Late Discovers of Mr. Cohen

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Re: Late Discovers of Mr. Cohen

Post by lizzytysh » Thu Apr 12, 2012 1:01 am

Dear Barbara ~

Yes, that's true... I will be in Verona, as well on the 23rd and 24th both, and my plan is to leave on the 25th to go to Venice or Rome [not sure which, as I plan to go to both before going on to Paris]... and will be taking part in whatever Andrea organizes for us there. It's wonderful that I'll be able to meet you sooner. It's truly a better late than never with Leonard and his work; still, I sure enough understand your being gutted to learn that he performed so nearby in 2010. One of those discoveries you'd just as soon not have made. We can also come up with a plan for Paris.

~ Lizzy
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