1thousandkissesdeep:a multimedia internet based celebration

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1thousandkissesdeep:a multimedia internet based celebration

Post by Mondomando » Wed Jul 29, 2009 5:02 pm

You are invited to check out and participate in my upcoming project at:

http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fu ... =485751522

This project is a love letter to Leonard Cohen and his fans that I hope will end up somewhere in the vicinity of One Thousand Kisses Deep.

I am an artist and fan of Our Man. Leonard is turning 75 this September. I wish to give a little back to him and to the wonderful community that has grown around him and his music, by creating a years worth of music, prose and poetry both for and inspired by Leonard Cohen. I will be composing and recording music based on themes and elements of LC's work but I would also very mush like to collaborate with other fans. To this end I ask fans of Mr. Cohen to send me original text, graphic or even audio messages expressing their thanks, gratitude, celebration, etc. for Leonard and his work. E-mail them to:


The 10 mg limit on most e-mail attachments will help us restrain ourselves somewhat and hopefully keep this to a manageable endeavour.I will then incorporate them into original music and videos. These will vary in length, media, style etc. but always focus on Leonard and his work.

I want to start with an open ended vision of this work with the desire to create with you a multimedia celebration of Canada's greatest poet/songwriter - Mr.Leonard Cohen.

I look forward to the adventure we will enjoy together over the next year.

I intend to launch the project August 8th after having time to work with some of your initial submissions. This will give people an idea of what the possibilities and intent of this project are. Then on September 21st, Leonard's birthday we will have a very special launch.

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Re: 1thousandkissesdeep:a multimedia internet based celebration

Post by lizzytysh » Wed Jul 29, 2009 5:30 pm

That's a beautiful idea, Mondomando ~ I'm wondering if Pam's mosaic [if she chooses] will fit into the allotted 10 mg... and [should she decide to share it further], Laura's, as well. I've no idea of Internet space, so can't even begin to guess. It's such a great idea, though. Good on you!

~ Lizzy
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Re: 1thousandkissesdeep:a multimedia internet based celebration

Post by Mondomando » Thu Jul 30, 2009 6:24 am


The intention of my project is to celebrate Mr. Cohen by providing a venue for people to express their appreciation for his huge body of work... and the man himself (perhaps his greatest work). So if anyone wants to e-mail me something to be incorporated into the multi media jumbo that would be fantastic. A large graphic can always be re sized (or saved at a smaller size/resolution configuration) just as a wave file can become an Mp3..

I thought the size limit will allow me to receive contributions from anywhere in the world while keeping the scale down to semi-manageable. Like Leonard I do like to work slowly and carefully so I wanted to let it grow over a year in time. I want the richness and the heart of the piece to be "one thousand kisses deep" without it becoming a black hole so to speak.

Please consider sending something in.

Thanks for the kind encouragement.

Daevid Langdon

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