The Krakow Event Poster

The Krakow Event - before and after
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The Krakow Event Poster

Postby jarkko » Thu Aug 12, 2010 10:07 am

Our organizing committee in Krakow had built up a great Event bag with many mementos - the wonderful Event Booklet (designed by Ania), the Event pin, the Event tag, the cover CD compiled by Flavio, the Event T shirt, a comprehensive selection of tourist info about Krakow - and the special presents from Leonard: the Art Book and the Unified Heart pin.

Some members told us that they are collecting Event posters, and have the previous posters framed on their walls. I was talking to Ania today, and she kindly promised to create an Event poster (probably using the cover design of the Event booklet). Then we will upload the poster file (high resolution quality) to the websites, and everyone who wants to get a poster can then download the file and print the poster. It will be also easy to get a big poster printed on glossy photo paper at a local (or online) film lab!
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Re: The Krakow Event Poster

Postby lizzytysh » Thu Aug 12, 2010 4:23 pm

Super idea, Jarkko! Thanks.

Thanks, again, to you, Ania, for ALL of your committed, hard work!

Thanks to you both :D .

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