CONCERT REPORT : Paris Bercy, July 7

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Re: CONCERT REPORT : Paris Bercy, July 7

Post by pegasus4 » Sat Jul 11, 2009 2:40 pm

The fourth time of seeing Leonard in the last year and it finally happened!!! I didn't even expect it. As usual he started the second half with Tower of Song and then took up his guitar to do an individual piece which I guessed would be Suzanne-but no, no it was Avalanche! That great dark sublime song which I'd envied others hearing here and there at various venues, I finally got to hear him do live. Needless to say I was in raptures but it didn't end there because he followed it up with Suzanne, Sisters of Mercy and the Partisan. Everything others here have written about this rendition of Partisan I totally go along with. The atmosphere ,intensity, electricity of the performance made it the outstanding song of all the concerts I've seen. The song of course goes into French in the middle and this being sung in Paris magnified the effect of the song such that the standing ovation from the 15,000 strong crowd went on for several minutes. Leonard was visibly moved as were the band. The love and affection in the arena was palpable. I’d not experienced such a moment in any concert I'd been to. What an accolade for an artist to receive. To be so appreciated ,adored and respected .He managed to keep his grace and composure even if I couldn’t. Thank you Leonard. It didn't stop there because Famous Blue Raincoat came up later and Chelsea Hotel 2.Heaven doesn't get any better.
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Re: CONCERT REPORT : Paris Bercy, July 7

Post by sturgess66 » Sat Jul 11, 2009 7:16 pm

mirka wrote: I think he was high just on the music and the athmosphere :D
There is nothing like a "music high." Nothing! And add to that - this is a "Leonard Cohen music high." Wow! And I love how Dino loves it and shows it!
:D :D :D

Another great show.
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Re: CONCERT REPORT : Paris Bercy, July 7

Post by Markko » Sun Jul 19, 2009 1:46 pm

Any body knows if a recording of the concert was made and if it is available?
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Re: CONCERT REPORT : Paris Bercy, July 7

Post by sturgess66 » Fri Sep 11, 2009 4:24 am

I came across some pictures of Leonard that someone named ALBERT LABBOUZ posted on his MySpace page after he and his son were fortunate to attend the sound check and meet Leonard and some of the band and singers. Since his page is public, I am thinking there is no problem about posting one of the pictures here - and this is the link where you can see the rest. His MySpace name is Big Chief Al.

Picture of Leonard and Sharon -
Albert also writes a long blog on his MySpace about his meeting with Leonard - " Retrouvailles avec Leonard Cohen à BERCY le 7 Juillet 2009" and, once again, since I believe it was posted on one of Leonard Cohen's French fan sites, I think there is no harm in duplicating it here? I did a Google translation - and it is not that great - :lol: :lol: but here it is: ... =499306922
July 9, 2009 - Thursday

Retrouvailles avec Leonard Cohen à BERCY le 7 Juillet 2009

Patrice Clos and I have kept secret the probable new meeting between Leonard and I before his concert on July 7 at Bercy.

First, because we hardly dared believe it when Robert Kory told us that we offered to attend the sound check (balance and final adjustments) in the afternoon. Then because we had put ourselves in relationship with the Tour Manager Mike scoble who do not speak French and do not know Bercy. And then something unexpected might happen. There are 38 entries in Bercy and Mike called to give appointment to the stage door. There is no stage door at Bercy. Everything is done by pass and accreditation. And the answers by mail Mike were vague.

Finally short, we have not believed until the last minute.
Really last minute, one where I could join Mike, where I could convince a vigil of security that you and I go where it took Mike in the middle of his work come to me for my son and me up a grid behind the POPB.
And anyway, nothing is less sure that I speak to Leonard. Attend the sound check does not necessarily have an appointment with him.
With Mike we followed a wide corridor punctuated by guys who notifying security of a quick glance if we wore around her neck a VIP pass
From time to send us a litany of repetitive guitar and throbbing like a David Lynch film. Unreality of the situation, the unreality of time. A long hallway in a dream as dark and dense.

Mike has posted on one side of the stage with technicians busy. We do not mouftions as we knew it was exceptional. I thought I would meet journalists and other guests. But no, there was my son and me. Mike introduced us to some people saying that we were the guests of Robert Kory.
And always the motto to the guitar played by Leonard dark and silent time improvising words inaudible and stabbing at the microphone.
I saw a profile a few feet away ...

After a few minutes Scoble Mike invites us assseoir where we wanted. Every little we put in queue after the fourth or fifth. We were only two in a BERCY 8000 seats completely empty ... Two strangers: a father and son who had just had her tray. My son whispered:

"More privileged than that, you die. "

"No photo said Mike. But even I had to try out blurry. I took out my cell phone after my son was verified that the guards did not look at us. I clicked twice. And then Cohen launched in French: "I dance with a burning violin dance me ... until the end of love ..."
And the band followed. The song was played in full, as in concert. I thought it stopped there, but Cohen translated the words of The Future ...

"I've seen the future, is murder. "

and he also sang the song in full. Finally he turned and asked his musicians: "That which make it junk ..." song ever played on stage after TEN NEW SONGS ... SURPRISE ... Then he turned again and asked "Lullaby ..." Was this the hunter's lullaby from of various positions that I have heard this evening? Little known song ever played on stage ... Is there another lullaby? And finally HEART WITH NO COMPANION I had dreamed of since rehear REX in 1974 ... The play it tonight or we had right my son and me a mini private concert?
Moments out of time. Unique moment. WE ONLY IN BERCY for us.

Leonard got out of the quiet scene. I told my son to follow me ... I was going to greet him. Leonard was arguing with a steward. I approached him. He smiled:

"Oh, Albert! "

So he had not forgotten 8 annnées since our first meeting.

- You remember Leonard the last time we met, you told me I know we'll meet again ...
- And now ... he said smiling at me again.

I introduced my son, he shook his long reach. My son dumb impressed fan of Wu Tang, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Soul Funk 80s from the Tamla Motown etc ... but devotes a kind of philosophical respect to some Leonard Cohen songs underscored great American films. I went a few informal words with him ... I told him I thought he was young and fit, I thanked him for this tour, for the joy of seeing him again. I smiled core. A technician came to talk to him again. We are indented. And again we do not budge more. Then Sharon Robinson came to me smiling, cheerful.

"OH ALBERT; What a great pleasure. How are you? "

She kissed me.

- Come to the catering with us ... follow me ...

While preferred but terribly uncomfortable. I tried to explain in my catastrophic English turning to my son that I lead.

- Albert No problem it's a great plesasure for us. Come.

And here we are in the lodge catering with Roscoe Beck his wife, his son, Bob Metzger and Leonard who invites me to restore

- What do you drink Albert? what does your son?

I ordered coffee, I'm embarrassed, it serves me. I wonder if I want sugar. It requires a soft drink for my son and Bob Metzger even offers him a Dr. Pepper. Some boast of having been drunk with Cohen on the side of Mount Baldy as if they had been drinking companions of the drunken master poet, I am this evening with a man who is all men and nothing worth. A very human man with a fellow Earth and his son become an adult.
Intruders or guests? no doubt we are his guests, I asked Cohen if we can take pictures. Like the first time he replied:

- Whenever you want ... Let every one together.

He called Sharon who is embarrassed. She wears a cap, it is not disguised. But I told her she is beautiful, it n 'there no worries. I suspect LEONARD loving PRSI be photographed. It is like a kid, gay, smiling, hopping.
I take a picture of Sharon with Leonard. A blonde woman comes near me as to the translator, it means that I speak French.

- Are you French?

I am flabbergasted. I agree.

- You are Dominique Isserman?
- Yes ... "she smiled
- I am very impressed. I love your work.
- You've seen my picture in inrocks?
- Yes ...
- Leonard has not seen.

It starts to get the newspaper and opened the first page of the report. Leonard is lying on his belly in the sun.

-Who 's that? he said sarcastically.

He said the other photos. He finds the photo where it is before the typewriter was "beautiful." I told those I do not know, especially one with a straw hat on a highway.

- New Mexico says it ... dreamy

We take more photos ... And Dominqiue Isserman one of the greatest photographers who took my son, Leonard and I in threesome. And I said, laughing.

- You realize, I'll have pictures made by Dominique Isserman?

She smiled ... and I asked him to take a picture with her. She is laying beside me. Then she apologized because she has to go and said goodbye ... I thank her.
And we are alone with Leonard who nibbles I do not know what. It is awfully relaxed. Arrive manager Ed Sanders Sound Recording, he introduced me. Ed says he can eat.

Leonard us to demand:

- You want to eat with us and the team?

Our gene amplified ... It puts us at ease again.

- But I never eat before the concert. I'm going to prepare. (He said it in English.) But relax ... go there soon ... Albert.

We are in the hands of Ed Sanders ... A lovely man who guides us moved us in the big canteen BERCY where all musicians are there, the webb sisters also ... A menu is on the table. Choose, we will bring your used ...
Roscoe Beck comes to me. He handed me a generous hand.

- I 'm Roscoe Beck.

Sounds like a Tarantino film is not it?
I show him my son.

- Oh, My son is also here, with my wife.

In English I decode what he asks. He wants to know if I've seen many concerts Leonard. It is with Leonard for so long. For me! Roscoe Beck is a sort of legend. Outstanding bassist who accompanied jennifer Warmes and played with Joe Satriani. I roughly describes him as I saw all the concerts of Leonard French Pleyel since 1972 ...
We talk a lot with Ed Sanders, concerts, Leonard, her life, America, Mount Baldy, Robert Kory, money troubles Leonard, Kelley Lynch also ... From concert planned without TEL AVIV doubt and extremism idiots ...
I do not allow me to write here the details of that conversation. I think it is private and as I am not a journalist, I do not have to disclose information after all, personal ... The home, trust, kindness to all the team deserves my respect and my discretion.
I also told him that I've seen Adam Cohen in concert.

- He's here, you do not see him?

I told him I never saw the daughter Lorca Cohen ... He told me that she is right behind me. I believe it later when I go see my plate and my covered.
Mike m'appporte tickets of invitation. Ed follows me up the hall. Incidentally, I meet one of Webb sisters (the brunette) who gave me a nice Hello and a beautiful smile.
One of my former enemies youth co editor of a legendary rock magazine amused me calling me a fan.
Had he understood what this man Cohen broadcast in me? Approaching men and women is remarkable is clinically wrong if you pass without cramming wisdom, tolerance and humanity?

As you let friends fly to liimites boarding, Ed greeted us very brotherly when we will he accompanied us to establish ourselves in the room. We are in fourth place in the middle ...

I thank him again. I asked him to convey my thanks to Robert Kory.
- See you in America said to my son.
I know that you will succeed in your projects. In America is posssible. Enjoy the show ...

And that's what we did ... ..

ALBERT copyright LABBOUZ July 2009
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Re: CONCERT REPORT : Paris Bercy, July 7

Post by MaryB » Fri Sep 11, 2009 9:57 am


This report is pure magic (even in google translation)!!! It is always so very enjoyable to read the reports where the author gives actual conversations and details of the encounters between themself and all the other persons involved. What an illustrious cast! This is the kind of meetup we all dream about.

Thank you for posting this!

Warmest regards,
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Re: CONCERT REPORT : Paris Bercy, July 7

Post by sturgess66 » Thu Oct 08, 2009 6:29 am

"contrabandier" on YouTube has posted a lot of video from this show with pretty good view from stage left -


So Long Marianne

Who By Fire

Dance Me To The End of Love

Chelsea Hotel - partial

Waiting for the Miracle - partial

Tower of Song

Suzanne - partial


The Partisan
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Re: CONCERT REPORT : Paris Bercy, July 7

Post by sturgess66 » Fri Dec 04, 2009 4:17 am

Another video from Bercy -

Posted on YouTube by "monbazon2"

The Partisan

And I notice that - sadly - all the video at the links in my previous post have been "removed by user" - including "Avalanche." :(
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Re: CONCERT REPORT : Paris Bercy, July 7

Post by sturgess66 » Sun Aug 28, 2011 10:25 pm

Video uploaded by "RSM" - Thanks!

Pretty good video of -

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