Theatre concert in Oslo with the songs of Leonard Cohen

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Theatre concert in Oslo with the songs of Leonard Cohen

Post by Wirebird » Sun Sep 20, 2015 3:09 pm

Leonard Cohen is back in Oslo or at least his music is back. This time as a theatre concert at Oslo Nye theatre based on 18 of Leonard Cohen`s songs.

The theatre concert is directed by Rolf Heim, who has also directed theatre concerts with the songs of Leonard Cohen in Århus and Copenhagen. The songs are performed in Norwegian based on Håvard Rem`s excellent translation.

The theatre concerts runs from September 16th to October 31th. Here is a link to the theatre`s website: ... ard-cohen/

Amd here is a short promo video for the show:

The theatre has also put up some merchandise for the show, a special souvenir programme, a mug and a bag.
Promo picture
Promo picture
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