The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by Cate » Sat Sep 27, 2014 10:33 pm

I have a twitter account and never think to go there - this is a great snapshot of what's trending out there Helen. Thank You!

some of my favourites
Listened to Leonard Cohen's new album so many times I'm convinced I've a problem. Is there a support group anywhere?

I think it might be here, but that's only by 'support' she means how can I feed this need even further
Current sexuality: Leonard Cohen going "My oh my oh my".
If Tom Waits had parents who made him go to grad school = the new Leonard Cohen album
Got pulled over for speeding while listening to Slow by Leonard Cohen
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by lizzytysh » Sat Sep 27, 2014 11:58 pm

OHHH lolol :lol: ~ These are GREAT, Cate!
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Thu Oct 02, 2014 12:30 am

u got me singing again Leonard Cohen thank you again old friend.#myfirstTweet ⚆
Seriamente, ¿Leonard Cohen tiene de fondo, en Nevermind, voces árabes? #nodejadesorprender.
Seriousl, Leonard Cohen has Arabic voices in the background of Nevermind? #neverstopsbeingsurprising
If I could be half as amazing as Leonard Cohen,I would want to live till 80. So productive for so long.I did go to Zen monastary
Not sure how to decrypt this, but beautiful. Leonard Cohen - Nevermind:
There is no such thing as a good cover of a Leonard Cohen song. Leave his songs alone, people!
Impossibly, age only makes #LeonardCohen better & better. It's had the exact opposite effect on so many contemporaries.
Last night a new client sang Avalanche by Leonard Cohen to me during a @NiteFlirt call. It was amazing!
Enjoying targeted advertising for once. All YouTube is playing me is the beginning of Leonard Cohen's new album.
Whenever I think Leonard Cohen's voice can't get any deeper, he releases a new album. #LeonardCohen #popularproblems
#LeonardCohen is really rocking that beard & cane on the cover of his new album. I can't think of another artist who's aged as well as he.
Enamorada de la voz de Leonard Cohen
In love with Leonard Cohen's voice.
Stumbled on the new album from 80 year old legend Leonard Cohen, perfect soundtrack for a long train home on a Sunday night.
La dulzura del sabio real: Leonard Cohen - You Got Me Singing
The sweetness of the royal sage: Leonard Cohen - You Got Me Singing
Excellent interview with Leonard Cohen on iPlayer. 80 years old and diamond sharp.
If Leonard Cohen lives to be 100 the whole planet will vibrate when he sings.
Leonard Cohen esta en la misma postura desde hace 30 años.... Será la ciatica
Leonard Cohen has been in the same posture for 30 years... It's probably sciatica
Si existe una aristocracia del corazón, su más alto paladín es cierto “vago cabrón que vive en un traje”
If there is an aristocracy of the heart, its highest paladin is certainly the "lazy bastard living in a suit."
Leonard Cohen turns 80: hallelujah. I used to be attracted to older men. Now I'm older, I'm attracted to old men.
Leonard Cohen seems to know a great deal about the European Union.
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Fri Oct 03, 2014 3:39 am

Its like a party in ma head between Fat Boy Slim and Leonard Cohen......And Cohen's on the decks right now(right here, right now)
It's important to provide context when sharing Leonard Cohen with a loved one.
Guess I'm gonna listen to this Leonard Cohen album all the kids are talking about.
New Leonard Cohen album sleeve notes include sweet pictures of old Lenny polishing his shoes in his pants.
Alguém por gentileza traga o sr. Leonard Cohen para o Brasil. Grato.
Somebody please bring Mr. Leonard Cohen to Brazil. Thanks.
Today would be a good day to listen to Leonard Cohen and drink Scotch. Sadly, this is not what I am doing.
Leonard Cohen sounds like the Cookie Monster got a gig in a sexy cocktail bar.
Fitting that the day before International Poetry Day I was woken by a flatmate throwing Leonard Cohen's collection at me.
Leonard Cohen says it's the singer songwriter thing or washing dishes? Well, I can definitely wash dishes & all my songs are shit
Listening to Leonard Cohen again and "First we take Manhattan" is the most supervillainous song I've heard outside of Disney films.
Feeling chuffed when the kids asked for "Leonard Cohen" in the car, until a few mins later they complained:

"Dad, this isn't 'Let It Go'"
Keep hearing Leonard Cohen's 'Slow' "a weekend on your lips/ A lifetime in your eyes' as 'a weekend on your lips/a lifetime on your thighs'
Scandalous "@GerryAdamsSF: In bed with Leonard Cohen, Van Morisson, Mickey O Toole agus Christy. Oiche maith daoibhse xozzzzz"
Llegar a casa. Preparar un @CampariARG. Escuchar el exquisito #PopularProblems de Leonard Cohen. No me envidien.
Get home. Fix a Campari. Listen to the exquisite #PopularProblems by Leonard Cohen. Don't envy me.
There is an album of Leonard Cohen covers IN GERMAN because the world wasn't full of enough sadness, I guess.
To the subway busker at Eglinton Station: Leonard Cohen is a demi-god. Warbling his music in a falsetto voice is sacrilege.
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Tue Oct 07, 2014 5:56 am

Cuánta verdad en Leonard Cohen.
So much truth in Leonard Cohen.
Os estoy leyendo con Leonard Cohen de fondo, así que elevad el nivel de vuestros tuits.
I'm reading you with Leonard Cohen in the background, so raise the level of your tweets.
Shout out to man on Sauchiehall St in floor length Apache feather head dress playing Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" on the pan pipes. #Glasgow
Just woke up from the longest, sweetest, most detailed dream of hanging out at Leonard Cohen's house, just talking. THANK YOU BRAIN.
Today, my grandfather turns 80, the same age as Leonard Cohen. I'm gonna call him and see if he has any insight on Cohen's new album.
My current playlist consists of Leonard Cohen, Buzzcocks, and Glassjaw. It's wonderful.
Leonard Cohen tiene un voz que OMG.
Leonard Cohen has a voice that's OMG.
Pues yo acabo de volver. Bañito, cerveza, Leonard Cohen, lectura ligera... Como para quitar todas las penas
Well, I just got back. Quick shower, beer, Leonard Cohen, light reading... cure for all sorrows
Si Dios existiera, tendría la voz de Leonard Cohen. Y el diablo la de Tom Waits!
If God existed, He would have the voice of Leonard Cohen. And the devil would have Tom Waits'.
45 minutes into a lecture and all we've done is listen to Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen
Éste hombre tiene cuerda para rato y sigue con la misma intensidad, lo nuevo de Leonard Cohen, "Popular Problems".
This man is good to go for a while yet and he continues with the same intensity, the new one from Leonard Cohen, "Popular Problems."
Escuché tres temas del nuevo disco de Leonard Cohen . Pinta para discazo
I listened to three cuts from Leonard Cohen's new album. It's shaping up to be a great record.
Estoy afónica y en la radio suena el último disco de Leonard Cohen. Momento ideal para cantarlo.
I've lost my voice and the radio is playing Leonard Cohen's latest record. Ideal moment to sing it.
Decided on Leonard Cohen instead because of grim weather.
Escuchar a Leonard Cohen nunca falla para calmar y aclarar la cabeza.
Listening to Leonard Cohen never fails for calming and clearing the mind.
hoy volvimos a escuchar leonard cohen mientras pintábamos
Today we listened to Leonard Cohen again while we were painting
Buen disco "Popular Problems" de Leonard Cohen, 80 años y el sigue bailando y haciendo bailar
"Popular Problems" by Leonard Cohen. Good album. 80 years old and he's still dancing and making others dance.
I know a wannabe poet from Greater Moncton. His poems will be read when Leonard Cohen's are forgotten -- but not *until* then. #douche
Elliott Smith made me want to be a musician. Leonard Cohen made me want to be a poet. I'm not particularly good at either. But I do try.
Cuando hagan la película de mi vida elijan a Leonard Cohen para narrarla (que no se muera antes).
When they make the movie about my life, choose Leonard Cohen to narrate it (may he not die before then).
This Leonard Cohen record though... Mystical
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Thu Oct 09, 2014 7:49 am

"Sisters of Mercy" by Leonard Cohen in this cafe. Pls ignore the sniffling gray-haired guy at the corner table with the teary eyes. k thx
The new Leonard Cohen music album reminds of a concert by Pablo Conte at Chicago Symphony Center. A cool old timer.
[Pump Up The Volume was]My introduction to Leonard Cohen. And when I learned about the danger of microwaving small appliances.
Escribir .. procastinar .. escuchar todo el disco nuevo de Leonard Cohen por enésima vez .. linda amanecida me va a tocar.
Writing... procrastinating... listening to all of Leonard Cohen's new album for the umpteenth time... a fine morning I'm going to have.
Thinking that Leonard Cohen was the guy with the funny ears from Star Trek was not my finest hour.
My son (8, has #autism) got into bed (it's 9:30 pm in Israel) & asked to listen to Leonard Cohen songs. I'm doing something right as a mom.
"You looked so good, I didn't care which side you were fighting for" Got to love a #leonardcohen lyric
"Que envejezcas con la gracia de Leonard Cohen"... así deberíamos bendecir a los recién nacidos.
"May you grow old with the grace of Leonard Cohen"... that's how we ought to bless newborns.
Definitely a Leonard Cohen kind of evening. Even curling up with his book of poetry, Book of Longing. #sigh
That moment of sweet relief when you wake up sounding more like Leonard Cohen than Tom Waits #ColdIsFading
my dad made fun of me for listening to Leonard Cohen now he really likes his music
Que vivas con la elegancia de Leonard Cohen y en-juvenezcas como él con cada año.
May you live with the elegance of Leonard Cohen and grow younger every year like him
Sennheiser headphones and leonard cohen were made for each other.
Everyone should listen to Leonard Cohen, I think the world would be a better place
Wasn't hard to love the new Leonard Cohen; didn't have to try.
*stroke stroke stroke* *pet pet pet* *puts on leonard cohen* *makes you tea* *feeds you bourbons*
Listening to Leonard Cohen's 'Bird on a Wire' right now. Twang of mouth harp brings a whole new #Kermitthefrog quality to the thing.
Someone please give Leonard Cohen a medal for creating this gorgeous, intelligent album at the age of EIGHTY.
Thank god for Leonard Cohen...
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Fri Oct 17, 2014 6:52 pm

@amandapalmer 17:34, Serbia. Boycotting popular problems via Leonard Cohen's rendition of same. Dark chocolate also involved.
I'm gonna be so upset when leonard Cohen dies
In a dream, had a perfectly nice conversation with Leonard Cohen as he stood by his Escalade.
for weeks it’s been Leonard Cohen’s Joan of Arc in my head, like constantly. what does that even mean?
que sobredosis de Leonard Cohen... y eso que mi doctora me recomendó abstinencia total...
what an overdose of Leonard Cohen... and my doctor recommended total abstinence...
working on a post about bacon & Leonard Cohen
I don't think I've felt this shit in ages. Making myself feel better with Leonard Cohen and coffee
Ever since someone sent me "Alexandra Leaving" on a mix CD, I've been wary of Leonard Cohen.
Rock auténtico, inteligente, sin circunloquios. Voz grave a favor de la dignidad humana. Excelente el nuevo disco de Leonard Cohen.
Authentic rock, intelligent, without circumlocutions. Deep voice in favor of human dignity. Excellent new album from Leonard Cohen.
Leonard Cohen is the one
Jeff Buckley would be rolling in his grave. Leonard Cohen too if he was dead. #xfactor
Leonard Cohen has a son
who sings...
no pressure.
Oh, god. Leonard Cohen accounts have started following me.

Current mild obsession with Leonard Cohen. That voice.
Just heard Leonard Cohen's "Slow" on RNZ. Catchy. Not bad for an 80 year old.
I reeaaaaaaaaaally wanna listen to Songs of Love and Hate by Leonard Cohen but I dont fucking have it
Nothing like listening to some depressing ass Leonard Cohen. Love that guy.
increíble... ¿De qué sirve saber inglés si no es para entender a Leonard Cohen? ;-)
unbelievable... What good is it to know English if not to understand Leonard Cohen? ;-)
Leonard Cohen's performance of Hallelujah still mesmerizes me.
*hears one more cover of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah"*

leonard cohen's new album makes me want to give him and all his frailty a big hug
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Wed Oct 22, 2014 12:39 am

Walk, rain, forest, wind, rainbows, wild horses, red wine, Leonard Cohen. Yesterday was good
Leonard Cohen in surprise lead for Beard of Autumn poll.

Vote closes 6pm Thursday
El disco nuevo de Leonard Cohen es bueno de flipar, no de "mira el viejo que todavía compone", bueno de veras.
The new Leonard Cohen album is flipping good, not "look at the old guy who's still composing," genuinely good.
That new Leonard Cohen album? That's a bit of alright, that is.
I still count as one of my achievements that someone made me a cassete mixtape starting with Leonard Cohen's I'm Your Man.
It might be a maudlin sort of day when you wake up with Leonard Cohen stuck in your brain cave #chelseahotel
you're leonard cohen and i'm janis joplin
I put my headphones in. then, played Leonard Cohen. I walked until my feet couldn't walk anymore.
leonard cohen me parece bien, pero nunca usé su nombre y 'temazo' en la misma frase. mm bueno, ahora ya sí.
I like leonard cohen fine, but I never used his name and "great song" in the same phrase.... well, ok, now I do.
If Kurt Cobain was actually right about a Leonard Cohen afterworld I honestly wouldn't mind that at all just saying.
i love leonard Cohen.I really do. But whoever is playing a reggae version of Hallelujah at 2am needs to go and throw themselves off a cliff
As a best friend, I think Leonard Cohen would be really caring and considerate. Always ready w/ a lending ear, open mind, & words of advice
La dulzura de Leonard Cohen...#YouGotMeSinging
The sweetness of Leonard Cohen....#YouGotMeSinging
So happy that Leonard Cohen still makes records. It's like bumping into an old friend who has new stories, but is basically the same guy.
Amazon just delivered to me a single copy of the new Leonard Cohen LP on vinyl in a box big enough to have sent over Leonard Cohen himself.
Great new albums from Martin Carr and Johnny Marr. Also from Leonard Cohen. Just need Jim Bowen to release an album for the rhyming quartet.
Spanish bloke sat near us at the match in a Leonard Cohen t-shirt. Got a lot of time for that
Leonard Cohen parece dispuesto a grabar nuevas canciones hasta el fin de sus días. Y tan ricamente que hace
Leonard Cohen seems willing to record new songs until the end of his days. And he does it so deliciously.
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by MaryB » Thu Oct 23, 2014 7:07 pm

Got pulled over for speeding while listening to Slow by Leonard Cohen
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by HelenOE » Sun Oct 26, 2014 7:08 am

take a deep breath and think about if you actually want to be leonard cohen.
What do Soren Kierkegaard, Leonard Cohen, Rob Bell, and Reformed, atheist, & evangelical bloggers have in common?
Leonard Cohen predicts the future ... ure/13694/ … Hint: it's not ENTIRELY rosy #leonardcohen
Tonight I quoted a Leonard Cohen song to S. that made me think of us & then I started crying because I'm an adorable sap!
Leonard Cohen in Helsinki. You asked me to tell all about it, but, forgive me; I have no words. No living man makes me cry like Cohen.
"i hate to disappoint, but leonard cohen has probably fucked a million girls who are exactly like you" ... a compliment, really
just me, leonard cohen, the rain and some white wine
Igual y Leonard Cohen tiene todas las respuestas. #YAhoraQué
Just the same, Leonard Cohen has all the answers. #AndNowWhat
"Trap Door" has been playing in my head for days. Also: Leonard Cohen's new album is his best since '92. FYI.
¿Que cómo me siento? Como la voz de Leonard Cohen
How do I feel? Like Leonard Cohen's voice
En La 2 dijeron "Leonard Cohen" cuatro veces en menos de dos minutos.
On Channel 2 they say "Leonard Cohen" four times in less than two minutes.
My new band. It's a cross between third eye blind, the lumineers, Leonard Cohen, def leopard, and Demi lovato.
compiled a playlist w only the most lugubrious of songs by leonard cohen &the national so why would these somber skies wipe away their tears
Testing a client site while listening to Canada's beloved Leonard Cohen. He oozes coolness, poetry, and gravelly goodness.
For instance, I am reading things by Leonard Cohen and my internal headvoice takes on a nasal transatlantic affectation
Tom Jones just covered Elvis and Leonard Cohen back to back. It was a glory. #BridgeSchoolBenefit
Just got home my aunty n mum are dancing to Leonard Cohen! Wiiit
floating in the ultra sheeny sub atomic void with hallelujah forever quantum leonard cohen
my dad is listening to Leonard Cohen. I'm finding it very relaxing
sweetheart we need pop music, you can't twerk to Leonard Cohen
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Re: The birds they Tweeted at break of day...

Post by david birkett » Thu Nov 06, 2014 4:33 pm

The Ogre does what ogres can,
Deeds quite impossible for Man,
But one prize is beyond his reach:
The Ogre cannot master speech.
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