Ten New Songs & Dear Heather (U.S.A)

Leonard Cohen's recent albums - share your views with others!
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Post by Kevin W.M.LastYearsMan » Sat Feb 11, 2006 5:03 pm

Welcome to the board.

Love the name.
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Re: Ten New Songs & Dear Heather (U.S.A)

Post by GinaDCG » Thu Nov 26, 2009 6:54 am

Welcome to someone else who walks with a stick! I hike a lot, and after I read The Lord of the Rings when I was 12 I made a point to hike with a "staff;" just like Gandalf and Frodo. That was many, many long years ago. I still hike with a stick because they help me steady myself on steep, slick descents, AND, they allow me to deal with snakes. I've only encountered 2 snakes in years and miles of hiking. Once the tell-tale sound of the rattlesnake's rattle cued me into where not to go; the other time there was no option so I used by long stick to prod the snake away from the path. I experimented once with going stick-less. It was a nice day, we were hiking on a level rail trail . Then the (probably) rabid raccoon showed up-- he lumbered down the slope in front of me to the river, got a drink and promptly went into a seisure. I felt the absence of my stick most keenly that day.

And this makes twice in 3 days I've heard this "illegal to kill rattlesnakes" thing. Here in WV it is illegal to kill rattlesnakes as a deliberate act -- like going off to kill a deer or a turkey. But it is OK to kill a snake which you feel is threatening you or your property.

Again, welcome, welcome!
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