The promoter is scamming us

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Re: The promoter is scamming us

Post by efc » Tue Mar 03, 2009 8:28 pm

ladydi wrote:Okay, okay...I knew someone would try to make this political :roll:

Blue Trooper, as much as I may agree with you, beware of getting into a back and forth with efc unless you guys want to take it to the Political thread at the bottom of the Forum! ;-)

All the best,

ps...captrenault...agree with you too!
Could we please keep on topic. There is really no need for Liberals to pick up on a very brief (and correct) portion of my extensive post, whilst ignoring the vast bulk of same. They make it look as though they only want to talk politics, even as they complain about others (ie. people they disagree with) being political.
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Re: The promoter is scamming us

Post by UrPal » Tue Mar 03, 2009 9:22 pm

To adapt a quote from The Sex Pistols' Johnny Rotten "Ever get the feeling you've been repeated?"







Steve Wilcox said about all that needs saying, except "Chill!". It's supply and demand. And you can't always get exactly what you want, but if you want something enough you're in the lucky position where there is an opportunity and usually ways and means to get there. Sometimes, and particularly in the moment of greatest want, it's frustrating, but, in the grand scheme of things, you only make yourself seem incredibly spoilt by ranting and raving about it and pointing fingers in every direction but your own.

About the only point that comes out of all of this is that online selling, whilst once providing the promise of an immediate convenience, now suffers as a source of immediate denial and has become something of a mysterious process for the consumer which needs to be more open and honest in its operation (in terms of the way agencies make tickets available, allocate them, price them etc). The problem is it's not a market ouvert, but seems more of a "market couvert". You can't follow the game or know where the ball is at any moment. And that's a bit of a bugger.

On some online ticketing sites I've seen, you have a virtual picture of the auditorium showing the seats sold and available at any given moment and can choose your seats the same way you could if you asked nicely when talking to the staff at a theatre's ticketing kiosk. Something like that in wider use for high demand seated events on Ticketmaster and the like would be a good start.

Getting rid of corporate entertaining and sponsors allocations and all that backroom stuff that just serves as an opportunity for tickets to go to the privileged, undeserving and/or uninterested would also be good, but I guess that's an unrealistic expectation pending the revolution (and probably after it if my experiences of life in the Soviet Union are anything to go by ;-) ).
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Re: The promoter is scamming us

Post by MarieM » Tue Mar 03, 2009 10:02 pm

I absolutely disagree that it was, or is, counterproductive to complain about the fact that there were virtually no tickets available for the Chicago public sale. On the contrary, I believe this is why a second show was added.
This is incorrect. A second show was added not because people complained but because tickets sold out. Furthermore, a sell out was anticipated. Look at the schedule before the second shows were added. There are gaps in the schedule where a second show could be added. All cities on this tour will probably sell out but not every city will get a second show no matter how much people complain because the schedule does not allow it.

There seems to be some confusion in conspiracy theories. The idea that Ticketmaster is filtering tickets to its secondary market, TicketsNow, to be sold at two and three times their face value, especially before the initial sale (Hamilton) or during the sale (Bruce Springsteen) is what has attorney generals and lawmakers investigating as well as lawsuits flying. No one is investigating why some of you didn't get the tickets you were hoping for. No is investigating why Leonard's concert sold out. These shows sold out because demand is high. It is that simple.

And to the newbies here, folks who have been lurking and posting on this forum for years didn't just wake up one morning and find Leonard performing in their backyard, stroll over to their ticket outlet three days after the sale opened and pick up two tickets in the third row center. Everyone here worked to get their tickets. Many, many people traveled great distances, across oceans even, to see Leonard. Some people traveled to venues farther away just for the opportunity to get better seats. We have worked within this system for the last year and we saw Leonard and most of us thought it was the best concert we'd ever seen. Never once did it occur to us to blame Leonard or the people surrounding him for our difficulties in obtaining tickets or the ordeals of travel and expense to see him. We did so willingly and with great joy. Maybe you'll understand then why your complaints are getting less than an enthusiastic reception.
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Re: The promoter is scamming us

Post by da2008 » Tue Mar 03, 2009 10:19 pm

I'm done with posting ITT. Good luck with tickets, everybody. If I get lucky on Saturday I'd offer my RCMH for sale here. See you all at the shows.
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Re: The promoter is scamming us

Post by Dream Warrior » Wed Mar 04, 2009 11:07 am

With all due respect to those claiming that Leonard Cohen and his personal mangagement are ripping people off by offering these tickets for sale at inflated prices, how are you privy to this knowledge?

There are some very large claims being made wihout solid evidence being presented to support those claims. Just curious where your information is coming from.

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Re: The promoter is scamming us

Post by Walsh75 » Wed Mar 04, 2009 12:55 pm

I don't really know about the rest of the stuff, but from what I have seen in posts it seems the VIP seats have been different in certain cities. Some ppl have claimed they were able to buy one ticket.

But for here in Detroit, and I sure consider this a scam, you have two choices for VIP tickets. Buy two at $550 making it $1,100 total. Or buy four for $2,200. And of course add on all the service fees to these prices.

Sad day in America (esp. in Michigan's bad economy) where you can't even get what you want for $550 alone!!!

Someone said they contacted the promoter about it and their logic is, most ppl go to concerts in pairs anyway and they don't want to have empty seats up front.

So playing devil's advocate, my view is, if I had enough money to throw around for at least two seats and still just went by myself, would they still care the seat next to me was empty up front? Or would they not care because they still got $1,100 for them?

My guess is the second one.
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Re: The promoter is scamming us

Post by Fontana » Wed Mar 04, 2009 2:27 pm

Anger over lack of concert tickets for Leonard Cohen's April concert in Calgary

Exert from article @
........A spokesperson for Ticketmaster says several things conspired against fans involved in the Cohen concert.

Alberta Lopez says the number of tickets Ticketmaster had for the concert was far below normal.

He says five pre-sale events meant that up to 20 per cent of the tickets were already sold.

As for the tickets on Ticket Exchange, Lopez says those are tickets sold by the promoter, venue, or artist............. ... algaryHome
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Re: The promoter is scamming us

Post by woolwork » Fri Mar 06, 2009 1:53 am

You know - i thought the overpriced scalper tix at the beacon might be available outside the theater on the night of... and found that was not the case - though there were a good 75-100 folks freezing their brave and fearless hearts, toes, and fingers out in that freezing bitter wind to no avail... so to all those people who paid $400+ for balcony tickets and better... we have you to thank for feeding the scalpers' greed. As to whether the promoter is in league with the ticketmaster - i have no idea... a ticketmaster agent offered me HH 409 at Radio City but then lost the ticket (or perhaps it wasn't ever really available)... who knows... I just wanted to be sure to see Leonard - so I'll be at the Boston May 30th performance in 1st Mezz Row B seat 108 (an auspicious number)... I got a $1.50 bus ticket up (hurrah!)... and will come home at 1am w/greyhound or fungwah... and I will see Leonard - even if I'm traveling over 8 hours RT to do so... and if I get a ticket to the Radio City Show... i'll be a very happy camper... having seen Leonard in Central Park in the summer of 1967... and at every NY appearance (w/the exception of the Beacon recently)... I can now relax just a little bit...
and no, I have no expectations, requests for dedications, signatures or songs (ok - the ballad of the runaway mare would be exquisite to hear)... but truly... be well Leonard Cohen... and thank you Jarkko et al...
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Re: The promoter is scamming us

Post by kolesen » Fri Mar 06, 2009 3:43 am

Personally I refuse to believe Leonard Cohen has any knowledge of or interest or participation in scamming people, ripping anyone off, etc etc. Not possible, sorry, but that's about the only thing of which I am truly sure in this world anymore. Anything else I at least take as possible.

That being said, here's an interesting link to tickets allegedly already available for the Los Angeles show at the Nokia Theater. Presale tickets for forum/fan club members don't go on sale until Saturday, March 7. ... nard+Cohen

I have no idea who is involved, but again I have absolute faith in who isn't.
Free market capitalism at it's best. Powered by greed and fueled by ignorance.
Keith in Anaheim, California.
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Re: The promoter is scamming us

Post by Walsh75 » Fri Mar 06, 2009 4:11 am

I find it hard to believe that most of these stars don't have any clue or would want to know what the hell is going on around them. If anything, after getting burned by the manager on money he may be wise this time to keep an eye on things not to get burned again.

I'm also a huge Van Morrison fan. He has sung too about the peace, love, and the dove. Not a nice person at times in person and in concert. And he's been quoted as saying stuff like "the music is spiritual. the music business is not".

Last time around, VM fans were ticked he was charging $300 and $400 for tickets and only playing his usual 90 mins. That being said, there was no trouble at all in pre-sale and general sale for getting tickets. If you didn't get them right in the first 36 hours of those days, then you were out of luck.

I too hope LC had nothing to do with making any of these rules. I'm also sure there is a contract where he agreed to turn over his soul, so to speak to AEG to handle everything..

But I also have learned too, be careful what Gods you put on your pedestal because they will often disappoint you.

Right now, it seems like there's a lot of blame to go around. Some of it's on us fans (like me) too for complaining yet still going, or for willing to pay almost anything for good seats.
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Re: The promoter is scamming us

Post by RainDog1980 » Fri Mar 06, 2009 8:08 am

I've seen a lot of comments about "replenish Leonard Cohen's retirement fund" tour, etc. and the word "cash grab" being thrown around.

The man only had $5 million in the bank, and did not plan on coming out of retirement or touring when he thought that was the case. It wasn't until this all happened that he did, and had to be convinced to do so. I do not agree that he has dollar signs in his eyes, nor do I agree with the absurd post saying Leonard's stay at Mt. Baldy and his ethos are a scam, which would indicate that this would have been some premeditated idea.

Surely, he has more involvement than showing up, but an artist RARELY has any say in ticket prices. Most money is made from merchandise. But to float a nine piece band, cover travel expenses, pay for stage production, meet venue requirements, ticketing/promotion requirements, and still turn SOME profit, no one should be surprised by the prices.

No one can be certain, but I would find it very hard to swallow that Leonard is in on any "scam" with AEG to buy up the tickets and re-sell them at inflated prices. That kind of greed is out there, I don't doubt that. But based on everything we know up to this point, it just doesn't add up. If he was really that money hungry or greedy, he could have easily done this long ago.
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Re: The promoter is scamming us

Post by jarkko » Fri Mar 06, 2009 5:55 pm

Jonathon wrote in another thread:
However, it must be noted that it is the promoter/LC Mgt who is setting the prices on TM TicketExchange and not Ticketmaster.
This is not true. The secondary market at TicketsNow, eBay, and many scalper sites, is kind of free, uncontrolled (and wild) market with private sellers who are setting the prices themselves. The tour management has nothing to do with this, and the profits of the much higher prices go to the pockets of the sellers, PLUS the very high handling fee goes to TicketsNow (that's why they have launched this kind of a secondary site). One of the biggest problems is that Ticketmaster/TicketsNow allow scalpers to offer non-existent tickets even BEFORE the presales/general sales have started. The scalpers hope to get tickets later, to deliver them to their clients afterwards. At TicketsNow the buyer's position is in some way secured (he will be charged only if he gets a ticket) , but on the scalper websites the clients may even loose their money (we saw several cases of this kind in the UK last year: the scalpers just emailed the client that they failed to get the ticket and, because of their financial problems/going out of business, they cannot refund the price. I suggested that those members should report the police in UK, and that's what they did.)

I know that the secondary market problem has been discussed seriously between all the parties involved, but the only effective way to stop it would be WILL CALL with extra measures - the name of the buyer would be printed on the ticket, and at the gates the name on the ticket is verified with photo ID. If they don't match, the client cannot get in. With venues with up to 15000 seats this is impossible - it would take the whole day. So some less drastic ways should be found. The first step would logically be that TicketsNow eliminated those scalpers who are selling speculative tickets before the presale or general sale. That should not be too difficult!

Finally, all these problems described in our threads are universal - all artists with bigger audience are facing the same frustrating situation, not only our Man! And, if there are 20.000 fans out there who want to buy tickets to a venue with 5.000 seats, there always will be lucky guys and those who were less lucky.
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Re: The promoter is scamming us

Post by giddi » Sun Mar 08, 2009 1:32 am

blue_94_trooper wrote: I could have pointed out how all the money wasted in Iraq could have easily covered all the bail-outs, but that would have been off-topic.
personally I'm happy to know that if I do get a ticket for the NYC concert, the chance for a terrorist attack disrupting the concert is less severe thanks to the efforts of the brave soldiers...
jonathon wrote:Not withstanding the cash grab by LC using presales, VIP packages and Ticketmaster Marketplace, BE PATIENT! There will be tons of quality ticket releases as the shows near. There will be all of the typical ticket holds in addition to the many unsold Marketplace tickets. Just keep checking Ticketmaster (or whatever the primary ticketing agency is for the venue in your area at which LC is performing) on a regular basis and more so in the last few days prior to the show. The tickets will still cost $250 each plus service charges but you will be in the first few rows.

All the best.
I respect your opinion, but to other posters I say " this is not true". Absolutely don't wait. If there are no tickets available now, there will be no tickets available later. The last thing you should do is wait for the last few days before the show. What jonathon says is true about other shows but it's not true about the LC shows, at least it wasn't true about Beacon. So you'll end up wasting your time checking Ticketmaster again and again and finding yourself with nothing. You should purchase way before the show either thru the concerts available (like someone suggested to me - Boston 2) or thru scalpers or thru a forum member. Of course you can also wait and buy later from a forum member. That's good too. But I guarantee that Ticketmaster won't "release" any tickets later on. None.
captrenault wrote:I've long ago learned that if you deal with Ticketmaster in any way, you will be screwed. There's no way to avoid it. It's a universal constant, like the speed of light or Absolute Zero. There is nowhere in this time-space continuum where you will not be subject to being screwed by Ticketmaster.

Once I resigned myself to that inevitability, I became much happier.
so true!
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Re: The promoter is scamming us

Post by Walsh75 » Mon Mar 09, 2009 6:40 pm

I'll just throw this out here as fact and let ppl decide for themselves on it. Rather they want to comment on the boards, or to themselves, is up to them.

But for those that didn't hear, AEG, the same promoting company that is promoting Leonard Cohen's shows is also promoting Michael Jackson's upcoming final series of shows.

And just when I thought this AEG couldn't appear to come off anymore sleazy.
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Re: The promoter is scamming us

Post by da2008 » Mon Mar 09, 2009 6:57 pm

So what's so sleazy about AEG promoting a Michael Jackson's tour?
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