 'Sisters of Mercy' playing as this old woman walking w/a cane stops to pick up garbage.
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Sat Nov 16, 2013 11:36 pm

Canadian Music Awards apologise for the Leonard Cohen twerking routine. It is the sexiest thing, & noone will now be aroused by other things
Once again Leonard Cohen is totally sorting it at the Syd Ent Cent. Laters
Entertaining my mother by reading people's tweets about Leonard Cohen tonight. Kudos people, you are witty and have great fucking taste
Leonard Cohen is a hip sort of guy
79 years old. leonard cohen ROCKED that 3+ hour show! #lordofsong
Leonard Cohen was amazing.
Leonard Cohen is fabulous. Absolutely great concert.
Leonard Cohen and friends were pretty fabulous #concerthorn
Es uno de esos días para escuchar el primer álbum de Leonard Cohen.
It's one of those days for listening to Leonard Cohen's first album.
I agree. It was heaven tonight Lisa. Leonard Cohen, musicians & singers were amazing. A brilliant concert.
having recurring dreams involving me slow dancing with various male gay friends & Leonard Cohen's Suzanne playing in the background. #what
His most amazing gig ever! Still on a high. "@Lisa_Wilkinson: In heaven. Seeing the brilliant Leonard Cohen tonight.”
On the way down we somehow ended up deciding we wanted Leonard Cohen ponchos. It kind of escalated, you just had to be here.
why is Leonard Cohen in my head? #soundtrackfromanotherlife
Leonard Cohen is GENIUS! I was mesmerized(again). Its like the broken places in me found a name in some of the songs
Speaking of "hallelujah", I learnt this week that Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" has nothing to do with giving praise to Jesus.
LOl we're playing Leonard Cohen's new album in the car and the speakers are vibrating against my leg. Deeper than Barry fuckin White.
Guy Gavriel Kay ‏@guygavrielkay 3h
There's a tribute to the wondrous CP Cavafy Monday in NY. Here's the also wondrous Leonard Cohen riffing on a poem.
Some old lady at Leonard Cohen the other night told me Nic Cage does a cover of Suzanne. #NicolasCage #NickCave #sameguyright #LeonardCohen
#leonardcohen tonight in Sydney. Last time I saw him I cried - hoping for the same again!
Leonard Cohen siempre es buena compañía auditiva en la nocturnidad.
Leonard Cohen is always good auditory company in the nocturnal hours.
Leonard Cohen playing at this Panera and all of a sudden I remember every Broccoli Cheddar I ever loved. (I loved them all.)
have a great weekend all :) had a great week at school, goin to leonard cohen concert tonight and workin at glebe markets 2moro
Hi my name is #leonardcohen and I'm a 79year old BADASS MUSIC LEGEND.
a leonard cohen le dicen: susurrando, leonardo, susurrando se ganan minitas y el tipo obedece.
they say to leonard cohen: whispering, leonardo, whispering is how you get chicks and the guy obeys
Noveling music for the day: straight Leonard Cohen. #NaNoWriMo
¿Cuál es la cosa más hermosa que has visto? — La cara de Leonard Cohen <3
What is the most beautiful thing you've seen? -- The face of Leonard Cohen <3
Si no tenés la voz cachonda de Leonard Cohen, no quiero que me sigas.
If you don't have Leonard Cohen's sexy voice, I don't want you to follow me.(?)
If you are looking for me, I’ve crawled inside Leonard Cohen’s voice.
Uno de esos días en que verá a Leonard Cohen en vivo. #ahínomás
One of those days when you'll see Leonard Cohen live. #thatsall
Oh, to be half as talented as Leonard Cohen.
Nothing like a bit of #LeonardCohen to get the party started.
Everyone listen to more Leonard Cohen. It's good for you.
so basically there's a leonard cohen version of everything that i really should be listening i have that right?
Imogen Clark ‏@Imogen_Clark 9h
Just found out that I get to play in the foyer of Sydney Ent Cent tomorrow night before Leonard Cohen! Well, that's a little bit great!!!
I'm also on a bonus plan with the Dignitas Clinic. I can make Leonard Cohen sound like the entire cast of Glee.
My idea of a makeout album is "Songs of Love and Hate" by Leonard Cohen.
Sometimes you crochet in the dark & listen to Leonard Cohen & everything is okay.
absolutely! I did go to the Isle of Wight festival for Leonard Cohen tho I slept through it! :( He was on late I think!) X
My mum used to play this first thing in the morning. No wonder I love melancholic musicians! … #LeonardCohen #Suzanne
Después de oír el poema de "Of Mice And Men", creo que me voy a ir a beber una botella de bourbon y a escuchar canciones de Leonard Cohen.
After hearing the poem "Of Mice And Men" I think I'm going to go drink a bottle of bourbon and listen to Leonard Cohen songs.
yo fui a ver la ópera q hizo philip glass con los poemas d leonard cohen. dspués claude lanzmann hizo una película con los q sobrevivimos
I went to see the opera that Philip glass did with the poems of leonard cohen. afterward claude lanzmann made a film with those of us who survived
draw the blinds, fresh sheets on bed look inviting. climb back in. play leonard cohen. #perfect
I am so happy i found someone else who loves leonard cohen as much as i do
I spend too many hours of my life thinking about what it would be like to go to dinner with leonard cohen.
Leonard Cohen is like literally slapping me. Okbai
Nos queda Leonard Cohen.
We still have Leonard Cohen.
#iTunes has #LeonardCohen in the country genre. #whatcountry #Canada #oh
Unless your name is Loudon, rethink the Leonard Cohen covers.
for like 3 days at a time i last listening to different music and then i fall back into my two month long leonard cohen pit. oops.
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