So sad Mr.Dylan, so sad

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Post by Kush » Wed Jun 09, 2004 12:19 am

Hi Moonlight,
Never heard that story until just now so I have no idea of its veracity.
Glad to hear you are enjoying the Dylan covers, in fact there is a just released new tribute album by country artists called "Dylan Country" which in addition to contributions by the usual suspects (Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash) also has a song by Jennifer Warnes. I don't have it but have heard snippets of it on the Great Amazon in our Computers. I absolutely know what you mean by going thro' phases....

Lightning....I don't think Dylan needs much government threats to garble his words. He is quite capable of doing so himself without any encouragement whatsoever. :)
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Post by jeannieb » Mon Jun 14, 2004 6:37 am

Dylan has, or shortly will be, appearing at a local hot spot in Wilmington, Delaware called the Big Kahuna. It's one of those theme clubs that is shaped like a huge volcano. Very tacky. I myself have never set foot in the place, of course.

Many people were amazed that an icon such as he would stoop so low.

However, if Leonard were to stoop so low, I would be there in a New York minute.

"...and for something like a second, I was cured, and my heart was at ease."
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