Poetry publication in honour of 75th

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Re: Poetry publication in honour of 75th

Post by LisaLCFan » Thu Apr 15, 2010 6:37 am

Hi Alsiony!

I bought a copy of this delightful collection of poems! I purchased it at a tribute concert for Leonard, and one of the poets (Allison Akgungor) recited her poem (the very cute "Longing for Leonard") to the gathered crowd, to much laughter!

I always enjoy reading anything related to Leonard (well, anything good, that recognizes his genius!), and this little book provides so many different voices of people who have been touched in different ways by Leonard's words, music, etc. The variety of expressions is wonderful. I hope Leonard has read this, because I think it would make him smile!

I did find myself looking up Leonard's poems that were the inspirations for some in the collection (since my immediate recollection of his poetry is not as good as it should be!), and this caused me to re-read a lot of Leonard's poems, which is something I ought to do more often! (Of course, Leonard's music is a constant in every day of my life, but it is rather more difficult to read poetry while driving, etc!.)


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