Joined you at last.

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Joined you at last.

Postby ScottM » Wed Sep 24, 2008 11:17 pm

Hi, ScottM here. Just thought I'd introduce myself. I've been viewing the site for a number of years but only now taken the step of registering. I would just like to add my own congratulations to those of you who spend so much time keeping us all updated on all things LC.

My first exposure to Leonard's music was hearing my fathers records in the early 70s when I was a pre-teen. I'd like to say that I was immediately hooked and have been a fan ever since (I wish). No, I went my own way. That of most kids of my age and listened to punk, rock and disco sounds of that era progressing to a lot of the guitar bands of the 80s. Obviously, I was still aware of a Leonard's better known songs. It was only really in the early 90s when my wife Helen and I started re-listening to the music of Dylan, Cash, Kristoffersen and Janis Joplin to name a few that I found myself revisiting a couple of Leonard Cohen songs. It has been a gradual process and really only in the last 10-12 years and particularly the last 5 that we have come to truly love his music and now own all his official releases. He is now without doubt our favourite artist. Now no weekend is complete without ending the night with a good glass of red wine and listening to his music.
We couldn't believe it when we found out he was touring in the Summer as we had given up any real hope of ever seeing Leonard in concert. Although we live near London we managed to secure tickets for the first concert of the European tour in Dublin in June (turned out to be the second night of course). It was a magical, emotional experience and one of the best nights of our lives. My father had been right all along although he never, while he was alive, had the opportunity himself to see Leonard in concert. So my thought' s were with him that night . My wife told me that only our wedding night was slightly more memorabe but I think that she was being "exceptionally kind".
We were lucky enough to experience the great man in concert again at the O2 in London and will do once more in November. Can't wait.
Apologies if this has seemed a little indulgent in sharing my own LC history. I'm sure it is of little interest when there is so much other great stuff on the site. I have have read many great anecdotes and stories in recent years here and this is the first forum of any type I have joined so please forgive my beginners zeal. Once again well done to the moderators on a great website.
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Re: Joined you at last.

Postby Darling » Wed Sep 24, 2008 11:57 pm

Welcome! I haven't been a member for very long, but I love this forum too. :)

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