Bruce Dickinson interview - " Leonard Cohen.. a brilliant singer.."

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Bruce Dickinson interview - " Leonard Cohen.. a brilliant singer.."

Post by ScottM » Wed Nov 15, 2017 4:31 pm

On BBC Radio 2 yesterday (Tuesday 14th November) Bruce Dickinson, lead singer with, the heavy metal band, Iron Maiden, was being interviewed by the DJ Simon Mayo.
Bruce was recounting how he had to learn to sing again after recovering from head and neck cancer. He illustrated his opinion as to what it means to be a singer with a couple of analogies including:

"Being a singer is not all about the voice. It's about what you do with the voice, which is why Leonard Cohen is such a brilliant singer. Not because he's got that rumbly voice, but because of what he does with the notes and how he phrases it and things like that...."

For anyone who can access the the BBC website and iplayer/radio tab you can hear the interview at the link below. Its starts about 1 hour and 9 minutes in with Bruce's nod to Leonard at about 1:24. (You may have to register an email address and create a password if you are not already registered on the site).
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