disappointment with the man and his music

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Re: disappointment with the man and his music

Post by B4real » Tue Jan 31, 2012 12:38 am

brian4muza wrote:In the 70s I loved his music and words, inspirational

I had posted this here some time ago and deleted it but now I feel the need to re-install it.
I reckon you are sitting back reading all these comments but appear not to have the desire to respond. It would be good manners if you did so.
Don't worry, everyone here is of a generous spirit and understanding nature.
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Re: disappointment with the man and his music

Post by Evie B » Tue Jan 31, 2012 2:52 am

Hi brian4muza

It is a little strange to post such comments on a fan site. If I was so disillusioned with an artist I would be long gone and not posting on that person's fan forum, especially as your poor opinion had its origins quite some time ago. That having been said, of course you are entitled to your opinions so I wish you well in finding an artist you feel is worthy of your admiration so you can go post on that person's fan forum.

On his world tour the ticket charges had to cover the "salaries" of all the band members and entourage, not just Leonard, plus all the travelling expenses, hotels, venues, etc, etc. I didn't think the ticket costs were excessive. In fact, at Weybridge they were only £50 which is considerably less than the cost of most theatre tickets for static shows which do not have half the expenses.

Also, there is no possible reason for us being sycophantic, we are not compelled to love or appreciate him, we gain no rewards or status by doing so, I cannot comprehend why such a word would be used. Again, if I didn't love Leonard and his work I just wouldn't be on this forum. There is no other arist I love and respect so much. Certainly there are plenty of other artists/bands I very much enjoy listening to but none of them touch me like Leonard.

Go in peace.

Evie B
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Re: disappointment with the man and his music

Post by lizzytysh » Tue Jan 31, 2012 3:27 am

Yours is a very beautiful response, Evie.
I hope I get to meet you one day.
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