11 Singer-Songwriters Who Deserve The Nobel Prize

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11 Singer-Songwriters Who Deserve The Nobel Prize

Postby Roy » Wed Nov 14, 2018 7:46 pm

11 Singer-Songwriters Who Deserve The Nobel Prize

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01. Nina Simone
02. Pete Seeger
03. Curtis Mayfield
04. Townes Van Zandt
05. Phil Ochs
06. Patti Smith
07. Nick Cave
08. Leonard Cohen
09. Neil Young
10. KRS-One
11. Bernie Taupin

Leonard Cohen

A poet and novelist who abandoned a promising literary career to become a musician, are you noticing a pattern here? As one of the most influential singer-songwriters to emerge from the sixties and seventies, Leonard Cohen didn’t set the bar for Nick Cave and later songwriters, he created it. With a career spanning nearly five decades, he was still making dark, profound music even at age 82. Rather than lyrical flourishes, he stuck to a more spare prose that still managed to be intensely personal and conveyed the kind of philosophical longing that lead to the moniker “master of erotic despair”.

Like Ginsberg, he was a cult figure at the time, inspiring the next generation of romantics to explore the stalwart themes of love, faith and death. While ‘Suzanne’, “Marianne’, ‘Bird on the Wire’ and ‘Famous Blue Raincoat’ stand as some of his best poetic expressions, the song he’s best known for his the accidental hit ‘Hallelujah’, made famous by Jeff Buckley. While countless covers have slightly diluted its place in the public consciousness, it still contains some of his best lyricism. It’s impossible to separate his lyrics from his voice. It imparts each word with a heaviness that carries with it the wisdom gained from a life lived hard and yet is somehow melodious. Even his anti-war anthem ‘The Story of Isaac’ conveys slaughter in a spiritual way. Every song is deep, multidimensional and stays with you long after the record stops playing.
The Official Halls of Fame Biographies of Leonard Cohen

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