All the World's A Stage

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All the World's A Stage

Postby Greg Ross » Sat Feb 24, 2018 5:06 pm

Late last year, I stumbled across an amazing marionette of Leonard on a Facebook Forum, it had been commissioned for a buyer in the US. I was so intrigued by both the artist's ability and the possibilities, I resolved to make contact with the marionette maker and did so in late January (a few weeks back).
He (Darren) lives in the USA and is heavy metal freak, but he also loves Leonard Cohen, so when I asked him if he'd take a commission from me, he was very keen.

I emailed him some pics I'd taken at Lenny's last Perth concert (November 2013) and asked if he could make the suit dark grey, the shirt light grey, add the cowboy tie, the poppy (Remembrance Day) and make the guitar a blue Godin. "Yep, no problems, it will take several weeks, I'll let you know when I've finished.

Yesterday morning, Darren posted a pic, I reckon it's perfect, I love it. Lenny will travel First Class to Perth and I have plans / an idea, for Lenny to make an appearance in Budapest - I've got to talk with Eva about that. Anyhow and I hope I'm not breaking an advertising rules Jarkko? If you'd like to see more of Darren's brilliant stuff, you can find him on Facebook - Darrionettes-Hard Rock Marionettes
All Good Things
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Re: All the World's A Stage

Postby vickiwoodyard » Sat Feb 24, 2018 10:14 pm

Very cool. Fun to see. Thank you for showing us!
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Re: All the World's A Stage

Postby 199Dan » Sun Feb 25, 2018 4:50 pm

What fun to see this work. Thanks for sharing . :-D

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