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Post by linmag » Wed Jun 02, 2004 10:58 pm

I think if Adam is serious about detaching himself from the shadow of his father he should probably avoid album titles like 'Melancolista', and refrain from describing himself in interviews as a "worker in song".

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Adam Cohen

Post by Natalie » Thu Jun 03, 2004 9:31 am

Hallelujah Linmag! I completely agree with you, i.e. Adam's "worker in song," and "Melancholista" -- he knows exactly what he's doing with a turn of phrase, or making a mood the title of his new album. That sort of bourgeoisie colliding with artiste is very Leonard. And he has always been described using melancholic terminology.

I downloaded his new song. It's got some neat rhythmic stuff happening, and I like the sound of his French lyrics, and I can pick out a bit of what he's saying (I can read French better, so it would help me if his lyrics were in front of my face). It's an okay song.

Maybe the comparison between his father and him isn't fair, but he's begging for it.

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Post by Tchocolatl » Sat Jun 05, 2004 7:48 pm

could we say like father like son :lol:

It seems to me that he is pretty controversial in a familiar way.

And totally different in the same time. Well well well. He is a Leonard Cohen "creation" to, in a sense, and it shows.

OK. Look at this now :

"Adam Cohen, the only son of famous father Leonard, will be delivering his elegant, sensuous song stylings, dream-like and touching, from his first French-language album, Mélancolista. His style is joyful and humorous as the young singer-songwriter delivers his take on themes of love and destiny." ... ID=1007126

We may like it or not, but he is something else. He said the music is a greater myth than his father to him. The misunderstanding, here, is that it looks like to me that his father may be a greater myth to his fans than the music. OK.

Also I do see, everybody seems to see very strong links that he seems to be the only one not to acknowledge. Bizarre-bizarre! But just a slice of funny zest to me than anything else.
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